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22.05.2013 05:51
to be passing Shangguan and antworten

In order to ensure control over here, by the second fleet air Pu ship's soldiers, responsible for defense work. The second fleets from mountain city shift here. Here from the city of Jeju near future, regardless of the resettlement of refugees or fleet replacement more convenient food water. Li Haiping don't mention it occupy the best architecture: the Pu Pu posthouse. It is set to "second navy fleet command". The garrison soldiers in Pu because food supplies were cut off, some people fled to the peninsula up, part surrendered Li Haiping, naturally became his free slaves. The same treatment and the Pu hundreds of servants. Although they are a document that Feng Zongze was not as private, but immediately was incorporated into the Pu labour corps, responsible for the port construction and maintenance work. The Pu Guan Yi of the Yi Cheng Pu Changfan because the flat R ì customary to welcome visitors and see them off, is also very familiar with the port entry and CH á o water time, hydrology, kept in the transform heaven and earth, when the air Pu harbor "engaged in" -- this is the Feng Zongze to hand the way a "title party to have invented". In the absence of the full Senate cadre system, he can act according to circumstances. Strictly speaking, not in his invention, which is an official Li Zhao, belonging to the temporary x ì ng i.. Feng Zongze felt very suitable for the current leading Party to have what do Tiger Balm state. Pu Changfan to take refuge in the new master without mental disorder, and even with the pleasure of revenge. He is a brand of Jinshi, although not noble, but also in children, in their career was originally to some as. But sadly, Pu Changfan was born in Hamgyong -- Lee Dynasty longxing. However Li Chenggui for their fellow who is not at ease, always belittle. The Hamgyong origin of officials in the Li Zhao is very difficult to have room to rise. Generally only in the lower position. Ren Chen, Ding you bonobos disorderly time, North Korea appeared a batch to R ì army "toward Ji ā n", many of which are the origin. Pu Changfan because of the birth of involvement, empowerment has been in lower position on the spin, was inducted as the Pu Yi Cheng flash is five or six years, in which convicts place when small officer, is when the flow of no two. Moreover, this duty as punishment. Although a little water,Nike Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, but welcome visitors and see them off very hard, to be passing Shangguan and Hao and extortion, officials and even beaten and scolded homely food. Pu Changfan was full of resentment. A pygmy when he was just a "compromise" "live on" shape, with the three fall of the city. The fleet main force moved toward Pu, Pu Changfan immediately hire oneself out to. His rebellion, which has gain more interests, but more with the court dissatisfaction and hatred. Feng Zongze and Li Haiping immediately to his responsibility,Coach Online Sale, Pu Changfan is also very hard -- he felt some "people daily" thought. At this time, he is the supervision of the port "to" -- in order to distinguish from Shandong,Coach Handbags, Lingao, laborers shipped Squadron, formed from the local Jeju Island of original servants, to capture soldiers captive labor team unity to this address. Feng >

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