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22.05.2013 08:08
that Nalan Meng Xiong antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans while online a name appeared in the Aspen Hall of hearts, he almost all screaming out of the mouth, but when the rest of the girl's eye shadows write and when that kind of wanted to call out of a sudden impulse to the Adam's apple out, but seem to have been something to block the general yell. wwW, QUanbEN, coM "wow! Chinese brother, they all came, I really can not believe it." "Tanglin City xiaojia Iranian city Xie, even the wild Division Military District commander also came to pick you up . "Just listen to the other side of Zhang Dabiao excited just to jump on that channel said. Just call exports, while the Zhou Xiaoquan it fiercely stabbed him. In front of Zhang Dabiao leng. "You do not see Chinese depressed brother's face it?" Listen Zhou Xiaoquan whispered said. Zhang Dabiao startled for a moment: "Why?" "Xiao Ruonan, there Xie Yuting you do not see are coming? Together so many woman, China can not depressed brother what?" Listen Zhou Xiaoquan whispered said. Zhang Taibiao hurry to shut up. "Is also." Said the two of muttering at the time, Aspen just innocently stood stunned. And over the girls do? Where is the one standing, did not move, once inside the fantasy in their mind, if he got off the plane, he himself go hug him and kiss him, but now it? One's palms are sweating, but no one female female action! Because they know that there is more than one they love Aspen. "Did not tell you before, commander personally to come pick you up, because I wanted to surprise you! Do not mind?" Listen Suoer Lun said laughing in the back. Yang Hua hesitantly. "Let bygones." Suo Erlun spoke on the side toward the commander in chief walked past. Yang Hua silently followed up, brothers behind it? Just follow one by one. Yang Hua Xie Yuting's body looked in the eyes, then they invested in, Xiao Ruonan body, then what? Went to the Nalan sweet body, finally,Air Jordan 11 Sale, stopped to look at the cast, Youruo face. He did not dare to look at a girl a second, perhaps even to himself that he himself did not know what to think. If the ground now have a gap, I guess Yang Hua will certainly hasten the drilling. Unfortunately, in fact, today he was bound to face so many girls. When they came, they all came over his face with a smile. "Yang Hua, you finally come back." Listen Nalan Meng Xiong said at that smile. The side of the Mu Tian Jiao also smile on her face. "You're back." That Xie day also came up. Yang Hua, only to feel some incoherent, looking at their head. But the eyes? But in their body shaking. "Like home, like home!" "It's hard on you and I Nalan Meng Xiong had in this life do not owe anyone? But starting today, I owe you Yang Hua." Listen Nalan Meng Xiong shot with his chest and loudly said. Discourse in the long reverberating inside the airport. But Yang Hua was inside the ear can not hear his words sound like a general, and his heart? At the moment all these girls body. Them how the? How no one talk to yourself? Youruo good? How about her body? She just woke up? Still remember it? ...... Xiaoting it? She's kind of how the virus? Is not completely lifted? Ruonan it? Is not the whole silly girl still ruthless yourself? Ruthless own original take leave? All these questions all stuffed in his mind. Unfortunately, Unfortunately,Nike Jordan 13 Shoes, those two girls? But to see him, just just know in general, but with a smile barely looked at him,oakley sunglasses online, nor speak to him, but also pay any attention to him. It suddenly let Aspen more depressed. He wants Youruo speak, to ask her, but worried that other girls get angry? He wants other girls to speak? Unfortunately, it is feared another one. Yang Hua, one simply does not say. "Mu total, Xie total, finally together, we eat a meal with everyone now." Laughed listen Nalan Meng Xiong said. Side of the Mu Tian Jiao Xie also said good day. "That's good, let's work together to Yang Hua Jie Feng and his brothers welcome home." "Let's go!" There is only the road in front of Nalan Meng Xiong said. In Nalan Meng Xiong finished, I saw all this time looking at Aspen. Yang Hua it? Some of his frustration, and my heart still thinking about her daughters, but it is not a person to talk to him. Xiao Ruonan side, he can be seen, that girl is now on his hate ah, hate, ah, he did not dare look at her, there's Xie Yuting it? Is a gas! Ten thousand angry! He did not dare to look. Here it? There Youruo it sweet? He did not dare. Caught in the middle of the only nod to cater Tao Yang Hua said: "Good, good, good to eat." Then there will be in that Nalan Meng Xiong Xiao Xie, two depressed below, Aspen finally chosen was on one of a Humvee. The bike Humvee it? Do not sit together with Youruo also sweet, but a separate one. The remaining daughters do? Each scored on just the car, to go their way. It met for the first time in Aspen undoubtedly been a huge physical and psychological blow. "How can this happen? How not to talk to me? Did I do something wrong?" Yang Hua, on a Humvee after it has been in the depressed. "Chinese brother, wrong ah, Xiao Missy, there is that Xie female female, how not to talk to you ah?" There is only a big mouth, said Zhang Dabiao up on the road. Gang said outlet side of the Zhou Xiaoquan to quickly pull him. "You pulled me why? I am telling the truth ah?" Listen Zhang Dabiao Road said. Yang Hua it? Only angry copies! A person that depressed ah! But he is now his most fortunate thing Youruo Well, she better! Good to see her, Aspen than anyone else happy. Especially when he was in the Humvee when it Youruo blinked at him, but let him puzzled, this girl doing? How not talk to yourself. Could they have something to hide himself? Yang Hua begun to wander again. - Driving a Maserati xiaojia within. I saw the Xiaoruo Nan angry angry cheek teeth itch Juezhao sitting the car. 'Younger sister, how can you not talk to Aspen brother ah? I was depressed. "Listen Yat Siu wonder looking at his younger sister asked said. Side of the Mu Tian Jiao also face questions. It came, but the first one to Xiaoruo Nan ran to it to see people, and suddenly without saying a word, which does not conform to his daughter's character ah! Xiao Ruonan a fit of anger at the moment, I heard the words Yat Siu, do not bother to care for him. Just listen to it in that self-serving Yat Siu Tao said: "I think Aspen has become handsome brother, and became manly, nice, I will also keep the same brother! That matter how mighty ah!" "Peipei Pei Bah!" listen Xiaoruo Nan Road rage suddenly said. "That ugly mad at me, mad at me!" Just listen to the car Xiaoruo Nan suddenly shouted said. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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