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22.05.2013 07:53
do not know to do business antworten

Even if the goods shipped to the Taiping,Coach Kristin USA, Daming replenishment system and financial chaos that cerium heavy full of dreams businessman tilt D à ng produced only for a few pieces of paper are not even a Dutch act, flow L ù Street beggars also there are plenty of people who die of hunger. Do the court on sale here, in addition to capital,Air Jordan 10 UK Sale, the business ability, also have a deep background of face. Also in Dengzhou, have rich by means of transport the Quartermaster not, also used to sail Bohai transport military ships, all go s ī activities, will all need the goods products transportation between, between Ming, North Korea and the later Jin Dynasty, earn basin full earthen bowl. Sun Yuanhua in the state to know very clearly, but now that he is a the person of an official, won't it do more care, reason is self-evident: participation in the s ī merchants are the background of the big trend, some officer he untouchables, sometimes the other work hard, do not offend; some are his patron, friend, the same year, make up, we take two powder, let alone to rectify do not go down, he is the governor of Deng Lai can have a problem doing. Thus Sun Yuanhua himself in addition to control grain and pig iron output to gold, other aspects will wink at the. And he also needs to go s ī traders from the disk input needed horses. This is located in Shandong, Shanhaiguan, Jinzhou, unlike in the Ming army generals to the nearest from the m é ng ancient buy horses, so after his horse from aspects of buying is the main source of the State Army horse. Moreover, s ī traders from time to time also brought the news to many aspects: after collected in intelligence more than court sent out secret agents. At present this young man might have the same intention. Sun Yuanhua looked at Zhao bow, he called himself apparently "climb relatives", "backer". To do business in the state of this area, no one is more suitable when the sun Yuanhua. Sun Yuanhua wasn't disgusted. This is as unalterable principles of things in the Ming dynasty. He sun Yuanhua also not is what street planting or he would not be below fifty when the side members. The Zhao Yingong and Australian business not to make money, to a thousand miles to Shandong to a stranger in a strange place,Nike Air Jordan 13 Sale, not afraid to take risks, is a dare. He has profound and Australian trade relationship, this may also use. Finally, direct to master a few businessmen for him no harm. But whether the person can use to have a look again into a. He asked: "since this business, do not know to do business?" This topic is somewhat sensitive. Zhao Yingong wants to do business is actually human trafficking, which of course can not say, but make up a will withstand scrutiny. Zhao Yingong had repeatedly considered, it is prudent to say: "adult in this training, most in need of natural food... ,,, "Sun Yuanhua Li á o beard, he nodded:" yes, it is grain." He sighed, "difficult to." Zhao Yingong said: "dare to adults the reason?" "There is the food, but it ', the word." He said. Deng Lai two gathered troops, itself.

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