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live in Zhao rain convex on antworten

> Chu Fei Sanda already practiced for some time, the quality of the body itself can be, but after all, rarely after combat, generally all the time in the training room. wWW! QUAnbeN! COm did not expect to have to fight this. I saw him rushed to after a few over there on the name of one ear pierced with three men, his head shape is very personal, some one with David Beckham, but the face looks to boast. Just listen to his shade with a smile: "bright child, you accompany him to play." Saw that the young man was called Ryoko Ma Chao who had just shot hit the man with long hair. Ryoko guy that called pierced ears to hear that man say, a pair of eyes looked very evil Chu fly over his eyes,Nike Air Jordan, revealing a hint of contempt. "Come ah, boy, prepared to die." Just listen to long-haired man said, while one pair of white hands stretched out, looking in front of Chu Fei said with a smile. Chu Fei did not tell his nonsense, straight up is a record straight punch. That long-haired man mouth sneer, see fist hit, leaning slightly on one side, it is easy to avoid in the past. Chu Fei did not think the other side is also a practicing family. Zhiquan not, the left uppercut then Ryoko's face toward that fight to. That Ryoko bow,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, flash, left leg bent elevation, a tricky leg whip kick to fly toward Chu. Chu Fei Sanda only know this leg is the most vicious and fierce enough strength, not Yingjie. Body side, quickly flashed. Until the time when the body flashed side, Chu Fei wrong. Ryoko flashed a look at Chu Fei, mouth uttered a sneer on the original just a whip of his legs, totally just a feint. After all, Chu Fei had little real combat, for that Ryoko's a fake leg whip, he did not pay attention, it is true that the left side of the body, until he saw that the body Ryoko crooked over, a clever side kick went towards him small legs kicking out. Bang. Chu Fei was kicked almost staggering, his mouth uttered Menheng. Not wait for him to withdraw back. That's a bright child severely hit elbow hit the top of his chest. Splash, Chu Fei was beaten down on the ground. "Ah ......" There are Zhao Zhang Li Huarong pale light rain there, only the Su Xiaoxiao like what did not care, it has seemed that the whole face numb the same. There is a boy here to see Chu Fei was dry down, and my heart though afraid, but we can not do nothing about them, bite the bullet and rushed up, his thin body itself, plus they have not practiced. Obviously the other side a gently sweep the leg, then Ah heard thump fell to the ground. Suddenly, Chu Fei were four boys were all that big shot to dry down. That long-haired man rampant laughed, pointing to the ground floor a few are in that several boys moaning curse, said: "Bear bag ...... do this on his skill, but also loaded to force ah?" Around several men all laughed. Just listen to the long-haired man suddenly turned round against Zhao rain Yin Xiao said: "Today I come mood, you guys tonight to accompany the girl unless I open to the hotel rooms, play all night, or on a station not even think about was out. "" bastard. "Chu Fei hear that long-haired man said so, reluctantly, to climb up toward that long-haired man sprang. But the power disparity is too great, he also did not wait around to that long-haired man will be kick climb again to the ground, lying is not up. Zhang Li there have been scared to cry at the sound. Only Zhao rain although not cry, but a pale face, it is also terrible, and she knew that perverted man might say is true, from the current situation, they did not do anything here, if you really want that abnormal male In that case,Coach Handbags, would not own a few girls today ...... she grew more and more afraid, the whole body could not help trembling. I saw the long-haired man pointing Zhao rain hehe smiles: "You long pretty good ...... flavoursome, how? See no? Your friends are pustule estimated that does not work, let me take tonight to you have fun. "Zhao rain by this perverted male insults, gas could not help trembling, touches do not dare say. At the moment she was really scared, this metamorphosis of man in case you really want that, then he would not be finished. "Either we have to play in this!" Just listen Ryoko continue laughed, her eyes do not live in Zhao rain convex on small stature sweep to sweep. - Meanwhile, the dynasty bar, saw Xiao Wu went to the second floor. "Chinese brother, parking was trouble, we manage it?" Xiao Wu came up against in the corner drinking Yang Hua said. "In the parking lot?" Yang Hua asked, frowning. Just listen to Xiao Wu said: "Well, ah, but now we do not have much, and must manage it?" Yang Hua, drank a beer, and then put the bottle on the table and stood up. "You stay here, I take a look." Having walked forward. Yang Hua moment my heart already not too happy, just let him go through something like that upset. Now he wanted to go get some fresh air. Who knows it just to the parking lot and I heard the roar of Ryoko arrogant. "I tried to get on you ......" Hey, listen Xialiangzi said as he ran toward Zhao rain, a pair of eyes looked very evil Zhao plump seductive little Yuantun rain. That Zhao rain scared to do back again and again, she may not want their first time to really be on this beast. "You ...... you do not come Do not come over." Rain tearful voice. "Rogue ...... rotten scoundrels ...... roll." Tuting around Su Xiaoxiao suddenly crazy curse up. But her eyes did not actually in front of bright child that, like in her mouth like a curse another person. That bright child touches a moment. Just now there has been no attention to this girl, and now looked, this girl was even greater than that Zhao rain or bright, is not only very wicked, said: "rogue? Yeah, I was rogue today on your buddies are all rogue ......" "I want to They play with you one by one, one by one so that you guys show good girl Shuang Shuang. "That Ryoko laughed. Several men looking at the front next to the three stunner, not into the envious, especially that rain wearing a low-cut, white breasts small gully that road almost let them spurting. That Ryoko said as she slowly toward that Zhao drizzle close. But when pushed to the corner Hearing Zhao rain, when he suddenly stopped in there. Because he has seen the court does not even know when more than a stranger. Starter. Zhh <

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