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22.05.2013 08:24
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He's executive board layout if four tasks, the recruitment of labor was barely cope despite discounts he; intensive land,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK Sale, by the Council of agriculture and the triad is a passable answer; disaster relief, this is through the regime's strengths, and the person responsible for the no, don't. But the most important problem of food, up to now still not a little. Gap relief grain and seed grain in the approved planning institute is temporarily from Planning Institute Qiongshan stores have been added, but the grain accounts, Wu De sooner or later and he was. If you give the Government Administration Council and planning institute a satisfactory answer is not in the food issue, this year in Qiongshan transcript is bad -. Local officials not to be really good to do ah. Liu Xiang sincerely to issue a sigh in the past he only felt the magistrate's soil emperor, the real "hundred Li Hou", but this good feeling now. "I also want to solution for it." Liu Xiang vaguely to cope with, "not to food ah, what do you do?" Chang Shide reserved smile: "no wonder Du Wen said you since the Qiongshan started a small bourgeois full of tender feelings tune. The food there is of course, see your means." Liu Xiang knew that the "red flag" recently often take him when the target attack. Although not many people have, but also give him some small troubles. "You think so? I'm afraid we original Qiongshan, unstable people, should not be too J ī lie......" Liu Xiang always thought that Chang Shide was a "moderate", did not think of him sometimes attitude is also very J ī into. He nodded and said: "I think again!" Liu Xiang back to the county office,Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, did he have no one to talk, Zushi Toku has made clear he is not after all -- but the local cadres, the lack of direct interest, patriarch as million Lihui, Yang Yun worked to disaster relief, is irrelevant. He felt very lonely,jordan online sale, in a major decision on it can't find a person to talk. To use coercive means, of course, very convenient. Even without political security bureau and the county do get all kinds of black material as long as the leader in ferial don't listen to the arrests of several greeting to the county, the very next day another will apportion, each will have to put food are paid in full. But he really doesn't want to use such coercion, he always felt that he didn't "look." Liu Xiang has been in a tangle of the matter. "I did not cross the protagonist suddenly have a brain wave. The novel?" He is behind the desk muttered readily open the desktop new brought financial director of the Department of file. After a casual look at a few pages, he saw a levy on summer tax documents. Serious things. He quickly looked up. Files are long, everything all one one states. Because the independent tax department just set up, the tax system is not perfect, not enough manpower. Temporarily unable to form vertical leadership of the local tax bureau. So the county tax levied by the State Administration of taxation at present is to develop specific policies, tax rate, by the county office to organize Zhengliang Bureau collection. Grain Bureau professionals, by financial director of personnel dispatched to short-term travel to guide presided over the work >

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