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previous sentence are the antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans while online Zhangda Biao, there Zhou Xiaoquan them. Www, QUAnben, CoM as they come out later, that the lobby manager to quickly meet up with smiles. "Several owners have a good rest? Hurried way, please, this way please." Said while bowing to Aspen them to one of the biggest one above the table. Above the table at the moment,Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket, the table has already done a sumptuous lunch. Zhang Taibiao eyes looking back, there Zhou Xiaoquan their watering. "Your mother,; I had not eaten such a good long dishes." Just listen to Zhang Dabiao in that aggrieved channel said. Said also, since coming to Thailand, where they had once so calm? Has always been in the imputed, or is hiding, where slept soundly meal, eaten a good meal there, to see such a meal is certainly very excited. But his words to let that feeling of a moment in front of the lobby manager! Consider also, this hotel gave guests regarded him pack down, but the eyes are saying that they have not eaten for a long time so the dishes? It's not kidding? However, the lobby manager, after all, not two goods, fool, from in front of the momentum, there is this gang gesture in terms of absolute domestic famous figure. But in the end how much fame, in front of the lobby manager really is unclear. Yang Hua, he arranged them to sit down after they hastened to accompany smile smile back down. Back down, I did not forget those facing the waiter who said: "This several lords, can get a good serve, in particular, that several." Just listen to him said while pointing to the Aspen them Tao said. "That is definitely not a few people businessman, fix the domestic underworld figures, you speak and act had to carefully point." Just listen to hall manager told them to channel said. Those who were already on the front of the waiter posture somewhat intimidated, lobby manager heard to say at the moment, it is one of the quickly nodded. And now there's place? Brothers already started to eat up a clean sweep. Yang Hua has not stopped them, next to the Suoer Lun been watching them at that smile. Ghost in the fog of the original Suoer Lun Lin junction Yang Hua received them. Brothers was one thirsty, and you escorted me, I held you, from the fog ghost Chuang Lin inside out. That Suoer Lun looked behind them ghost fog foggy forest, really hard to imagine this Yang Hua and his brothers, in the end is to rely on something out of the fog ghost forest? Although he imputed perennial, but even Suoer Lun, this is known as the 1st Military Division fierce opposition of his people, when the eye is looking at the fog ghost forest, they both felt a Senleng feeling. All he is wonder, Yang Hua, he did not know what they are in the end have experienced death in the face, I do not know how much they encounter difficulties in the end. But the good news is that they come back alive. This does not? In Suoer Lun Yang Hua after they received even one word did not ask, and quickly bring them to the first good rest here. Nearly a day and a night sleeping brothers, is really tired! In that hell out of people, no doubt from hell inside the alive again. For Yang Hua, and his brothers are so. Brothers put food on the table and wine almost finished, finished, then it Suoer Lun also two bottles of fine Maotai! Do not reverse, the domestic people, they like to drink their wine country, moreover Maotai indeed is the number one wine. After a few drinks, a circle everyone some brain fever. Even that Nancy also had a few drinks at the moment his face pretty red, looks more charming. "Come on, I have respect for everyone commander and myself a cup." Saw Suoer Lun Haoqiganyun of Naqijiubei holding against the brothers in that channel said. One by one they lifted the glass, bang bang in touch with when, after, and then drank. "I Suoer Lun-year-old began to practice martial arts, sixteen-year-old soldier began, twenty-one fight, and now, I do not admire anyone and this life, but to be honest, I admire you, admire you." Saw Suoer Lun also drank a lot of wine at the moment, his head some heat, in that Jiujin large bellowed said. His eyes looked at the brothers, as well as China Colombia. I saw the brothers suddenly laughed. One can make a fierce wild Division Military figures who admire? Imagined. "You do not admire us, we do not deserve! Have to admire serving Chinese brother!" Saw Zhang Dabiao cocked his head, in that drunken Tao said. This guy most shameless, Maotai straining to seize a good drink, it is estimated that he drank a bottle of Maotai Gold, of course, almost a halo. Next to Zhou Xiaoquan also drink a lot of somewhat dizzy, in that road, said: "Big Biao previous sentence are the fart, except today, these words do not fart!" "Chinese brother, China brother, I am most admire! our brothers who do not admire! "Just listen to him dizzy Tao said that at the moment table full of people, estimated to Yang Hua, a person sober point. He did not know why, drink a lot of wine, but he did not like something. I saw that he smiled and waved in front of the immediate Suoer Lun Road,UK Nike Air Jordan, said: "Never mind, ah, my brothers drink a little more." "Not much!" Laughed saw Suoer Lun said. "They did not drink! Can count how many men drink more? Do not fall much!" Suo Erlun Having grabbed the glass holding Tao said: "Come on, we then respect your China Colombia cup." Brothers also borrow at the moment the Jiu Jin, even China Colombia stare one is not afraid to follow Suoer Lun really began to stir, have to be Chinese brother drink. Yang Hua helpless, can only smile about, grabbed glass drained. "Hey! Your brother nice! I, if I were younger years, I followed you!" Listen Suoer Lun said blushing in that road. "Well! Or you can also follow us Chinese brother over it!" Listen Shoko on that side of the road shouting said. "Yes ah, you can play, followed by Chinese brother much good fortune together after our brother, grandma, whoever is not convinced, he died doing." Just listen to Zhang Dabiao in that channel said. Yang Hua'd let some frustration, and sighed. "This guy who really can not get drunk ah!" He sighed a person that says. "No,Madison Coach UK, no, no!" I saw the other side of the road in that Suoer Lun Bai Zhaoshou said. "Loud noise, and follow us Chinese brother shame?" Saw Zhou Xiaoquan smoking a cigarette at the moment, in that Caesar bacchanal Tao said. "Who can say shame, my first kill him." Just listen Suoer Lun also drunk. "I mean, I have a commander! There commander in chief, I have to protect the commander in chief ah! Commander then to me Well, I can not be so ungrateful ah." Just listen Suoer Lun said on that road. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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