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22.05.2013 08:37
most of the material had to piece antworten

Zhang Haogu's work a lot of very complex, from the policy,Oakley Sunglasses Holbrook Cheap, the main function of the office is truth; develop Macao Song History and the corresponding technology of political and social history of cultural development; setting the Department of science and technology boundaries; screening of large libraries film; examination on education, contact data range. Related to the preparation of the handbook issued to... In order to unify caliber - elders talk in all aspects of native and naturalized citizens now more and more involved in the work, a veteran of temporary export Chang, will become the next rumour to its source. The work is divided into two blocks. A publication is revised, since the week Dongtian presided over a series of printing equipment and technology research is completed, the printing and publishing business launched a thousand li a day. All departments in a large number of compilation and publication of various books,Nike Jordan Flight 9, science books and pamphlets. How to grasp the sense of propriety is becoming one of the main work of Zhang Haogu. The other one, is responsible for the "selection and organization special promotional materials to write". Because the number of the service in the library is limited, it is quite busy, so in addition to some "major topic" is a "collective creation", most of the material had to piece of ancient prepare ourselves to of course, he has the right to request to other veterans, and pay the draft for this approach in the propaganda department in the early practice the. Write the most not for a currency note, more is to satisfy their own writing y ù at. The technical side of things, from the Ministry of science and technology is responsible for specific revision; usually involves black history, the call, political views things will be good for the old. In the preparation of the "black material" at the same time also in the manuscript of audit work, work busy is one can imagine. And this work because of the highly sensitive x ì ng, making him completely unable to use direct domestication people, most things have hands-on. In contrast, a large library of the history study group I can use domestication people several scholars who help search copy books. "Grandma, take me when cooly." Zhang Haogu sent the voices of discontent, stood up and down in the office, window glass sunshine, let a person see feel hot under the. Here is 100 yards city propaganda department in a corner of the courtyard,Coach Store, this used to be a place of the great library. Since the great library was relocated to the high mountains there is propaganda department occupied. When storing these be above the container has been removed, but stepping stones had left traces still perceptible. In order to provide services for veterans, the Propaganda Department compound library or set up an office. There are several veteran regular duty, ready to accept all kinds of consultation. Apart from the propaganda department and the library office, here or Lingao times, through a legal address pictorial, publishing and office of the steering group of truth -- say because there is no obstacle so many veteran and Naturalization people to fill these radish pit, is mostly a few brands, a team. Truth in Zhang Haogu's office took the compound in one corner of the three office. One is his room dedicated his collection come and various departments to his "black material". One is his >

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