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22.05.2013 08:44
the establishment of meteorological station antworten

...... How to calculate, we present the ship retains the quantity is not enough." After the end of map inference, Thorpe is disappointed and said. During the exercise, swing,Nike Air Jordan 11 Sale, all people have the same feeling. A map on the table, the glass plate is covered on a large scale in the East Sea area "on the map" has been painted with various colors s è road and marking. A variety of scattered small model. Responsible for labeling and push model female orderlies were retreated behind the glass plate, respectfully stood leaning against the wall. In the old days, Batwoman posture s è, size and uniform styles have been senior officers to discuss the topic,Air Jordan Spizike, but now no one look at them. Not only is the veteran officers, representatives and colonial trade, exercise room foreign intelligence nose several cooperation department. They also face a difficult L ù s è. Complex x ì ng motivation action is far more than the estimated each of them. Although they have solved some prerequisites: reserve supplies, expand the ships capacity, recruit training seaman, even the quarantine camp do expansion but, in how to bring the people back this seemingly simple link, a deduction of sleep until very many. From Dengzhou to Lingao, distance in a straight line on the map more than 1500 nautical miles, from temporary to Zhapu, straight-line distance of about 900 miles. General sailing at sea, the comprehensive factors of the currents and wind, the average speed of about 2 ~ 4. That is to say, under ideal conditions, a ship can sail over 24 hours can be completed from the sea, was high to 15 days, 30 days can be completed in a voyage. But in fact, sailing in the sea can't walk in a straight line, in order to obtain favorable winds and currents, usually take more tortuous route. Although no sailing round voyage navigation experience, according to the Navy estimates, from Dengzhou to Lingao single voyage in 20 under the sky. Considering the age of sail voyage relies heavily on ocean currents and wind direction, and the time difference between a double is not impossible. Consider a trip round lenient harmonious each voyage between Deng and Lingao needs about 40 days a short rest and supplementary materials in Lingao and dengzhou. Sailing can not do year-round sailing, "" country in coastal navigation should also be considered to avoid the typhoon in summer and autumn. The weather forecast system for the Senate is very weak, the establishment of meteorological station even in Dongsha, Xisha, radio can not do weather forecasts for sailing ships level. So once in typhoon period, it would have to stop sailing. In this way, the navigation season of no more than eight months. A year will be 6 times back and forth. 100000 people from Hainan to Shandong transportation, the assumption of 2 tons, or 200000 Tun, if you want to finish the transportation within 8 months, there must be close to 34000 tons each transport capacity to the immigration. Shanghai army and seaman,Air Jordan Outlet, and in Hainan, the transfer point and Shandong maintain certain fleet, it would have to have more than 50000 tons of tonnage ships. In fact this an impossible plan for Lingao shipbuilding industry, even the one hundred thousand immigrants in Zhejiang, using direct delivery to Hainan is also very difficult to complete. Even if Shi Jiantao can in time >

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