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22.05.2013 05:21
should be to the five to four. Personnel antworten

"Now the Senate committee meeting held in Jeju Island," said Feng Zongze feeble. "In Jeju Island, should be to the five to four. Personnel: Feng Zongze, Nangong,Oakley Flak Jacket Sale, Xue Ziliang, Zhu Mingxia. Leave a person: nick." He then looked around the table one: a deadpan. Feng Zongze only felt very bitter. He picked up the telegram just received, read: Jeju, Nangong, the front Committee: Feng Xue, to the north, and the detachment commander Zhu Sanyue twenty-five r twelve electric all. A, Jeju s ā o random events should be paid attention to in - your - civil work in the new development area,Air Jordan 3 Sale, attention should be paid to the local forces counterattack. Especially pay attention to the protection of the civilian staff, domestication and local partners in the security, in order to avoid the morale shaken. Two, in the development of civil work, can let go localization. Whether to take advantage of what form, but must pay attention to the discrimination and its control. So as not to become the enemy of the internal or involved in the protests. Serious impact on our reputation. Three, the Jeju Island administrative settings, according to the planning board, the people's Committee meeting decided, Jeju Island as "the new administrative demonstration zone", the full implementation of the "standard village". Four, Jeju Island's economic construction work should be to maintain the existing situation, not the expansion of the scale and type. Five,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, about the golden five, six stories of preferential treatments and propaganda work broadly agree with your opinion, had been transferred to the Propaganda Department treatment. The ratification of Jin Liushun honorary Lieutenant matters, according to your reporting materials, he was a law-abiding players, did not join any form of military service, this article is not allowed. The current work focuses on six, Jeju Island in the future will be implemented the security enhancement. Since the power of R ì, Jeju Island ranked as the Xue Ziliang, Feng Zongze, Nangong, nick. Xue Ziliang is responsible for the overall work. Feng Zongze read the telegram, looked lonely and sat down. Everyone drew a circle in the message. Our elders all know although Jeju Island s ā o strictly speaking is not a big deal, what is the loss of the Senate is also not, if in accordance with the "good things change" theory, but also the Kim family siblings such pacesetter characters. What you say is more good than harm. However, from their friends, colleagues and in Lingao, superior private telegraph, through the special issue of the reading's internal publications "Star", "weekly" they already know: the Executive Committee may take the chance to beat the recent rail "localism" tendency. This tendency after occupying the whole island of Hainan will rise, but Hainan is the island. Jeju Island days of High Emperor far, the complexity of the surrounding environment, policy Z ì y ó u degrees conferred by the opposite also bigger: to do what thing, always find enough reason to force the Planning Department agreed or agreed to part. Especially the "theoretical articles published several articles have plenty of fight in sb.'s star": "take the against local protectionism" and "expatriate = water, who can supervise the power expansion abroad". Signed a Du Wen, after one is signed "d ú L ì political commentator". A look at two >

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