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22.05.2013 05:29
his head wasted step up the antworten

> Miller says that with a car turning in front of the TV drama drove the forest, when strong that they are in front of a large car this time almost the same time, fierce, and a whole rear brakes emerging black smoke Then they followed up. wWW,a.) that the above Dazhuang And that Zhou Xiaoquan while they were still there with the Wang Jushang flutter while in the dense wild forest with that monster fight to catch up. I saw an opportunity rushed to the monster,Jordan 11 Sale, this time suddenly shoved him toward that side of the Amu sprang, that Amu had hands holding a gun, but as he turned over his gun ready to fight the monsters, the obvious already too late. With the scream, that is the monster Amu suddenly threw himself to the ground. Amu saw struggling in the ground by that monster a steel claw, fiercely drawn in the chest, with a loud piercing screams pass out, and then they saw that the whole heart is torn Amu out. "Amu!" With a loud cry, he drove to see his brother A brother living being clawed monster claws to the chest, the heart of virtually increase the inexplicable anger. Also refused to open the car, turned his head, grabbed the side of the crossbow, whoosh, bang, a lever Puchi, straight through the monster's heart still biting TV drama Amu's head, from a direct through to that one. With that monster was shot to death after a sudden from the side of the A to posture seat jumped out to see Amu. Amu saw that covered with blood, and now has been completely die, his eyes blinking, ready to be closed, the pale face, the color of the surface, such as ashes, a hand stretched forward, where straining with, outstretched,Jordan 9 Sale, trembling lips kept moving forward is still there, it seems discourse mouth to say something, but, but to say a word, high carrying arms outstretched, and finally plop in that A to have not caught when falling on a cold iron on. Amu dead. A loud cry came in among the people saw this car has no posture of the car, just listen to bang, hit the front of a mound, originally, was the car with the brothers who fight monsters? At the moment it? Even all of the inverted out. Plop, there is a large car Zhouxiao Quan Zhuang, and that there Shoko ovary ginger, whole body suddenly flew out from the car. Plop one being full of grass fell on the ground, and that Loy was equally dumped out. Pouncing on a few monster bite footmarks Amu's body fall to the ground, and instantly an original intact corpse was Sri Lanka's arms are arms and legs are legs, and even the entire head is torn down. That saw his brother was eaten after such a cruel, it seems crazy Loy crossbow before clutching rushed up, just listen whizzed, he lunged toward an arrow pierced the monster That monster's chest, the other rushed to the monster sound shrill and shoved a flutter in his lap, and then with a loud roar, monster mouth a heavy bite on his leg. Just listen to scream and saw that monster put a piece of meat Alai legs to pull down, and then goes to his mouth A mouth breathing eat. That Loy suddenly fell to his knees on the ground, pick up their crossbows desperately, fiercely toward the monster hit to the head. Crossbow severely hit in the head by a monster, smashed the entire white honking head bleeding, those bloody like a small fountain, like one from the inside of one of the take out. With the coming out after the monster had wanted to grab the two that A sharp steel claw, slowly, slowly, decumbent never get up again. That Loy in front of monsters killed, struggled to stand up, his leg has been completely broken, the other leg struggled to stand up, but when he did not stand up the whole body, when suddenly his eyes catch a glimpse of a white shadow toward his neck rushed over. His subconscious feeling deep inside just shoved a cold, it is like a man before dying to see the light in general, and then only heard calendar roar, a monster Zhang Xuepentaikou a bite on his neck artery . Ah bang Canhu, then A to the whole neck was a biting, blood surging out from the neck. The other few monsters together this time also rushed to embrace the beauty before commencing catching meat. With that end in A to scream sound shouted, his whole neck was snapped those monsters to which a monster two sharp steel claw clutching his head wasted step up the sky and shouts. The long sound echoed throughout Huanglin up. That was completely see Loy once killed brothers, to the whole body of the man bloody piqued, facing the front of the monster fight. But those monsters is too much, and now there is the big strong ginger ovary and brothers in front of all those monsters to be surrounded. Although a big strong man to arrive ten thousand, but it is difficult to stop the flutter over this one a monster,Jordan UK sale, and the most terrible is that these monsters ranging from steel claw catches him just leave a trail of blood, heavy, can stomach in the intestines to the whole of the hook out. Turning around, he saw a big behind is a strong opportunity to attack the monster suddenly grabbed the entire back, and then saw that the big strong back suddenly appeared throughout the five mottled blood. Seeing those monsters have surrounded them round and round, is it extremely difficult, just listen Hou Meng heard a loud roaring sound of the car. Aspen is not exactly turned and looked menacing their car pulled up straight. That would have to contain a big strong monster they were anxious to open up the jeep that some directly run over the body, pressure bloody, and some do? Is directly Zhuangfei out, along with the screams came, I saw that there is a large car Biao Yang Hua said in the above shouted: "big and strong, Koizumi, come quick." With the sound of shouting out, that there are big strong ginger ovary Mody, body place a roll from the front of the car rolled over, to the side, then fast the car crawled toward it. Yang Hua hand cronies to pull up. After they got into the car, then a sharp turn toward the front of the car and also the place where traveling in a monster killed, those who come after him now has as many as hundreds of monsters. Kill? Has been killed simply could not finish. "Run, do not run too late." With a loud hysterical shouting, and get run over those monsters bloody corpses, straight toward the front of the place running. <

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