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22.05.2013 05:34
dozens of flag float, plus a neat team antworten

Zhu Mingxia took the train and sick inside, yellow bear lead the company to bring up the rear, he led the team to go in front, the cavalry patrol back and forth in the before and after class. The smart kids remember ultrafast hit update. a called him prepared banner out lift, dozens of flag float, plus a neat team, far from looking like thousands of army in the road,Coach Outlet Sale, don't look closer, quite momentum. This is Zhu Mingxia miracles strategy, he will be a paper tiger, frighten of Huangxian rebels dare not wantonly frivolous, if the rebels to attack, restriction of movement of refugees is not easy to stand in the way, not only can remove them as cannon fodder, but also can throw aside no matter, total not because the refugees Zhaying to rout. "Note containing behind personnel!" Zhu Mingxia issued a new command. The team began to slow in the land of snow and ice on the creep up. The first course of action is at night back to the relay point, relying on the village for the night, Zhu Mingxia riding a horse captured horses -- his weekly in Lingao they will go high mountain area to teach team accepted cavalry horse training, although not necessarily immediately brandished a knife, but riding command combat or no problem. A great wind, blowing in his face was. But saw beside the rolling forces, do not feel the hearts of some pride. Although this is an emaciated, dried-up appearance of refugees, but in a few years will become a horde. The crowd moved slowly, although the speed is very slow,Outlet Coach Bags, but every hour can walk three or four kilometers. Zhu Mingxia felt that the night before returning to the relay station is not a big problem. Along the way, still can meet the number of refugees and rebels Ranger -- rebel Ranger odd lot. But the distribution is very wide. Apparently, Kong Youde attaches great importance to the Huangxian, sent a large number of scouts in the activity. Zhu Mingxia know, Huangxian is south-west of Laizhou, the rebels to expand the scope of activities, must first Laizhou to fully stretch the hands and feet, otherwise you will be trapped in the mountains between dengzhou. From the history and the reality of the time, in January to send troops to attack the Huangxian confirms regardless of time and space, the enemy's behavior patterns did not change much. Dengzhou since Dengzhou city in the fall, after the initial confusion has restored order. The rebel army gathered. The alert was more stringent than to R. After the slaughter of native traces have been cleared, leaving only the wall street, blackening. Li Jiucheng, Kong Youde and others check warehouse, after incorporation routed army airborne troops, have the whole city strict official seal up, each gate sent a thousand of the total lead soldier people guard, strict access -- all with Dongjiang origin of the Liao dynasty. Outside the city,Air Jordan Womens Sale, all the strategic. Such as mi Koyama, all in full horse troops, each and every family is not only the army occupied, but its list of horses and flocks. In the evening, mutual play drums. To continue, no one knows how many rebels. From south to North pedestrians must through layers of cross-examination. Because when the broken city killing too heavy, Li, Liaodong city not afraid hole et al. Old people fall army down people resentment, as officers and men of the internal, so the Dengzhou city very strict control. The main roads in the local people and the people not walking, a has found >

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