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22.05.2013 05:44
There is still doing here antworten

Pu Dehuan such a thing has been used, then gladly went. I didn't think he asked him to go to the pub or not home, but J ì real. The J ì real past is the prison camp jurisdiction, specially serve officials and the island of the rich. Therefore J ì female is of high quality. Is a preferred north each and two people pedigrees of servants. Although announced the release of all servants notices, but the military will work is not done very fine point, J ì real and J ì female how to deal with no solution. So the steward boss will get stupid to business. The first half of the month, J ì real business is not good -- patrons not ran dead, captured or hide, but recently the situation calmed down, not only outside the city to continue to enjoy the rich, Confucian scholars,Jordan UK sale, six real Xiaoli this grass-roots officials because of work to restore, so J ì house business is booming. Piao bin n the past frequented J ì room for the old man to run errands, never dare to think himself as a guest into the room -- he used to look to be a cigarette rod pimps play several. Separate rooms for the former, animal husbandry County supervisor such officials enjoy, have been placed under the food and drink: pickled cabbage dish twenty-four kinds of taste put a superb collection of beautiful things. Brilliant purples and reds display is very good-looking, half is half of vegetables, seaweed. Jeju is one of the bounty of the sea is very dependent on the local. Banquet Huang Yunyu is surrounded by two make-up officer J ì the drink, which also sat two customers -- Plain virtuous joys are recognized, one was Huang Yunyu's special liaison with local man, named Cui Xuanze. A man Zhao Minggui, another is gold Wanyi. Zhao Minggui he is not familiar with -- the island come first on the list of richest under the door, is the only one I went to the streets they airs, not to mention that Zhao Minggui identity guys. In the past, he just looked far and out of Zhao Minggui J ì house and tavern, sometimes access prison camp. Not to mention the general officers,Totes Coach UK, and the adult is met also polite. Each company had j ì female wine. Such an environment and atmosphere immediately let Piao bin n some formality. See plain virtuous joys in somewhat helpless appearance, Huang Yunyu hurriedly said: "did not see the park master is waiting for? Don't hurry up and sit at the master side. Good after!" Two early waiting officer J ì immediately close up, warm warm and fragrant jade immediately the full back. Piao bin n immediately turned red in the face. He didn't come home before,Coach Bags Outlet, as the master also participated in the feast, but openly called J ì Peijiu banquet to age and identity he had never participated in. J ì female body beautiful clothes and thick powder fragrance make him restless. "There is still doing here? Do not hurry to Portsmouth master sommelier!" An officer J ì give him filled with wine. Flexion with low expression on her face. Pu Dehuan knew her: J ì real number, Zhao Aiyin -- she is also a human female. Also because of being party involved in home and Pu Dehuan, down to here as slaves, and because the appearance s è became the official J ì, because she read the humanities, J ī ng >

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