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22.05.2013 07:28
the first fleet of twenty-seven antworten

Morning, CH ū n cruiser flag, signal mast raised a flag, command and sent people anxiously waiting, "set sail on time!" Li Di wearing a white s è Navy clothing, wearing a staff ribbon, stand ch ū n bridge, watching the first investigation check the marine ships. II two-mast spinnaker tons of patrol boats to anchor. Anchor splash of white s è spray, the son arm thick cable in time through the hawse pipe, the silt is water washed away. First investigation team immediately set sail, then follow the third spy Boat Squadron, fifth spy Boat Squadron, first gunboats and second gunboats marine corps...... Ocean fleet finally to the Senate will decide the battlefield. When the fleet out of anchorage, stationed in Hongkong and later starting troops excitedly farewell to the first fleet,Classic Coach Outlet, the sailors along the ship railing were cheering, waving his hat. Accompanied by "warship March" music, the first fleet station slope sailors also waved goodbye to them; we are filled with joy. Each believed that he is about to take a brilliant victory in the battle. No one has any doubts about the victory, service ch ū n number, not only for the ordinary people of native and naturalized, all the staff is also a great shock -- ch ū n is the largest ships now built, the iron body, chimney black smoke and white gas the main gun, huge, splash out of the huge waves in the full speed trial, not only once again show the Senate force, also let them understand the Senate has the ability to repeat them in industrial miracle, rather than a few cannot copy of the "magic weapon", this kind of miracle is that no one can contend. Fleet heading northwest, accurate via Lei Yue Mun leave cherry bay, on the north shore of the saint Bay is still now Daming's rule, is not in a flagrant way into Hongkong Nongken United territory, but the entire Gulf is hundred-percent "Australians lake". The Army division ship never entered the cherry bay,Purses Coach Cheap, to the indigenous fishing fishing in the Gulf of Hongkong station, must also apply for a license. And pay 20% of the real fishing tax. Coastal merchant ships to Guangzhou and the Pearl River Basin, in the coast of J ng by its team constantly patrol detachment Hongkong and "Persuasion", no longer into the Pearl River Estuary, but landed on the island of Hongkong trade. In the vicinity of the central commercial terminals, masts as. Desolate Bay originally only a fishing boat,Coach Online Bags, already became busy. Ch ū n sailed north slightly orientation, to bypass the north point, it briskly to sail at a speed of 6 knots, sailed along the coast, from the deck can see cannon in Taishan. Hill fort take up a cloud of white smoke, then came the sound of rumbling -- that is the coastal artillery sound farewell salute. Ch ū n side artillery cannons salute. The thin cloud in the morning sunlight penetrates gradually dispersed, according to SH è s è calm blue ocean. Bursts of wind swept ch ū n deck, make people feel relaxed and treatment. In order to pass the Lei Yue Mun channel, the first fleet of twenty-seven ships in a row teeth, one kilometer apart between the ship, a naval parade. Steam ship hung >

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