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22.05.2013 07:51
The big excitement Road Zhuang antworten

> Sound is small, but big strong is the sort of person? How can he hear it? And there's also a slight ginger ovary eyes closed at this time, do not know is asleep? Still awake at that,Nike Jordan Superfly UK Sale, because it is a motionless, Nancy seemed very tired, she has not let yourself fall asleep, but unfortunately things she still asleep. wWw, QuANBEn, Com update speed class, ultra-fast and side A force it? Also the moment opened his eyes. "Chinese brother." Dazhuang tempted shouted. As he shouted after export, the side are like brothers and did not hear in general, is too dead sleep? Or because I was tired of this happen? Anyway, they are not one move. A big strong force there are only two people awake. "Chinese brother, you know me?" Listen Dazhuang surprised said said. Yang Hua, their eyes flashing a bit, there has been a trace of strange smile, said: "Of course you know, big and strong, I am Yang Hua, China I am your brother ah." Just listen to Yang Hua said in that road. It looks like really return to the previous general. As he said so, in front of big strong suddenly excited again. "Ali, do you hear, Chinese brother finally Well, finally recognize me come." With the big strong pleased after the finish, but A force it? He was blinking his eyes a pair of icy cold looking at the front of Yang Hua, like watching the enemy general driving. Just listen to Alex blurted out the words: "He's not!" Sounds cold a word for word from his mouth and spit it out. A force in fierce heard to say after a moment in front of the big strong tempted. Of course he did not know how much ability Ali, this has been very little talk of brothers, do not forget, but he previously spent in the darkness, and the perennial without saying a word, so to speak now Ali are somewhat ambiguous, what does this show? Explains, A force does not depend on words to trust someone, but by an innate feeling. To see that,Coach Bags Store, to the force like, dogs judged from the olfactory enemy in that direction, and who the real enemy is not the same kind of sharp. Ah, but just force it? He felt in front of the person claiming to be Chinese brother, although Chinese brother, and yet not a Chinese brother, why? As though he has a Chinese brother's body? But give him the feeling is so strange, so terrible, like a wolf in sheep's clothing like hidden. A force on all say. But Dazhuang it? His brother brotherhood with China can be said that the deepest thing brothers, this time to see China suddenly met his brother, he really is very happy ah! Where also spare the immediate feeling of power that A? Seeing the front of the Chinese brother not that always been his good brother what? In addition to some extent, the Chinese brother's accident, or because on his sake, of course, will not suspect a big strong, all the big strong stupid to do something. Update speed class, ultra-fast "He is Chinese brother, one hundred percent." Just listen to big strong stubborn Road said. After he said so, that's tied up on the ground and then exposed Senleng Yang Hua eyes smile, and no one has been found that in the inside pocket of his body lying below the piece of wood? But close to Yang Hua's body, as if his body combined with the general,Kristin Coach Outlet, A force it? Zhuang brother heard to say, he did not say a word, he or she is a talkative person, all of which are even more did not speak. "Let me go, big and strong, I am Yang Hua ah? You let me." Yang Hua listen at that face an expression of pain Tao said. As he said, in front of big strong two did not say, and it's ready for that Yang Hua untie the rope. The road could not help his mouth, said: "Chinese brother, I'll let you come." In his body ready to go untie the rope at the moment, I saw a cold hand, suddenly caught in a big strong arm. Turned to look, clutching the back of his own man? Yes, it is in front of Ali. Extremely fast access to the power of fiction website I saw his eyes tightly clutching a large and strong, shaking his head slowly in that, in the eyes of a firm demeanor, as if killing is not so large as strong to let Yang Hua . A big strong force in seeing such a relief not allow yourself pulled in front of the Chinese brother, not only a moment. "Ali, what are you doing? His brother ah, but China." Zhuang said loudly yelled. With his loud roar after, in front of A force it? But still so tightly clutching him, did not mean to let go a little. Said earlier that the big strong a cry after that there is next to Uncle Jiang brothers are also being awakened. "Dazhuang how the?" "What are you doing here?" ...... As they shouted after exit, just listen Dazhuang Road, said: "Jiang Shu, Chinese brother well, he recognize me." Just listen to the immediate The big excitement Road Zhuang said. After he finished, the brothers who are looking shine With puzzled tied on the ground in front of Yang Hua. Yang Hua saw it on the ground? Eyes are very clear, with no violent atmosphere, but it is the opposite of a innocent-like, in that blinked looking ginger ovary them. "I am Yang Hua ah? Why are you tied me? '" Big strong Give me untie. "Just listen to Yang Hua Tao said. As he finished in after, there's not a moment Zhou Xiaoquan Zhang Taibiao there. "Chinese brother good?" "He came out Dazhuang really know?" That Zhang Dabiao not only in that puzzled and said said. And that is also the face side of the Zhou Xiaoquan of suspicion? Oh, no, how sudden sleep in front of the Chinese brother will suddenly better? Wonder what this thing? Of course strange, but look at China brother now? But it is a big difference with before, and it has also been murderous eyes inside gradually gone, Yang Hua, who sees even now what it is today, also finds this is the Chinese brother. But he really is not it? "Jiang Shu, I'm dizzy, he in the end is not the Chinese brother?" Listen Zhou Xiaoquan looked puzzled ovary road in front of Jiang said. Dazhuang blushing in that road, said: "Of course, China brother, and you do not recognize even the Chinese brother came out, he called my name, how could not it?" With so excited big strong finish After it had not been talking ginger ovary, frowning deeply. Looked on the ground that Yang Hua, thought Road, said: "You really are Aspen?" With the exit after he asked, then tied on the ground Yang Hua quickly nodded. "Of course I was, and ginger t? Do not you recognize me?" He suddenly Jiang also gave the names of the ovary called out. In this call, the brothers saw immediate help but hesitated and even Uncle Jiang's name called out, it is true China Colombia? But do not forget, just when they call Uncle Jiang, Yang Hua, of course, that is not stupid, one hears out, can call out Jiang Shu, and the lack of odd, <

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