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22.05.2013 08:18
wearing a dragon ring bird antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans in China Colombia while online after they come back, and that there are brothers Youruo Opposition Division Military place waiting for them. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm brother back after the Chinese have been livid, like what kind of heart side event with the same glum expression. And this situation is not only more depressed brothers. The room at the moment, there are brothers who are sitting there. "Chinese brother, how kind? Promised that kid did not?" There is only one side of the Zhou Xiaoquan asked said. With exports to ask after the brothers also in that one blinked looking at the front of the Chinese brother. Chinese brother although his face is not very nice, but still slowly nodded his head. "Promised." "Promised? Wonderful," brothers would have thought to see China Colombia did not agree with the expression seems the same, but after listening to this,Air Jordan UK, she discovered there promised, the mood is certainly excited. "Chinese brother, since the other promised, some of you how happy ah?" Listen in front of Zhang Dabiao wonder at him Tao said. Chinese brother slowly shook his head, said: "Nothing. Oh, yes, a few days of the week?" Listen Chinese exports Tao said brother suddenly asked. "Thursday. Wah brother, how?" Zhou Xiaoquan replied said. "There are two days time." Hua Ge Momo's Word says. "Two days? What two days?" Brothers leng asked to say on that. Yang Hua slowly turned his head looking at the road in front of the brothers,Coach OP Art USA, said: "There are two days time I will mix into the prison." "Break?" Brothers are surprised a moment. Abin side explained with the brothers, said: "this is because the Chinese brother to mix into the prison, but prison is too tight defense, and in order to go in, it can only Saturday when the gang prisoners out roads, we have inquired Well, that time all the prisoners will come out roads, China is the brother meant that the gap in time,oakley sunglasses, into the mix, but there is too much point guards, difficult to mix inside. "listen Abin Road said. In his explanation after completing brothers finally understand is how one would do. "So this is ah, that China brother how to mix into ah? Defense as you say the words so closely? If the mix does not go to the event was found in the words of those guards? Would not it wot?" Listen in front of Zhang Dabiao Road said. This time I saw China Colombia Road, said: "Nothing, I believe that there is always another way into the mix." "What way?" Brothers leng Tao said. "Perhaps, when you have to come to far-reaching." Yang Hua Tao said. "What do you mean?" "Mean, that you help me spread the attention of prison guards, and then the time I mixed into disarray." Just listen to Chinese brother Tao said. "Well, that's a good idea." "Chinese brother, to the time you can rest assured that brothers guards to ensure that those arguments run, so you Ann life and life into the mix." Discuss the way they finally after China said Columbia Road : "Well, then Saturday departure." - South Province Ocean Group. I saw the luxury boxes at the moment is standing outside the two bodyguards is a black suit, looks cold in there stood coldly. In front of the door ajar, not firmly closed. Visible through the cracks man sitting inside, it is the main goal, the dragon would have. His face some ugly, then dashing cold locked, as if something big heart in general. While sitting next to him exactly where it was that Lee Buddhas, at the moment to look at his face seemed not very good, and in two of them behind is that AO Guang. "The main door, it seems (Nicola) this is really put to the annexation of Eastern European markets." Listen Buddhas in front of Lee, said that the word slowly. "Well, gang hairy goods actually a big opening, even moving from the eastern side of the business of?" In front of the dragons were heard (Nicola) after the name of this strange, as it seems to become particularly angry . But this (Nicola) in the end is who? Is a special name, is not known. "(Nicholas) occupy the market of Eastern Europe and, according to the news over there, it seems to have invited several bang killer. Door Lord, you know, now we gantry although momentum among the largest in the days of the door, but really an enemy ten master, little, except a few core members, the rest of the master, and we still are not. bang the top ten of the master, is said to have had several in (Nicola) over there, For that time, we in case it (Nicola) war, I am afraid ...... I'm afraid ...... the situation is not very optimistic. "in front of the dragon will Buddhas were heard Lee say, when not only brow wrinkled up, obviously that Lee Buddhas Speaking of the Achilles heel. I saw the dragons were wearing a dragon ring bird hand, can not help but whimper a bit. "Bang killer? Hum! Even killers have surrendered all bang (Nicola) How can there be?" Listen in front of the dragons were suddenly shouted said. "Do not forget, God standings and three unborn master it!" Listen dragons were coldly said. "But since then the main door after the Battle of Tianmen, that has faded into the Godhead three masters arena, and now we still have not found their trail, is not that they have passed away?" Lee said Buddhas blinked Road . "It will not." "I doubt they are the main door of the old men." Just listen to dragons are suddenly Tao said. "Impossible, right?" Listen Buddhas in front of Li Yi Leng Tao said. "Actually, I'm not sure." Dragons are thought Tao said. "But I suspect that, when the Godhead has three masters for the day the door handle so big rebellion thing, the old main door should not let the three of them to leave, all I guess, that the three should be in the days of the door being harbored. "" According to your reasoning also. "" But the main door of the market in Eastern Europe now has been almost that (Nicola) to fully occupy Let 'how to do it? "listen Buddhas in front of Lee said that road. "It seems they are forcing me to go back ah." In front of the dragon will listen to both sighed suddenly said, "(Nicholas) would like to take the opportunity to expand their influence? Wishful thinking! Simply daydreaming!" Listen in front of the dragons are angrily said. "Black door over there how kind? Theirs Do not prepared to contain live (Nicola)?" Listen in front of the dragons were coldly said. "It seems there is no movement Black Gate." Just listen to Lee Buddhas Tao said. "Strange, did not he also prepared watched (Nicola) extended his influence?" Listen dragons are depressed Tao said. As he finished, the Buddhas that Lee did not speak. "It seems that our country can no longer stay a long time." Listen in front of dragons are suddenly said said. "Back to the days of the door it?" Listen Lee Buddhas leng. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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