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22.05.2013 08:15
Just listen Yan W outstretched antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans of the night while online Sea Province has been down, I saw a few more cars with sturdy arrogance toward it quickly fled in the direction Hilton. wWw, QuANBEn, Com glance, these few cars a total of five. Foremost a black Ford, the rest of the five cars behind a row of black all commercial vehicles. With these fewaghost track action that the person in charge, Yan Kuan. At the moment a face livid with, sitting inside the car. He also sat in one of his side, wearing a black suit. "Strict team, we caught him right now what?" There is only looked at the car next to the men sitting in that road asked Yan Kuan said. They should pay attention to who? Is it what they should pay attention to Aspen? "Strict team, the above command has not come down, we took him to grasp in advance if the terrible words, to the time that Nalan Meng Xiong will not look for a job?" Yan W beside men continue asked said. "I do not Guannameduo it!" "If we are afraid of Nalan Meng-hung, then we might as early as possible to sandwich the quilt out of here early." "Now already evidence, that guy is really out from the prison, and the No matter how much the background behind him, so long as any life out of the prison was also, he will surely die! "" Who is no exception! "listen Yan Kuan Tao said fiercely. Do not know why this guy seems to be the same as Yang Hua has great hatred, it seems necessary to Aspen deathly. That side of the men paused, no longer speak. I saw a few cars menacing to Hilton Hotel. "Siren," just listen to Yan Kuan Tai shouted loudly said. With the voice to say after a few cars behind and saw that, while the siren to put the roof. Wow --- woo - wow --- woo sound suddenly a police car in front of the Hilton Hotel, rang up. As the siren sounds, the saw that the door had guests coming and going is that suddenly froze. How police come? I saw it as a strict line broadband men arrived, they quickly go down from the car. That this time in front of a few guests were stunned and looking at side, while the other side gate attendant, it is one of the wonder stay there. "How it happens?" Listen waiter looked puzzled at that down the line these people dressed in black suit. "Go call manager down and take a look." Just listen to one of the waiters shouting in that channel said. Hear the sound of that at the moment the waiter quickly ran upstairs toward the trot. Soon we see the manager came trotting out. I saw this time with a team of people Yan W has walked over. It seems that managers a potential wrong, and quickly walked over road, said: "Several yes?" Arrived that Yan Kuan their side and saw that Yan Kuan he did not even look at him from the arms to work out their own documents, almost attached to the face of that road manager said: "The Department of Defense." "Now we suspect that there is an extremely dangerous elements hidden in the hotel you get inside, from now on, your hotel staff had to meet all of our Work. "Just listen Yan W coldly said. That manager suddenly senseless. Morning, when it was wild Division Military Commander in Chief with Hilton surrounded by soldiers just withdraw, now booing, which the Ministry of Defence man again. Today, in the end this is how ah? How so unlucky, that managers almost cried, but it is a little way. "You give me look up, there is no one inside this hotel called the Aspen of people who live here?" There is only one in front of Yan W side facing the men went to the front desk a few pale face scared waiter in that Tao said. With the finish after that? That waiter hesitated, but still hurry to check that the information inside the computer. "When, in Room 506." "Come with me." Just listen Yan W of the order, and then they ran rapidly toward the elevator. After he ran two steps, turned Road, said: "There is no back door you?" He looked at the manager turned asked said. That manager surprised a moment, but still quickly in that road, said: "There is." "You two followed him to the back door, guarding. If that guy dared to run? Direct shot." Just listen to this time has pulled Yan W the body of the gun on that channel said. "Yes." That two men after receiving the order, quickly followed the man in front of the manager ran toward the back door of the place. - Said they came in, when Yan W, 5th floor and then place that Yang Hua they did not see the beginning. But when those in front of big strong back casual glance at the case, he saw that the fifth floor below, surrounded by a lot of people, but also looking at a few cars in the Hilton Hotel at the entrance when docked , hurry Road, said: "Chinese brother, something was amiss." "You come to see." With the big strong in the case to say, there is talk of Yang Hua Jiang tert Not only do they have a moment. Quickly ran up toward the side windows. In ran after it, just listen to the big strong following around pointing to the crowd, and then a few more at the Hilton Hotel, the few lanes, said: "Chinese brother, seems to be, like **." Just listen Dazhuang In that road said unto him, this time also have blinked surprised not only looked toward below. But see that the place is really like that below Zhuang said, although a few cars are not a police car, but the above are all placed the siren! People to see that these people police car. "These people doing here?" Listen Yang Hua said suddenly silent road. He suddenly felt wrong. All this time are also looking at China not only skeptical brother. "Let's not come?" Just listen to Uncle Jiang said that could not help but ask. Yang Hua Tieqing face did not speak. "We first do not move, stay quiet here, even looking for us, we did not do bad things, what caught our poor?" Listen on that road in front of Yang Hua said. Next to the brothers also in that nodded, said: "China's good brother said, even though they come,Jordan 9 Shoes, is useless." Decided not to move after the crowd, I saw the side of Yan Kuan has been with people toward brigade 5th floor where menacing rushed over. "Everyone be careful, these guys are outlaws, and that is not good, but also has a gun hand side, we must be careful of their safety." Listen in front of Yan Kuan holding a black pistol in that channel said. Behind the men holding the hands of a prudent pistol, pharynx breath, slowly followed the strict width walked toward the fifth floor where. On the fifth floor, they will be more careful, cautious in their side not the case, who knows that Aspen they sat inside the room, waiting for them. I saw a pedestrian scattered on both sides, that Yan Kuan first when one, holding a black pistol, in that cautious ahead. In their carefully and finally to 506 when I saw the door in a tightly closed. People are cautious on both sides eyed the door tightly closed. Yan W facing the crowd saw that did a cover position, and then they move the body slowly, slowly, slowly, and finally to the door when. I saw his heels, and flung open the door slammed. "Freeze." With a roar, and that a wide body of a strict gun rushed in, rushed after him, along with several of his men behind another jump in, in the hands of all black gun pointing everyone in the room. With this scene happened, I saw it inside the house? It is that Yang Hua them. Calm at the moment but they let these people who rushed to the DoD some wonder. That Yang Hua brothers in front of them and just one of all sitting in a chair, as if waiting for them to come up again, smiling and looking at Yan Kuan them. Hand gun for them, it is like the same with the child holding a toy gun. This not only once so depressed Yan W, et al. "How is it? They do not resist how ah?" Yan Kuan only wonder had in mind. But still in that coldly said: "All are not allowed to move," he firmly shaking hands in the cold gun that road said, "This man is really strange, did not see that we already did not move it?" Only listen to the other side of Abin sneered suddenly looked Yan Kuan Tao said. Yan W that was him say,cheap jordan shoes, ugly face, glared at him. "Excuse me, what are you doing here?" "What are you people?" Listen smiling Yang Hua has suddenly raised a pair of sharp eyes out looking at that asked Yan W said. As to say after I saw Yan Kuan who took their own documents from the road, said: "Department of Defense." "Now we suspect that you have escaped fugitives here." Just listen Yan Kuan Tao said suddenly. The word was in the hearts of the brothers heard, not only slightly hesitated, but still a very calm one's face. "You are Yang Hua, right?" Just listen to Yan Kuan brother suddenly looked in front of China, said that road. First time I saw in front of Yang Hua, that not only the immediate Yan W whom hesitated, photographs displayed on this kid, just like normal people, but did not think that, really really positive to see the front of Young China, he not only felt this kid who has an unusual temperament. And he can feel it, that in Aspen behind several brothers, everyone is sturdy with an atmosphere. "Yes, I am Yang Hua." Just listen to Yang Hua said no denying that road. "Is just fine." Just listen Yan W sneer at that road said. "Take him to me buckle up." Just listen Yan Kuan's order in that channel said. As he finished, the two men behind, they took out a crashed handcuffs Yang Hua went toward it. "What you buckle poor people?" Only heard Jiaohu in that channel said. At the same time I saw the figure of a sudden white Kocho stand in front of Yang Hua. It had wanted to rush to the big and strong, looking at the white Kocho brother has been in China front, the pace slightly paused, did not continue moving. Just listen to Yan W saw a woman out of the way, sneer, said: "He is a criminal on the poor!" "Do you have any evidence?" White Kocho asked to say in that. "The evidence?" Then suddenly Leng Heng Yan W. "I remember when he escaped from prison, had committed a capital offense, but also evidence of what?" In the strict wide suddenly say, the white Kocho only slightly Yizheng. Originally they were directed at the Aspen jailbreak things come. "Hey! Else would we even grab you one." Listen Yan W in that coldly said. Spoke, hands outstretched in front of white Kocho open. White Kocho after all, only a weak woman, is this guy a big push arm was almost torn down. "For girls the best tender points! Else ......" listen Yang Hua has not suddenly speak coldly said. In front of Yang Hua suddenly suddenly heard the sound becomes cold after that Yan W can not help but hit a shivering body. But looked at their side are all gun in his hand, facing them if they dared to touch if you really have to, it is estimated it will blossom body, he coldly said: "He gave me to buckle up take away. "Just listen Yan W outstretched hand pointing coldly said Yang Hua Road. Chinese brother just sat there motionless. Yan W handcuffs holding that two people behind, slowly slowly, step by step toward Yang Hua went. They do not know why, my heart also some timid. In their brother went to China around the time, is preparing to hands clasp Chinese brother, when they saw the Chinese brother do? Remains motionless, as if nothing had happened to her. But in the Chinese brother behind fierce people do? But it is really angry. "Shuigan Dong my brother!" With howling. I saw a burly figure with a rate less than Thunder Yang Hua shoved toward the front of the two guys holding handcuffs sprang. That the person behind the gun is pointed at all original Yang Hua, Yang Hua down behind did not expect that people suddenly rushed out fierce. When they turn black muzzle on the TV drama Lie when it is already too late. Big strong hand and saw that it was a serious wide men, as if carrying a chicken shoved like to throw one's out. With a loud thump, Yang Hua, two guys just buckle up, like sandbags as being Lie to suddenly thrown out in shouts loudly in pain, they both fell to the ground of being. "You move again, I shot and killed you." Tuting a cold call came, I saw that Yan Kuan hands suddenly suddenly black pistol pointed at the head of that big strong channel said. Form suddenly became tense. That Yan W's men do? One's hands tightly holding hand gun, facing Aspen them all, while China Colombia they do? Never had to move over. Even the head of big strong black muzzle to be pointed at the moment, they did not move, it's still so calm. In that Yan Kuan Meng suddenly put a gun that big strong head when I saw big strong turned fierce. Glasses filled with an aggressive inside the beholder. "Fight ah! Fight ah!" Tuting howling,Oakley Holbrook Sale, that big strong hand and footmarks Yan W guns, facing his head in that growled said. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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