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22.05.2013 05:28
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"We should remain neutral. Kong Youde in this east three house this ordeal would give off an unbearable stink, whether gentry or people on them. We absolutely can't mess with him. Don't say that alliance, and they had an agreement that will secure. This political innocence is important. The deer, and Kong Youde jabber will depend on for you, we must reiterate its position, but the Fox also is often water the whistle blower, should he come dry what?" Dengzhou the received an answer after reaction is very fast, a few days later sent a message: since the deer master side would not aligned, they don't. The other said willing to promise not to attack the farmhouse in specified area, but Qi ji-mu Island cannot interfere with their operations and supply,Oakley Sunglasses Sport, in addition, also need to give them ten thousand stone grain. "...... In addition, Kong Shuai also called little to deer sir, please do not send brigade in Denglai wandering,Coach Bags Store, tight defense is a village. In order to avoid unexpected conflict......" Lu Wenyuan wanted to be deep point, hear Dengzhou demands, gradually face twisted, and then couldn't help uproarious up, let the angel face a dew surprise. "Go and tell Kong Youde," Lu Wen-yuan Yeh good just calm down, said, "want to fight and, as you wish. I'm here without objection. You go." Messenger awkwardness and. Zhu Mingxia then ordered the special investigation team and the scouts out together, in Huangxian road constant sniping rebel transport team, carrying artillery and ammunition from Dengzhou to go to Laizhou team in the post has been shot on SH è hammer. Many cattle were killed or wounded, often have to stop and wait for new and replacement. With the Gunners and soldiers because they do not know what time will fly a rocket projectile claimed x ì ng life, walk along a road to come not timid, and avoid a wind sways grass. The transport team can't walk four or five miles a day. At the end of the soldiers refused to even out to escort the transport team. If all the stress can come refugees there is no death,Air Jordan SC 1 UK Sale, but there are not enough rebel detain a far away will be scattered, a time from Dengzhou to Laizhou transit was completely cut off. Rebel again to shipping, Lu Yang command of the naval squadron in Dengzhou waters continue to patrol, repeatedly sunk capture starting from Dengzhou kiosk in a ship bound for Laizhou. Lv Yang originally thought that this is a very difficult thing, but the fact that the rebel navigational skills are poor, basic is the use of sailing along the coast line way. Familiar with local fishermen under the guidance of route. Lv Yang commanded the squadron in Dengzhou port several island set up observation station and temporary parking field, control of the state and the ship's path. Those who enter Dengzhou ships and was a ship bound for Liaodong, Lu Yang according to the plan will be released. But as long as a ship bound for Laizhou were arrested, refused to surrender the sinking. Although after the confiscation of the cargo ship ship all also, but contingent revealed to want when you when you want to, you how you let Dengzhou City rebels in disarray. But each other once cut sea route, the rebels and Dongjiang town each island people to contact all broken.

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