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22.05.2013 07:57
It touches China Colombia antworten

> No pop fiction network, thousands of fans while online with him after such a question in front of Yang Hua is deeply frowned. Www. quANBEn. Com yes ah, these hundreds of years ago people were turned to stone soldiers in the end is how is it? Why is there a ghost in the fog forest inside? Also, the castle into Shoko said it really is a shortage of house it? That is simply not the black witch family this place? Suddenly remembered too much doubt, a man froze in Aspen where. Brothers he can not give the answer. In front of the mystery is like a dusty history like no one knows, no one knows the answer. Looking at those old armor on the ground, there are those iron helmet, one silent brothers together. - Are they all felt very surprised when suddenly a very incredible thing to attract the immediate Yang Hua, Yang Hua, it all seems like to tell. I saw his eyes to write to the Department Yang Hua, suddenly surprised to see that the attic just on their own time, hanging askew in the middle of the splash-ink painting. Painting for brothers does not matter, but not the same in terms of Yang Hua, the same as if there is some magic in that fascinated him, and could not help the pace forward. He even involuntarily went slowly toward the painting. The brothers in front of it? Suddenly saw the strange behavior when Chinese brother, could not help but surprised a moment. "Chinese brother, are you doing?" In front of Zhou Xiaoquan only whispered said. I saw that Shoko shook his head, his face showing a puzzled look. "Come on, look at the past." Listen in front of Jiang tert Then they went over there toward Aspen. As they walked over after Uncle Jiang, Yang Hua saw it? Like attracts like eyes stared at the edges of the wearer's painting, which not only allow brothers are feeling bored. Carefully looked askew picture? I just feel askew pictures in addition to thick dark ink has no other, but in looking at China Colombia in the end what does? Could it be that Columbia really understand Chinese arts? Brothers do not understand art? What a pain egg thing. I saw Zhang Taibiao looked splash-ink painting, looking at his head on the spin. "Your mother, I would not intellectuals, I gnaw looked dizzy." Just listen to him complain that said as he turned his head away. Zhou Xiaoquan smile turned to one side: "Haha, no culture is terrible." That Zhang Dabiao big eyes stare he blurted curse, said: "Your sister ah, do not you be able to read?" This one says Zhou Xiaoquan also Yan, in fact, to be honest he did not understand, not only he did not know, brothers may not have an understanding. "Chinese brother in the end to see what it? Look so attentively?" Listen Dazhuang blinked Seeing asked Uncle Jiang said. In front of Uncle Jiang shook his head slowly. "Ask to know." "Yang Hua, this picture has weird it?" Listen attentively looking at the front of the watching Uncle Yang Hua Jiang asked said. But in front of Uncle Jiang asked after Yang Hua did not seem to hear a normal, motionless. T is not only a moment in front of ginger. "Yang Hua, Yang Hua." With the voice shouted, the front of the Chinese brother's body shoved violently startled, as if awakened generally like, then they suddenly turned Tao said: "how the ? how the? "in front of the brothers with a puzzled look on looking at the front of the Chinese brother. "Chinese brother, what are you looking at, to see so attentively?" Listen in front of big strong tempted asked said. Yang Hua thought, said, said: "painting." "This picture, I always feel a bit special." Yang Hua, suddenly pointing in front of the painting Road said. "Special? Somewhere special?" Listen Dazhuang asked to say some do not understand. Yang Hua thought Road, said: "In fact, specific to say that place special,Coach Online Sale, I can not tell, but when I looked at this picture, I can always feel it, it seemed to be telling me what to say . "" Would not it? this picture to tell you what? "listen in front of Zhang Dabiao dilating eye Tao said the brothers stared this guy one time, Zhang Dabiao quickly covered his mouth. Just listen to Yang Hua laughed, said: "Yes ah, I have been wondering, I do not know why,Air Jordan Store, every time I looked at this painting when he feels there is a special kind of feeling." With Yang Hua finished, he continued turned his head and looked at the painting, the eyes are deeply attracted to the edges of those above. In front of the Chinese brother turned to look at that picture, I blinked brothers also see the painting, from which you want to see some different places, but guess what? It is in vain, they could not help a moment dizzy, nauseous feeling one, one not only quickly turned his head. It touches China Colombia? Still stared at the front of the screen, motionless, eyes, have not even move about. "Anyway, I do not understand." Just listen to Zhang Dabiao Tao said. Said, while looking for a clean place, an ass and sat down. Biao Zhou Xiaoquan see the big front after sitting on the ground, are now over, sitting on the ground. Do not know how long this period it? Brothers and all of a brother sitting on the ground waiting for China, but Yang Hua it? He was alone with the wooden stake-like, straight standing there motionless, seems to have entranced. "China Colombia depends how long?" Listen in front of Zhang Taibiao beating in that hand straining his legs Tao said. As he said, in front of the brothers waved helplessly. "I do not know." "I have to ask." Just listen Dazhuang I stood up and went toward the Chinese brother. "Chinese brother, to see what it?" Listen Dazhuang asked around to Yang Hua said. But with his voice exports, Aspen was like did not hear general. In front of the big strong leng. "Chinese brother could hear talking to me?" He did not reach out and shoot a Chinese brother's shoulder look. But even still surprised that Yang Hua motionless,Coach Online Bags, it is like the whole body to be "fixed" to live in general. "Chinese brother, Chinese brother." Suddenly in front of big strong just feel wrong, hand straining bang a bit in front of the Chinese brother? Fortunately, this does not touch, touch, under, suddenly alarmed. Yang Hua, like I saw in front of the whole people were enchanted, as if the whole person horde general, the body motionless. That would also sit on the floor of the Zhou Xiaoquan they think Chinese brother is watching fascinated, but when the big-bodied screams came, they suddenly have felt wrong, all of a sudden bang and stood up. "How? Zhuang brother?" Immediate tempted asked Shoko said. There is also a ginger and brothers together tert blinked asked, puzzled said. "Jiang Shu, you see Chinese brother, China brother - how - how not move?" Listen Lie face fear Tao said. Nice novel all in, tell your friends <

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