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22.05.2013 05:23
this trick really is useful antworten

> Who does not know that these women are being held in place for how long, and who do not know, why did these women will become so, also stood in the surrounding areas is one toilet, apparently the thing is for those women who used toilet, inside there will be no wonder so foul odor. wWW, QUANben, cOM total of seven large cage, now 5 is full. Each large cage that can accommodate at least a dozen people. "Hurry, ah, see what see, hum, here is your future home." Just listen to them behind the ruthless against Yang Hua Thai women there are those evil smiles said. Yang Hua They Fortunately, in addition to words shocked and did not say anything else, but not in front of Thai women are not the same,Oakley Sunglasses Juliet, in that one could not help but cried. "Mom also called? 'I saw the back of a ruthless, facing one of the thirties crying women will go to fight fiercely Chung butt which woman's head. That woman was a bang, hit in the head butt, loud screams of pain suddenly fell to the ground. That seemed puzzled air ruthless hands of the butt again toward the woman hit to. But when it lifted the gun, but did not drop down. Because a strong hand at the moment has a strong fiercely grabbed his butt, then hesitated and ruthless at this time. "Do not move!" "" Move again I kill you! "Just listen to the front of the ruthless see this grow in white Ao dare hands, arms pulled out a gun, black muzzle pointed at once, the whole body are braving the anger of Zhang Dabiao Road said Yang Hua Yi Leng,Jordan 8 Sale, quickly said, said: "Big Biao, not to act rashly. "But know this yokel Zhang Taibiao his character, he was afraid to make any sudden case of really bad move, then trouble. Immediate ruthless gang of outlaws not saying play, if they had really shot, it really easy to get, I saw Zhang Taibiao wanted to anger, no matter what he did not gun the gun, but helpless to hear the voice of Chinese brother after he saw that gun Jinjinzuanzhao hand slowly get down. had just been sent down, that I have been fiercely clutched the gun he was ruthless then angry, holding a hand gun against Zhang Taibiao chest will drop to. "What the fuck? Dare to look for a job? "Slammed look, I saw the butt stabbed in the chest on the Zhangda Biao, Zhang Dabiao eat a hit, the pace Dengdeng Deng back a few steps. Then so can endure ruthless see Zhang Taibiao, is fiercely up against Zhang Dabiao smashed two, the large outflow of blood on his face smashed Biao, fell to the ground, his hands tightly clenched, while the brothers are even more hearts with endless anger, but no one move, because everyone knows that if now try to be brave, not to mention Zhang Dabiao a person with an estimated all of them had to die and all, can not only endure in that guy beat Zhang Taibiao fiercely after the meal, just vent, finally kicked Zhang Dabiao kick fiercely. "Damn, look at you dare not honest. "" All for I roll over. "Just listen to the ruthless breathing heavily, angrily walked toward the front, behind Zhou Xiaoquan there Shoko Biao to quickly put up from the earth." Biao, to the time we scrapping his first forbearance forbearance. "Just listen to Zhou Xiaoquan whispered against his eyes angry, fists clenched Zhang Dabiao in that channel said. Zhang Dabiao did not speak, his face touched a blood followed. Saw that violent criminals in that sudden warning to others After that Thai women really did not dare to cry, I saw that the front of the ruthless, this time has come that big cage next to the front, followed by chain opened the cages. "you again. "I saw that they are ruthless Yang Hua Tao said, pointing at after such means, they saw Yang Hua came obediently Then there behind Yang Hua Zhuang One by one they start Wanglibian forward, When they go all brothers after completing I saw other Nancy want to come in when I saw that violent criminals suddenly stretched out an arm to block the road, said: "You can not enter. "Why not?" "Just listen to Nancy Tao said Yang Hua also hesitated." Why not let her in? "Yelled Yang Hua said." Your mouth is best not to talk, give me put honest point. "Just listen to that violent criminals turned round and said fiercely against Yang Hua said he saw him then slammed shut the big cage. Aspen is hands clutching a large cage." Nancy. Nancy. "I saw that Nancy Yang Hua, they want to go to the big cage, but frustrating is that bastard will not let them into ruthless, pushing Nancy Then there is another Thai woman to another cage there." you into this. "" Gave me honest point, not allowed to call, shout,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, I'll stripped of your clothes. "Just listen to the ruthless evil laughs says this trick really is useful, as they say in later, there are those women were then told that Nancy really afraid, and one by one like a frightened deer in general toward the iron cage that just opened it drilled into it. "That's right it. "Just listen to the ruthless face with an evil chuckle says all the women go after being off, simply press that violent criminals suddenly slammed shut the front of a large cage, and then coldly said: "I gave Anson point, anyone who dares to tricks, that time, I'll pull you out one by one and kill it, especially you. "That turned ruthless, cold eyes stared at the Aspen Road they said Yang Hua, they kept silent, only one pair of cold eyes wide open staring at him coldly in that violent criminals to Aspen There are those who like Thai women detained after they departed, laughing. listen to bang bang, that violent criminals who re inside the room again to turn off the lights, and then they went out in the With Bang heard, that the gates be closed again, the room fell into a darkness inside. - "Yang Hua. "" Yang Hua, you in that? "After the lights were turned off, there just listen to Nancy came that pitiful voice, her and those who did not know at the moment a Thai woman who was kept together, the heart of course scared. Plus she had a bit afraid of the dark, so this will not help even the voice of trembling. "Nancy, I'm here, do not be afraid. "Just listen to Yang Hua quickly tummy iron railing with both hands on that road said that Nancy's voice seemed to hear the tearful Yang Hua Road, said:" Yang Hua, I do not want to stay here, I'm going out. "" Listen to me too, before you move, I'll take you out quickly. "Yang Huaan comfort Nancy Tao said." What can I go? "Just listen to Nancy asked pathetic to say." Believe me, it will certainly go out. "Yang Hua said in the dark middle <

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