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22.05.2013 08:01
that was heard inside the Cave antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans online while she looks like an angel in heaven, Qiaomei little face, wearing a white veil, where to lay beside her, then sat Lee does not save. Www, quanBEn, cOM ** it (. Ph8.) He was a skinny hand slowly ride in the front of that Youruo arm, explore her Momen. Nalan Meng Xiong it looked in that unblinking eyes inside filled with questions. What's going on? After a while I saw the following, in front of Lee not to send rescue finally slowly opened his hand, his face with an excitement of color, in that road, said: "My God! I became a doctor for so many years, never kind of like Youruo seen such a phenomenon. "With him say, next to the clock Old froze for a moment,Coach Online Outlet, he is after all not a medical student,Jordan Flight The Power Shoes, of course, do not understand. The front of the madman Nalan Meng Xiong is not understand. "Editor's Note in the end ah? Youruo in the end is awake or not awake ah?" Listen Nalan Meng Xiong wonder Youruo lying in bed looking at the road in that said. "Is a fast wake up." Just listen to not save suddenly in front of Lee said with a smile. "Fart, which soon woke up, the words you say at least ten thousand times over. You are not lying to me?" Listen in front of Nalan Meng Xiong suddenly shouted that goes from excitement to disappointment because of a sudden fierce change over the face, once so in front of Li Yi Leng Heaven does not save a bell. "You're so very excited doing ah? Youruo not been lying ten years what? What more lie a relationship?" Listen in front of Bell Road Heaven against Nalan Meng Xiong Baileyiyan said; " He lied to me? "listen Nalan Meng Xiongmeng of a finger with Lee not save Tao said. Lee is simply not save wronged dead. Distressed at that road, said: "Commander ah, you first calm down, I tell you said slowly, does not?" With immediate Lee does not save to say after, in front of Nalan Meng Xiong finally quiet. "Youruo said in an hour before you know what? Move, I saw her arm and shoved lift." Just listen to Lee not save Tao said. "And when the clock old also seen." "Yes, I did see, Youruo really move." Just listen to his home meet the Dow said. There in front of the old bell are saying Lee does not save after Nalan Meng Xiong suddenly froze. "Really? Is it true? My daughter finally moved?" Nalan Meng Xiong Tao said in that excitement. As he finished, I saw the next two together and laugh. "Of course, why lie to you this, really." Said his home haha ​​laughed. "Commander, you think, Youruo sick that day from the beginning to now never move once, but this time they suddenly see the move, what does this mean?" Listen Lee does not save excited and said said. "Implies, my daughter is about to wake up?" Listen in front of Nalan Meng Xiong sudden grin Tao said. "Yes!" "Although I do not know in the end is how it all happened,oakley sunglasses online, but I think the old bell may give you a reasonable explanation." "Bell older, you do not save with Lee Tell me, which in the end is how going on? "listen Lee bell does not save Seeing Heaven said. Just listen to the bell slowly Heaven Road, said: "I had not told you what? Youruo is the curse of the black witch family, her soul within the body has been made from the curse of her flesh, and said in front of secluded white If before, has not been fixed, it is only because it is a living dead, but today it? sudden move, it proves that her body already has soul back, since time immemorial people have three souls and seven soul, as long as the soul of her three All homing after seven soul, so soon, Youruo will wake up. "With the front of the bell in the old saying, the front of Nalan Meng Xiong suddenly wake up. "That is to say now, my daughter is almost awake?" Listen Nalan Meng Xiong excited channel said. "If I guess the good, I think, Yang Hua and his brothers should have found a black sorcerer." I saw in front of Bell Road Heaven squinting stare said. With his remark after the exit, in front of Nalan Meng Xiong there is that Lee does not save all without a word of. Although people do not because they are in Thailand, but my heart already knew about - that desperate to save Youruo afar Yang Hua, in the end how they like it? - Thailand, fog ghost forest. A chill place cavity. When Yang Hua After you say, I take life to give you change, when he cave behind that thing was silent, became no sound. "How? Why do not you speak?" Listen roared Yang Hua said. Because the body's strenuous exertion, that earned him the chains crashed in the sound. Snort, snort, Tuting voice that was heard inside the Cave Road, said: "Good! A life for a life!" "You have to use a contract you have soul in exchange for her blood curse." Just listen to that voice suddenly roar said. "Soul contract?" Yang Hua Yi Leng. Originally, he thought his life against a life on the up, but this would then contract out of a soul? That the soul of the contract in the end what is this stuff? Yang Hua, of course not understand. "You might not understand, I can tell you, that you have the soul henceforth only be mine, as long as you dare to enter into this bloody deed, I'll help you lift her blood curse." Just listen to the immediate Cave came the roaring sound. The soul of the contract? In ancient black records, all soul contract, is a good man to sell his soul to the devil in the dark, saying that white is the flesh of his flesh, though still, but the soul of it? He was the devil to occupy. This night is the dark part of the agreement an important one. That dark demons will occupy the living body, and thus evil. When Yang Hua in understand this, his heart suddenly beating a bang. After his own flesh will not be how to do? Become disowned, does not recognize brothers, do not know his wife? Everyone does not know how to do when he? Yang Hua, when difficult choices are, just listen to the cave behind the strange sounds coming out of there roared: "You promised it?" "If you do not agree too late, if you promise that I will Girl lifting blood curse, and you? eternal suffering, I will curse die endlessly. "Just listen to something in front of the cave in that strange smile, said he seemed especially proud. "Seven circles being has its own requirements, if you want to enter into this dark deed, I'll help you!" Listen again behind the cave outgoing sound channel said. Yang Hua did not think too much! For her, for him soon love, death ten thousand times the expense, even his eternal soul suffering eternal torment, he absolutely will not be afraid. "I accept!" Pretty novel all in, tell your friends <

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