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22.05.2013 07:41
Fort expanded into a small coastal Bastion antworten

The 236th section Changhua fort here in Changhua fort. Device: no advertising, full text, more after the first time around the island sailing, Changhua as the first independent fortress overseas, has expanded several times. From a simple fortification Fort expanded into a small coastal Bastion, the morning star flag fluttering in the wind, the redoubt on a m é n24 pounds of naval Cannon Control Changhua sea m é n households three Hong kong. In less than a kilometer away the redoubt, near Changhua River coastal moors, wooden and a fast-growing plants played a great land, built a row of livestock shed. Here is the Changhua Ranch - the Lingao use the main animal and R ò u food animal source. The Council of agriculture here seaside pasture mass rearing of Changhua sheep famous. Cows supply by local people. Wu Nanhai and Yang Baogui repeatedly to Changhua ranch to inspect and guide the work, continue to expand the scale of aquaculture. Yang Baogui especially in the local use of Changhua sheep as female parent, breeding sheep breeding and the use of frozen J ī ng. The COA is here a lot of sowing adapted to local soil and climate of forage quality. In the Council's efforts, now Changhua every month there is a lot of live sheep and cattle to be. In green pastures, form a small market, the first day of the month fifteen to come here Ji ā o various products: cattle, cotton, deer R ò u deerskin, kapok and locust bean in exchange for salt, sugar and a variety of hardware, daily groceries. Other times, Changhua Fort also sent flows of trade caravan, in-depth Changhua inland trade. From a large number of grocery Lingao shipped spines J ī consumption * * - people, than in the past only a back to the basket, the sell but some salt, metal pieces, the price is to buy the dead dead vendors sell, Australians to provide a wide variety of goods, quality excellent, prices are much cheaper. People although not storage of gold and silver, but produce many mountains, as long as the Hu ā strength, everywhere is the Australian people are willing to Ji ā o for the native. If not planning institute is not willing to let the size of deer species Changhua, the acquisition of a number of limiting each month, people probably would have all the local deer. This Ji ā o certainly destroyed some of the local people's livelihood, but the construction and operation of Changhua Fort requires a lot of manpower, the unemployed population was soon Changhua Fort hired. Although some people hate, but who also don't dare to provoke carry loaded guns,air jordan outlet, mounted with cannon "a thief". In addition to barter trade and people, Li Haiping also in accordance with the Ministry of industry M é N instructions,oakley sunglasses store, hiring local workers mining quartz sand, the supply of Lingao glass industry. With the development of Changhua Fort employment of more and more people, commander Li Haiping from the hired man picked a part of Ding Zhuang, formed a fifty "militia", armed with machetes and standard spear, to defend the ranch security. As for the local government,oakley sunglasses online, every act and every move, to turn a blind eye to a thief - of course, if they want to dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased, also incapable of action. In Changhua, Daming's presence is quite weak. Such peace until the summer awakening battle: a marine and three m é N12 pound Hill >

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