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> Hear Nan asked me why, when my heart it was very unhappy. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM Just do a card to spend thirty thousand dollars, this is not kidding me? You order discount for each purchase, you do a card, do not know when I'll later use it? Supermarket Shopping here is not to know, would like to use to use here, but high-end stores, we make money is limited, will not come here every day to consume it? "Nannan, why do you do this card, useful for you? '" Can be discounted. "She blinked, like a fool if I did not know you can discount cheap. But I wonder, how does she think about it, you put so much pressure on the money here, so that others spend, which is really cheap? "Nannan, no need to buy this!" I lowered his voice, do not want to hear our conversation salesman. However, I still found the eyes salesman cast a little contempt! "Why do not you buy it? This set is for you!" Nan continue to adhere to. "Well, then buy this good, why do card? 'I said. "But you can discount ah!" She continued insistence picked up the clothes in front of me, as if my mind can really stupid. "You wait, I told her!" I am anxious, but when I turned to look at the time salesperson, anger and finally eliminate a lot, because I suddenly discovered that this time it should be regarded as a woman Li Nan. Although she is now spending this way is really pricey, but the woman, many times is to be discounted to flicker consumption. I gave the clerk smiled, shook head even inadvertently, "Hey, can we not do card punch?" I asked. "No, it is prescribed." Salesgirl looked at me, do not understand what I do. My heart is smiling. I like this mix in the community for a long time, especially when I was a manager of the company, all right when he talks price for the company to save money, but I mixed for so long, there is an article of faith is constant, That is the price of the world is not static, no not negotiable. Any of the business, with the lowest price you're talking about the so-called, will have a reservation. "Requirement is specified, you see, I purchased this set of clothes that can be considered expensive, have you always can not give me a little discount? As for the card this thing, I do not think there is nothing to do with, you see , give me a discount, right? "" No, this is required! "salesgirl is really a muscle, but is this the most intractable. "Then I ask you, when you can return to this card do?" I asked, changing the direction of the attack. "Can always retreat." "Oh, that is good! Nannan, how do card allows you to do it, I'll do." "Now you do it." "Do?" Salesman saw me holding the a bank card a little hesitant. "Ah, do you give me the card, then I will pay!" Said I, meanwhile, did not hand it over to the bank card. Watching her membership card for me, I am a little funny,Coach Bags Store, but I get to see the next card in the eyes of Li Nan is a very pleasant surprise in the eyes. "Sir Hello, you can now swipe up." I said do cards, but looked very lightly, salesman's face where there is just disdain, and even call has changed. "Oh, this dress discount of twenty percent is not it?" "Yes." ", Where ten thousand five on the right is not it?" "Yes." "Oh, then I brush fifteen thousand just fine, right? "" Yes, but we do card to stored thirty thousand. "" thirty thousand? "My slight frown, heart funny," Oh, yes thirty thousand pairs right? okay, I'll give you thirty thousand, and then spent fifteen thousand, and fifteen thousand pairs, right? Then I returned the card now, that I only fifteen thousand is enough, right? "I stared at the clerk said. "Sir ...... This card can not be so quick retreat, no!" "Why not?" I asked back, eyebrows furrowed. But my heart was extremely happy. "Then you would not have such discounts." She still understand, and finally understand what I want to do it. "How can not discount and I bought something, I also do a card, I passed on the card can not be, this is what your attitude ah, really bad!" "You are opportunists!" Salesman's face showed of looking angry, but more is some urgency. "You say so clearly that the discount cards do, I do, ah, time should it? I bought something, stored in, then and now back card, what's wrong? How you can not enjoy the discount, you This is a problem ah! "" is not so! "the clerk said, but I, more anxious. "That is kind of how?" I raised an eyebrow, "If you do not think this thing can also be, well, when I did not say, but I do not buy things." I show up dead pig not afraid to open East hot look. "You ......" sales in the young, perhaps seen things much, anyway, his face to the grievance that was really wronged. "Okay, ah, OK, then I pay now, not forget." Shook my bank card, that means telling her, if not, I'm going to withdraw it. Li Nan ...... When I came out from the mall when we face are filled with smiles. And Nan more satisfaction, her head completely on my shoulders, like most of a docile little sheep. "You just look so handsome bargain Oh!" Nan said. "Oh." I should be the sound, and my heart is beautiful. "You just look more handsome pay!" She added, ** I almost did not hear, this is what praise ah. "Really?" I am a little grin, and just flattered mood is gone. I'm just really pay money for such a time, a man make a woman pay for it? It must not, how can a man at this time does not show some of my money's ability, and that self-esteem where to go. She's my girlfriend ah! This is the nature of man to protect a woman, and possession of a woman is, how possession of a woman? That is money killed her, so she need to worry, all depend on you! "Er, yes ah, you swipe look really awesome, since you are willing to have such a card for me?" She Meiyanrusi-like eyes will be cast to shock my heart several times. Once again, I began to worry about my existing wage levels can meet the normal life we ​​both personal needs. Although I earn in Beijing this ground is not too small, but definitely not really much. "Willing." Although there are worried, but I am very confident. "That future is how you intend to?" She asked. "In the future?" "Yes ah, I see you quite confident, you must have a plan for the future, right?" She straightened himself up, hand destroyed lived my arm. I thought a move, where I have any plan, my plan is to dawdle every day, food and drink, if the line for the whole house, honestly live their life, this is what I call a happy life. However, Nan words one say it, my heart kind of tingling, so I think it is a very boring mixed. However, Li Nan's eyes are firmly fixed on me, I stare a little temper did not, and I had to speak again of fraud. "I want to go it alone after their own, but have not thought of good." To meet with me so that he felt a little embarrassed, unconscious, on the front of my eyes and looked, there has been a sense of loss. "What are you going to start it?" Nan looked at me from the side, stare very tight, I even kind of illusion, she must then I feel this loss is a longing for the future. "Two years!" I gave a deadline, but my mind was already in turmoil, I really have been three years old, the age of thirty, how it seems to become the fourth decade of mind? "Really ah!" Nan stopped, "Feifei, I think that you should change." "Change?" "Ah, you are now ready to wear when the boss is not like a person,Air Jordan 3, you should take dress down, and your aura is not enough ah! not, we go shopping to go! "" There is a line, also bought why? "I secretly scared, just this consumption really is not an ordinary person can consume played, I just can not help but start this set of clothes and fifty two-inch LCD TV contrast. "You need to change ah, but you will be with me, so you have to change." "I will change slowly." She did not insist, but looked at me, "Feifei, I will speak against you, you can not let me down ah,Nike Jordan Spizike UK Sale, but I put my life I have handed your hands, you must cherish me, love me, okay? "She stared into my eyes, an strong pressure instantly enveloped my body, I feel a kind of absence, I really can put this refined home to marry a woman, complete care of her do? If you can not give her a strong material foundation, I am a little afraid, afraid of losing her. I was surprised to find that at this time I, for she is somewhat reluctantly, though our relationship has long been quick to heat up, and now she is my fiancee, may at heart, but I had not recognized. Until just her lavish spending, I began to break free from a totally romantic out and found this woman have, which really should not be a place you can reach the place of ordinary people, the beauty of her natural, without any artificial modification, this refined face, I really want to know her family background, but her parents want to know is how people, how came out so amazing daughter. My bones are a group of unyielding momentum in burning, I know what I need, I want to have her, possess her, let her be my! Instead of crying parting, let her into someone else's embrace. I lifted my eyes, to have a son to protect the natural heart rushing through my body, "Nannan, I will always love you and love you, will you put palms, since then, anyone, anything can Put your hands away from me! "My words to heart more firmly, I have made up my mind, I want to quickly prepare my future! <

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