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even the prostitutes antworten

> (18) Alumni (4) I looked again, drank a glass of wine Liu Meiying, heart ache, I understand, at this time I really can not afford, nor should comfort her again ...... I suddenly thought of a and if there are countless personal life you need to protect, and you can only choose one, if you want to protect everyone in the end, you will have no one to protect. Www. quANBEn. Com "Goofy, since you do not have a bottom line, I'm still the girl it, mind if I have received to?" Liu Meiying, then very penetrating, her eyes came to me over through provocation like eyes, let me heart a Ling. I know that this woman's love for me now has to become hate. "No, only Li Nan is my favorite person." I threw such a sentence, but it looked very pale. "You're OK!" She said, full of hatred, meanwhile, will be in the hands of glasses of wine once again drink clean. Immediately, her face more red, his eyes suddenly fascinated like a little more crystal. Suddenly she leaned towards me, and that with a moist lips have only a few centimeters away from me. "I do not you are responsible, you do not want me to do?" This is a very difficult, then let me. All in all, a woman can say such a thing, as a man, I should feel happy, because you can enjoy a woman's body instead of paying, they do not accountable, this is how comfortable. And now the men one by one to see the video can be a lot more on a woman think it is a Aventure, but I saw her this expression, I just could not decide. Perhaps, I'm afraid responsibilities. Although she said no responsibility, but my instinct tells me that as soon as I touch her body, she will always follow me, holding the handle has been chasing me. So, I did not dare. My body back a belief, "There is a Nan enough." My eyes dodging her go, but at the same time, I also saw that Nan's eyes have seen come from here. "I know you than she first! Why do all my efforts can not let you love me a little bit!" She's words with full fury, but the sound is very low pressure, that reddened the face I have to see She came out a long repressed emotions. "This does not matter as early as late coming, and I feel really bad for you." I think I have too many words. Because I found Nan watch my reason probably is that the two of us alone together quite long, so she instinctively feel like what we have here will be, so I want to escape this small group, but from now on it seems, Liu Meiying does not want the case. "For I did not feel? I paid so much, and you did not feel that?" She revealed in the bloodshot eyes, I could feel her emotions very excited, my heart began to wonder, how can out of this difficult wrapped around a woman, she is such year, has been asked why I as a result, I had a little impression on her, but then I saw her just like to see the devil, you want a quick escape. "There is a little sense, but it was the students of love, the meaning of a friend." Dodge my eyes again, because I am beginning to care about Nan's reaction, I found her eyes look more and more here . "You ...... you do this to me." "Liu Meiying, free us Liaoba, I'll go drinking buddies go!" I leave such a sentence, go to Chang Wei them. And I do not look back can know,Coach Madison Bags, Liu Meiying looked at my eyes must be full of resentment, but I was determined to, or away from the well. "Come on, Chang Wei, drink a cup!" My wine glasses filled with wine glass Chang Wei touch with amazement that, waiting for him to react, has been drained. Until I'm drinking wine, Chang Wei also Juzhaojiubei, but it is laughing at me. "What are you laughing, drinking!" I said. "Oh, brother OK, ah, I did not expect, you can also enter Taohua Jie ah?" His eyes if profound and looked Liu Meiying a. "What Taohua Jie!" I glared at him. He smiled and came to my side, one arm around my shoulder and said: "Brother, you are not that you? Speaking, I would like to have, ah, just no chance ah, alas." "You're a total civil service there is a chance. "" Opportunity? Yes ah, always have a chance, but I met a woman who is not your good, alas, I have started to drool. "between man and man talked about as long as a woman, particularly easy to close. His emotion seemed to have sprung up. "What saliva flow ah, hello, my dear man, I want to ask you, you are now ever these days is not very comfortable, yes, your wife must be very beautiful ah!" "I do not say, and I it was yellow face woman Well! "" Come on, your kid in college, good vision can be. "I put the topic poured into his body, and this topic one said, he told me a large inverted grievances. "Come on, is not the brother I was young and ignorant, started his arena in love, do not practice one, it was conquered people give, if present, hum, I would not vote for her too." He categorically said, and How many of them the truth,Air Jordan 3 UK, estimated that he himself did not know. "Now the sex ratio can be coordinated, more men than women tens of millions of it, there is a good." I was looking at Chang Wei talk nonsense. "Yes?" He an eyebrow, "I think you're just too good. Hey, you know you Nan, this year it was much, this is really good and now this year, a man can not find the object is normal. Besides , looking for a woman the same age do? this woman any good? You know, we men between twenty to thirty years old when it is struggling, and now this year, there are few women will follow our struggle? lazy one , we know that money and then have to house, want this or that, this is fucking marry you? I think not many people are selling! So, I think your brother did too right, struggling years , directly to a small point which much good, at least ten years will not become yellow face, which many enjoy many years of youthful healthy body? more cool! "Chang Wei said, words can not stop. I suddenly found that I could not get a little, then I can only cope said: "Nor say." "Can not say that?" Chang Wei put down his glass, "Brother, you do not know, and now this year, women also crazy, how many women you can sleep with a man casually, Hell, either watching my wife to marry me when it is **, I'd fucking quit. now this year, just find a woman you dare marry me? online what to say, get married, do not pipe before the incident, the mother, whether before exercise, you behold a man likes to find a broken goods, used by others countless times. pretty even then, the same ! Existing Some women still think the world can enjoy handsome, and then remarried a man, let this man completely bear,oakley sunglasses outlet, mother, sick ah! Anyway, I was quit. "" You are so excited doing? "My deep deep breath, for his heart that this argument is very concerned about. You know, ** Complex every man will have, but many men because of love, so do not ask. But it does not mean they do not care! "I certainly excited Ah, the thought of the young woman who gave others a humble man finally married, I was not comfortable, do not consider the consequences of these women work for you? Yes, there is that Nothing abortion, and exercises, this woman does not know when to be a comfortable safety measures do? for a little uncomfortable, dry fuck his own body is broken, defective, this woman, even the prostitutes are not! "normally Viagra becomes clearer to gas. "You're drunk. Shut up." My heart felt a bad mood, I had come to him with wine, in order to avoid Liu Meiying, but unexpectedly Viagra now say this often drunk words are like, and I'm thinking yes Should not close to other people. I wonder, do people a drink, we should say usually in encounter unhappy things out? But one thing is for sure, a lot of people who drink just one drink tipsy, these words are many. "Oh, brother, I say this, but I really think, I am not drunk, you must think why I have this impression is not?" Chang Wei probe over the body. "Yes ah!" "Then I tell you! These years I have seen too many women, not a single woman can make you give up everything, to deal with too became." "Oh, yes, you now have kids right? "I listened to his words like listening to bible, immediately find a topic shift. "No." "Oh?" "Brother, tell you something, my wife ...... ah, she does not get pregnant, so, alas, this year, damn unhappy, and if I have a little unfaithful wife, I have can change a woman. Otherwise, you help out? "Chang Wei suddenly say so, I was really surprised, because I found the idea of ​​regular Viagra it is too bold. While these words often Granville many words, but coupled with changing his expression, I have felt, he is a person too strange. I can feel that his wife is very certain elegance, also particularly good for him, but can not have children, this may be his greatest pain, but he can not find a reason to leave his wife. The results, he wanted me to help ...... this is a terrible thing, this thing shaking my heart, so I can not control myself. "What did you say laugh!" "Oh, of course I was joking with you, you see you, but also serious problem, I tell you, do not hit my wife's idea, I carefully cut your little brother!" He laughs, let me I do not know him that in the end is true or false. "Where I would ah!" I smile, joke nor is this a joke ah. But just at that time, I felt that one pair of hand resting on the top of my shoulders, then my head felt a burst of happiness soft. <

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