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22.05.2013 05:20
think China Colombia also antworten

> He suddenly remembered, followed by the sound of all my brothers surprise, I saw Yang Hua Yiyue stood up, followed by a small shrine inside the TV drama Pianxiang rushed. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm-_ it is actually the old man had told him all the circumstances, it seems to happen,Nike Air Jordan 4 Sale, like real, scene after scene now also appears in Aspen mind. But the fact that it? Indeed it was a dream! I saw Yang Hua slowly came out, looked around in front of the shrine, facing brothers Road, said: "Let's go!" "Chinese brother, we do not ask, right?" Just listen to the other side of Zhou Xiaoquan Looking at China Colombia Tao said. To know that they worked so hard to come here, originally asked the black witch family thing, but now the Chinese brother does? He was leaving. But I saw Yang Hua slowly turned his head toward his face surprised brothers Road, said: "I have all the know know." He said, smiling. Now his heart had been relieved, and regardless of that last night in the end everything is a dream? Or something else, and now Yang Hua has less care, and he cares about but now everything has been understood. "Ah? Chinese brother, you know what?" Side of the brothers looked puzzled he asked, of course, even the other side of ginger have been wondering ovary also winked at him. Just listen to Yang Hua Road, said: "I know all about black witch family." Yang Hua said as he walked toward the front. He really want to leave in front of the shrine. In his left, behind brothers surprised a moment, and quickly followed. "Chinese brother, do you know of? Do you know what the?" Behind Zhang Dabiao in that Liezhedazui stop asking Tao said. As asked out in after walking just listen to Yang Hua joked: "The old man told me in a dream." "Dream tell you?" "Ha, think China Colombia also joked." Zhang Dabiao blanket with large mouth Road said. While brothers felt suddenly China Colombia at that joke, but Yang Hua it? He was with a smile on his face, because maybe everyone here, he is the only one in the end is how to know one thing. - Let us now turn when Yang Hua and his brothers figure in slowly after leaving that ancient shrine. I saw that people had to go home empty shrine, suddenly coming out inside Keke cough sound. With the sound came out, I saw movement inside had slowly turned, looked carefully, but I saw a stooped figure, slowly stretched out two rough arm slowly forward in that feeling something. Turned to look,Air Jordan 5 UK, God? Is not that the old man in front of one-eyed old man what? Now it? I saw the old man did all the blind eyes,Coach Handbags Sale, eyeball bird good yesterday and another one at the moment has turned into the same eye eye? All without a black pupil! And if you look carefully, you will see his back bent like a more powerful, as if the body is a large stone to bending in general. The moment I saw the old man slowly rough two arms outstretched as if touched in that way, like footsteps moving forward step by step. Finally, his rough old withered hand, touch live the little door. Touching live in a moment, his footsteps slowly forward, then bent body came to the door, goes blind in both eyes had a face that looked exactly at the moment they have to leave the place Yang Hua suddenly muttered said: "hey!" "It seems that I can not repeat anything." He sounds like from inside the tomb issued to the same, with a surge of feeling of death. Why not say it more? No one knows. Perhaps just as his body reflected the general, if he say something more, that would not cut off his waist? Other parts of the body that would not be out of trouble? Nobody knows, "I hope you can come back alive." Last man's voice slowly pass out, he goes face to Aspen them away in the direction of the channel said. <

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