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> See Dan "What you want to give her statement?" Roll up my heart again, I fear that what she was doing out over things. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM "Oh, that statement ah, rest assured it will not be anything about the situation, and why you're so nervous, but the two women talk about nothing." She was very pale said. "You do not tell me what to do today, I will not go." I simply playing a child's temper. "Feifei, you are three years old this year, how still like a child-like, not so, I would do anything!" "You can not make it work?" I asked. "How? Hands do you want us?" She squinted and looked at me. "No!" I looked into her eyes, she felt like doing a very unwise thing. "Then I ask you, if we really hit together, and you'll pull me, or took her?" She is always very forceful questioning. I am a grin, do not want to answer. "Answer me,Jordan UK sale, can not answer me, this is related to the fundamental question." "I'll pull you!" I reluctantly replied. "Pulling me? Well, you did me a lot of her! I quit my!" She a few buttons will give his chest ripped. "Do not be angry with me!" I said to her, "Because you will be martial arts, I'm afraid you give her to kill myself, so how do you in jail? Look I so love you, love you almost crazy that time, I will not marry again, so I'll die alone, do not you think this is miserable? Therefore, I will not let you kill her, not hurt her, I hope you happier every day are able to stay with me, do not be such a thing hurt yourself! "She listened to me,Coach Outlet Sale, the people seemed a bit haggard. In fact, can say so many words, I admire myself, I found that the eloquence of my work is definitely beneficial, as just that idea, really, really is just my mind's a flash , and this flash, I was able to solve the problem. Inadvertently, I actually gained a lot of self-confidence. "Feifei, I really did not think you so good to me ...... '" Nannan, I love you, love you to the bone, every day want to be with you. "I say the time has not scratch , and I even think,Oakley Squared Sale, that was not already become my mantra? "Feifei ......" "Nannan ......" I'm relieved, a seemingly difficult problem, to be solved so easily. Go out, she was leaving me, my head sideways. But today she's dressed really quite conspicuous, of course, she had enough conspicuous. A three-quarter sleeve red windbreaker jacket outside in a black sweater, thick black stockings, a pair of red low-heeled knee boots with soft white in her body, my blood is already extremely powerful the. I guess, now with root needle into my body, I would like capillary pressure hose-like spray to go. Subway above, countless eyes look to the two of us. I was beautiful, ah, of course, for their own dress can be considered satisfactory, a plate is dressed, it is incredibly beautiful. Unconsciously, that spine too hard. But this feeling to the Xidan later disappeared. "Where are we going?" I asked. In fact, I'm asking for a reason. I do not want to let her go directly to Dan that, but I can not yet say so, so I started Quxianjiuguo. "We go shopping!" She smiled. And this way is my favorite. I am excited to follow behind her, and she really is true this time shopping shock to me. What is the first time I saw the moon princess ...... I even thought she did not debut for so many years she saved money, is not that she was such a character, there is a money mad flowers ...... and I once again experience a woman shopping tradition not tired, I saw her like mad general incarnations of a shopaholic, see the good things that have changed the eyes light. But the only thing I feel comfortable that, while she read a lot, it will get in the hands of a lot of things together, but, in paying when she will choose the price. "This little high!" She took out a green dress and threw it aside. "This does not look good!" She threw a T-shirt to the side. Every time she threw a ......, I was on a little easier, although this time I do not have to spend money, but a thought of the future I want to live with her, I was her, she's also my, that time do not live, so spend money, it can really make people speechless. I'm afraid. "What are they afraid afraid! See your scared." Nan chuckled, "Oh, a moment to give you a surprise!" "What a surprise?" When she finished all the things to buy after suddenly I say, I did not understand at this time . "What surprises do you say? OK, so you wait for me here!" She said, went directly inside the locker room to go. I carried a bunch of packages in this shop alone, felt a little stupidly. "Well, my dear!" She suddenly appeared in my side, I was really surprised. "Why do you change it to this?" Honestly, she let me have a little change out of all recognition. Because she had just a fashionable dress all to thrown aside, but put on a casual sportswear. "How? Do not like ah!" "Like ......" I grin, I am no way she is. "Oh, you ah, really. A look not like you know why I say so?" She said. "You say." "Hey, I do not want too much against that Dan! Dan that you really bad, just not worth it to me to wear the look. If I dressed just like, I guess she was going to die out. hehe. "Nan finished, has made me speechless. "Come on, take me to Dan that now!" "Well ......" I'm just a grin, has been destroyed she lived. "Dan, do you do!" Dan came to the flower shop, Nan leaned my head, it is very intimate. Dan turned around and found me a slight frown, found me, "Oh, are you? '" Is not us. "Nan took Buddist," I said Dan, you busy right now? "She appeared to be very strong, and this attitude makes Dan look uncomfortable. I could feel Dan's unhappy, she secretly looked at me as if my resentment instantly upgrade. I do not know why this is obviously Nan get out of things, why do you hate me? "Today you how come?" Dan, after all, is a university graduate, and I like her because she was particularly gentle. "Of course I want to coming, the day you do not want? Feifei our family very worried for you, so I came." Nan chuckled, watching Dan if profound meaning. "Oh!" Dan and no more talk, she looked at me as if to ask for my advice. But now this time, where I could talk, I really do not want to say any word. Because I am at heart a feeling, after talking to me is a very dangerous thing. "How, now, I accompany my Feifei came together, how can you not say it?" "It was necessary, not necessary now." Dan said deliberately looked very casual, but at the same time, in her eyes come to me through the dice have been wronged. I thought a move, saying any inconvenience to say something. "If it is true ah? Sister ah, today I'd come over there thing?" Nan smiling, arms around my arm tightly. "What do you do?" Dan's not tall, she had looked up looked at Nan and Nan such a condescending feeling very imposing. "Oh, is that, a few days too, and I Feifei on the engagement, and anyway are friends Well, so, I would ask you to go to my house when our engagement trip to witness it." Nan Xiaohe said, and I see this smile in the side, and my heart kind of indescribable feeling. "You want an engagement?" "Er, yes ah, we just want to engagement, and after a few days we will see each other's parents, Oh, I think about it, I was very, very happy Oh." Nan said, in my kissed on the cheek. "Oh, is it?" Dan's eyes slightly a little sluggish, but soon, they lost it. "Of course, you should definitely come Oh!" Nan's appearance at this time is really quite irritating, if I, I guess would beat her. But Dan has no such rude and eccentric her faint smile, "Yes, I must go ye sit casually ah, now I have something to do." She walked, and went to greet the guests. Today, her flower shop where people simply do not have much, she hired people completely enough. "Sister, we do not bother you, we go first!" Nan very polite, casual, and she fell on my ear, said: "arm around my waist!" "Ah?" "Hug ah!" She glared at me, take my hand up. Just at this time, Dan's eyes just swept to, when you see my hand, she looked a distinct dark. Nan looked very happy, as victor in general took me out the door. And now I've been thinking about Li Dangang heart just the eyes, it is a kind of how the eyes ah, in my memory, I have not seen ...... but out the door, Li Nan has spoken: " let go. "" ah? "My mind is now a bit made of wood, the most important thing is thinking about Dan, one time did not understand what she was thinking. "Ah what ah, what time do you want to hug, tickling ah!" She said, have put my drop. I am embarrassed smile. "Did not you let me hug you?" "Drama played out, you do not use this supporting role, not the hand away, you want the protagonist waste ah!" She rushed me ban ban nose, lips curled I was able to see her pink pink mouth reveals moist. "Just just acting?" I asked back, while I gave her a very profound meaning in the eyes. In my eyes a vote in the past, I found a little girl even a little rattled. <

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