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and my heart have some antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans while online said Zhuang sometimes silly, rarely speak, in fact, is it not the smartest he does? "Strong brother is right, Chinese brother, you tell us. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm" Just listen to the box on that channel said. "Chinese brother, Chinese brother." Brothers in a voice of a middle ear Yang Hua came. Yang Hua's eyes gradually red wet. "Yang Hua, told them, brothers of the heart, you know you did some things a man carrying tired, they watch you suffer, they also pain, might as well put all things to speak out, with everyone carrying , even bitter, bitter smile everyone will you say? "Uncle said so after the ginger, Aspen finally red eyes and nodded. She held out her hand tightly brothers shot in the shoulder. "Good, good!" "I tell you." Just listen to Yang Hua Tao said. "Black sites, you have a few people know?" Listen Chinese brother shoved say it. "Prison?" "Could there was the legendary underground prison?" Listen Zhou Xiaoquan sudden Tao said. Another Zhang Taibiao there Dazhuang their course unclear. "I previously did not have before with China Colombia seems to be crammed into a buddy inside the prison, and since then, the man from the evaporation of the world, and I never saw him again." Zhou Xiaoquan on that road said. "But You're right, my buddy before frenzied because her wife Tou Hanzi, all he angrily to his wife and his wife's lover all took a kitchen knife to chop alive, but also to the frenzied please his wife's people inside, also other people's wives to do, after the brutal killing, he cut a piece of a corpse,Jordan 3 Sale, and then thrown into the trash, he thought to do perfectly, finally being given caught finally seems to have heard was thrown into the prison inside. "Zhou Xiaoquan in that channel said. "Then terror?" "How do I not heard the prison?" Listen Zhang Dabiao in that puzzled said. "Because of that prison in the eyes of the world simply does not exist side." "Because of all the prisoners inside the living dead, although they alive, but a dead man, I was then lucky to escape from the prison inside the . "Yang Hua, a word a word Tao said. "Ah? Chinese brother, you're from prison inside out?" "I am the one your mother ah, I first heard the story before Chinese brother." Zhang Dabiao in that channel said. You're right, they themselves followed the Chinese brother when Yang Hua rarely mention his past with them things, thinking things before speaking for Aspen is a deep, deep scar, that scar opened whenever the time , he will pain, pain does not rest. "Yes!" "I should have been dead inside the prison, but the accident is that I lived, survived, and the only reason I survived is because my house was locked up in the dead side of the master." "Dead house ? What do you mean? listening to good horror. "side of the road Zhou Xiaoquan blinked at that," said really horrible, because the place where the edge is dead, then I was off into the time is ready to be tortured to death, But do not expect that, where I met my master, he taught me all the skills, then I survived. "Yang Hua remembered that smoke general of the past, my heart a long time can not be calm. "White instructors border with what is now still there?" Listen Jiang said Uncle suddenly asked. Yang Hua shook his head. "I do not know, but I have to go see for themselves,Coach Outlet Sale, I have to save him out and I believe him back waiting for me." "White instructors? Chinese brother, I'm getting confused ginger tert The man in the end Who? "listen brothers asked to say in that. "Decades ago the most famous special forces instructors, give away Jen!" "Maybe you have not heard his name, it is because at the time you were born, he has been named as a prohibited government instituted the name." Uncle Jiang Tao said that resentment. "Do you remember me? City when I die, that burned the city, the city that once our cloud-lan and fighting with white instructors place." Just listen to Uncle Jiang said that road. When they heard these things, the brothers suddenly clear up. Originally, the city had a cloud-lan thing is that now give away benevolence. Thought of this, one of the brothers not only excited. "Chinese brother, save the old-timers ah, must take him out." Just listen to the brothers in that channel said. "But you do not forget, if we want to save the white instructors, then, is that we go against the entire government, Yang Hua, just do not want to let you mix this matter, it is because fear of endangering you, and you think, we just returned to the country,Air Jordan 6 Sale, if it minor prison break, then what it means? mean you and I have wanted, we all just would not let Yang Hua help. "Uncle put China in ginger brother's mind to say, the brothers are looking at China Colombia , and my heart have some uncomfortable. "Chinese brother, you can rest assured that brothers are all right." "Wanted cares not wanted, even if it is dead, I have also not afraid." Zhang Taibiao where yelled said. "Yes ah, even death, we will not be afraid." Yang Huaxin comfort of the brothers looked at his best in a long time unable to speak. "Good, good!" - Said, there are those in the Mu Tian-jiao Xie days after the departure. I saw the bike Maserati xiaojia inside, driving it a quiet man. The man should be the Mu Tian Jiao's bodyguard, in fact, perhaps even she did not know this man? She only knew that she left after since Yang Hua, the man who gave the foreign cattle were influential in the country sent messages, Xiaoyuan river! Shaw is the founder of the family, Xiaoyuan River. For help in her hair after the last message, you have not seen in a day, then follow these few eyes on Mu Tian Jiao men returned from abroad, stay Mu Tian Jiao's side, these individuals seem to do anything, have specialized in business to understand , as well as dedicated to all kinds of things, and more importantly, they come back in less than three days, those who died before the town because Shaw and want to take the opportunity to start for those who Xiao, who are all between three days inexplicably disappeared. Even family members are gone. This city was once the Dongling great news, because those people are the VIP has a head, just suddenly disappeared, of course, caused widespread concern. But it? Who do not know what happened, those individuals, even if his family evaporated overnight, all the same, becomes a trace. Some say those wealthy are kidnapped by a mysterious person, some people say, those people having been given assassinated. But in the end ...... What? No one knows. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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