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22.05.2013 05:26
a deed in exchange for antworten

> With immediate Pange to say after that one-eyed in front of a wearer's eyes unblinking eyes stared at the black wood, it seems that Kuroki what quirks same. wWW! Quanben! CoM listen Cyclops eyes could not help but ask,Jordan 11 Shoes, said: "Brother, this thing in the end is what?" With his voice asked after exit, just listen to it in front of Pange eyes suddenly become what seems to be a something to general surprise, but even the color of the face the moment changed. Just listen to that fat brother's eyes suddenly looked slowly in front of black wood, a word a word Tao said: "This thing was, is the devil's gang thing." Ah? When the front of the fat brother suddenly to say such words after and saw that the side of the one-eyed like silly. "Yes they are?" "Turned out to be them?" ...... In front of the Cyclops eyes suddenly showing an extreme fear after that the road next to the fat brother slowly said: "Yes, indeed they are. "in front of the one-eyed voice quivered, his eyes blinked looking at the front of the black wood. "Pange ...... you, how do you know this thing is they?" With his voice came later, just listen to Pange Road, said: "The reason I know is because I had seen this kind of thing." "I'm at a young age, he met a man, a man all dressed in black robes, then it is that the fog ghost forest of the devil, but because at that time I did not know, so it did not seriously, But when I saw it that day suddenly hand side holding the piece of wood with black now this same time, and then to the massacre of an entire village,Coach Online Sale, I come to understand how it turned out that everything is as it hands piece of black wood. "" ah? Why? Why because this piece Kuroki and massacre the village do? "listen Cyclops could not help but ask said. Just listen to fat brother's face upheaval slowly Road, said: "In the beginning, when I do not know." "But then I realized that all of this is simply because it is in the hands of the piece of black wood." "Know what? In He finished the village after the massacre, and that an entire village of people died, and later those who heard the older people, after seeing the massacre scenes are suddenly stunned, they say, is it to recover the contract came. "" At the time I was very puzzled, what contract? Why did you kill the village people do? old people told me that, because a long time ago, that the fog ghost forest inside they are with the world set up a contract, no matter who gets in front of black wood, will be able to hold the piece of wood with black fog ghost forest black witch family who do a swap, the exchange can be any thing, because a long time ago, the village has been around There are wild beasts, and the perennial out assault, many people are hurt by wild beasts, but one day, when the edge of a village elder suddenly out this Kuroki, telling people in the village, as long as the conditions to the exchange Kuroki, those who Beast will never come out hurt, but the old man also told them that the only condition is that the exchange of, 100 years after the village of the human soul to be black witch family wizards to recover. "" It was because everyone knows this is just a rumor , no one mind, coupled with their eyes, and even their lives are in the care of the case could not, but would not bother to do that 100 years later, all of them blindly agreed, that is, in that night, suddenly, it would have run amok in the village next to all the beasts died suddenly died unexpectedly, those who do not know how the beast is dead, who do not know how it is? also in that period of time, those The villagers began to believe that all this is true original, but the outcome of it? they have no way to restore the. "" No way, the contract has been decided, who also can not be destroyed, things are so live day by day, over After many years, people have gradually forget this thing, but one would have thought 100 years later, even such a thing really happened. "" Now I understand you to say no? "listen in front of fat Road facing the Cyclops brother said. Cyclops listen to bang straight cold sweat, blinking an unbelievable eyes looking at the front of Pange Road, said: "Brother, that, that you mean that who owns Kuroki, that he and all the families of the black witch developed a contract? "As he finished, just listen to the front of Pange slowly nodded his head. In his nod, he slowly Road, said: "You're not at all good, all that person absolutely can not hurt, you know, right?" "See, understand. Meaning younger brother of course is clear." "If we are not afraid of big brother hurt that guy, that guy really be used in case of his life as a deed in exchange for our lives of so many people, that time, those demons really come, we're in trouble, is Why? "In the one-eyed after the finish, that fat boss was cautious nod. "You say well I'm afraid this is his mother." "All must remember that from now on, that boy, there are those people, absolutely can not hurt, do not hurt a little bit of both, to understand it?" Just listen to the immediate fat boss said it. In front of the Cyclops quickly nodded. - Said the two of them talking, with a few cars outside the bright lights of a vehicle traveling toward the side over. I saw the head is a truck came open, carefully watch the truck, turned out to be a woman who bike pulled the car in Thailand. Drove up in front of the car after a while also followed behind three cars, two of which are painted in colorful grotesque car, another one looks like a jeep, sitting in that car above is one of several Guangzhebangzi slugger. Hands are holding one Niubi Donghonghong guy sitting in the front passenger seat where Takeo, blowing a shaved head, the other end is also grim pull the wind pattern with a pattern,Jordan 7 Shoes, is a grim totem, has been extended to the corner there. With their car in to the side after they gave the whole Andean docked down. In the dock down, I saw a few people along the door will be opened immediately after opening at all violent criminals will suddenly all from the car jumped down one by one. After jumping blowing bald hunk saw that he marched over against the side of the bike just jumped from the train above a strong men roared, said: "It's taken off them all come!" With him After the sound blast and saw that the strong men strode went over, he was at the back of the car, and then hand bang open compartment. In the open, we heard the voice of crying from that compartment behind pass out one by one. <

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