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22.05.2013 08:51
Taking into account the stereotype antworten

The 100th section (the traditional printing technology) accompanied by the shopkeeper is very enthusiastic pointing the entire printing process. A hall,Air Jordan 10 UK, printing workers are printed, the book carving good is in accordance with the long article number, piece by piece on a shelf. Apprentices in accordance with the master call number, handling will be a book version to the case table. The hall is the central, several large tanks, filled with ink. Apprentices ink using cask,Air Jordan UK, mentioned next to each printing master, scoop into the tray. In printing, the printing master with a special cylindrical flat brush dipped in ink, brush evenly on face, and then carefully put paper covering on the surface of the board, with the brush gently brush paper, paper and printed text or picture as. The paper from the printing plate in the shop, dry y ī n on the shelf, the printing process is completed. The shopkeeper told Cave: a skilled printer one day can be printed 1500~2000 zhang. A good board can even print million times. In the view of week Dongtian, rigid process engraving printing is a bit like a seal engraving process, but the words engraved. Process and seal printed on. The seal is printed on paper, in. The process of engraving printing is more similar to rubbing. But the words on the blocks is raised against the word, and the word is a word y ī n paper. In addition, an ink on paper, woodblock printing ink in the edition. Woodblock printing not only inherits the seal, rubbing, printing and dyeing technology was invented in China, is not a coincidence. Printed books sell well, then the bookshop investment on the books is a x ì ng, outside removing ink and paper back, labor cost is the net. If you do not sell, input block money is to compensate, engraved good version or flattened with, or can only exist in the warehouse to sleep. Once the D à ng or bookshop closed, a large number of stereotypes would be a fire in the wood. Bookshop boss to open a book very carefully, to ensure that each book to sell out. So how many pieces will become a bookshop important capital � especially those that can be printed to sell the book block. The shopkeeper rather smug told Zhou cave, his book contains more than ten thousand pieces of "all the year round can be printed" film, in the city of Nanjing bookshop is come first on the list. The stereotype of Zhou Dongtian are not to regard it as right up the Southern Song Dynasty,Coach Online Bags, hidden in the Imperial Academy is said to have about two hundred thousand, in-kind is a very remarkable figure, about two hundred thousand pitches of block stack up to amazing. Not to mention the manpower and the carved spent force. But from the information contained, two hundred thousand but two hundred thousand pages of books, calculated in accordance with a Book of two hundred to three hundred pages, but the 1000 book. Taking into account the stereotype of books on every page of words are generally less than modern printing, the amount of information will be less. Is just a unit of the library scale. Hangzhou official press in late Qing Dynasty, the film is only one hundred and sixty thousand pieces. A Si Ku Quan Shu, a book collecting 4000 species, street library is barely enough to get the last small city scale. Zhou cave know handicraft age any thing scale is very small. Even if the recovery >

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