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22.05.2013 08:31
all personnel to augment the band antworten

Hailin tranquil, said: "the production order." The domestication people cadres brush Qi Qi stand up, waiting for the Hailin ordered. One, now, stop production of straw, rattan, bamboo workshop, all personnel to augment the band saw workshop, drying workshop; two, now, in addition to idle workshop, production workshop all overtime, divided into two shifts, prolong the working class time to twelve hours, twenty-four hours of production. Three, production minister, director of the workshop,Jordan UK sale, machine repair workshop of all the workers twenty-four hours on four, strengthen safety management, strengthen the production management. Half band saw the replacement time, drying workshop to strengthen risk management. Announced after the production of secretary Chan Weiwei, asked: "Sir, how to do failure of No. three kiln?" "How can you still do, flameout overhaul!" He said no good gas. "But this only two drying kiln. The progress of production task had not finished, and less drying capacity 1/3." Production minister reminded him. I know. I know. Hailin certainly know a bad situation to face, but let three fire kiln maintenance out continued operation will only make the problem even more serious is likely to scrap. And he thought it would be a little pressure to the Executive Committee, lest they always feel content furniture factory is not high, not willing to invest. He thought of his for a report about half a steam drying kiln, kiln body project is almost complete, because of pipeline and a blower to auxiliary boiler, delays in the quota, has been in a state of semi-suspension. Superheated steam drying kiln efficiency and the rate of qualified products are much better than the fire kiln, Hailin would like to engage in technology upgrading. Give a little pressure, will keep them awake. Hailin made the decisive thought, fearless of death for a just cause expression and said: "no cease-fire repair, in case how to do? Damage production capacity is small, the safety in production but to big problems! The band saw the accident workshop to learn the lesson! Lesson ah,oakley sunglasses sale, ah lesson." Minister of production to see executive put such a painful expression, a bit surprised, but did not dare to say, immediately to arrange a truce repair things. Hailin stopped production Minister: "you send machine repair shop to zero kiln to overhaul, strive for zero kiln back up to tomorrow." "Understand!" After the meeting, Hailin to the workshop to patrol a. The first is sawing wood shop. A large sawmill workshop with the installation of two sets of each of fourteen rows of saw blade; four sets of band saw, circular saw, a balance of five. Chu á ng, a parquet strip and a saw. In addition, the sawing wood factory is also equipped with a lot of wood and wood processing equipment, there is from the old time to bring some machinery factory, own production: mechanical driven by a steam engine, rumbling roar, sometimes mixed with cutting sharp whistle. In order to facilitate cleaning, bancuntou workshop workers clean a s è with short, some people even is bald, they all wore rattan helmet, wearing a mask shop dust is very serious,Oakley Active clearance, so it is the key unit of fire and explosion. Hailin of course know dust explosion badly, so in the shop looked at measures are not in place. Hailin check >

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