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> A small bedroom may seem fine, but inside pass put all kinds of appliances is extremely delicate. Www, QUAnben,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, CoM just listen to the room, a girl's voice sounded slowly. "Little, what are you two days how the ah? How has been restless? With catchy voice sounded, I saw a girl wearing a tight-fitting jeans,Coach Handbags, black hair hanging down, holding rlrlss brand lipstick is painted goes mouthwatering lips, while in front of her tummy in a soft bed looks better than her more pure, more beautiful girls. Xiaoxiao. said Like attracts people into groups, so it came to one o'clock not false. Zhao drizzle beauty lies, sexy, stylish, as the 21st century, a young girl, Zhao rain but has inherited her family to enjoy the taste of fashion and my father is a managing director of the South Sea Company, the mother is a former model. Such a profound family background girl, even if they do not want fashion is also impossible, the most critical is that she still America, the United States can not square things, slender and flexible legs were wrapped tight jeans an even more curves and reveals, quite Alice Yuantun, captured the hearts of almost all of the animals, this is known as Tanglin City Art Institute Xiaohua Zhao drizzle level has been the school's boys are keen to pursue the object, while Su Xiaoxiao is as if two different drizzle with Zhao The contradiction, Su Xiaoxiao is pure, beautiful, she goes not applied Prostitute Qiaolian like spring inside a delicate flower, people look both pity and love ...... long hair draped down on her shoulder, face obscured Qiao-mei, like the rain, said Zhao, Su Xiaoxiao face, looking up, she wants to kiss one. coupled Zheni Zi is the cultural background of the family origin, upper and lower body more is filled with a kind of intellectual beauty of the Anti authentic word, she is beautiful. these two in Tanglin City Art Institute is the boys crazy girls, but then college boys start to finish is dismissive, then drizzle with Zhao is this: a man ah, are visual animals, with no meaning, so to now, these two beautiful woman can not square things still single, still never held hands with a man. (grass! that much, sorry continue! Author language) say then finish the sentence when Zhao rain, when lying in bed as if the same Tsao Lin Su Xiaoxiao on Qiaolian hesitated and then gently shook his head. "I'm fine. "The more she say, the more concerned that Zhao drizzle, rain is Who Zhao sister does her best? And since Zhao drizzle with a little sister on itself, in college, almost all rejected the pursuit of men are Zhao rain all day to help her get rid of the gang gang like sticking plaster nasty boys. Zhao rain gently put down the rlrlss, came over. "Little, you must have something on your mind? Tell me chanting ...... "Zhao drizzle beautiful little upturned face looked she asked her this question, booing, then Qiao Lian Su Xiaoxiao already hesitant, suddenly like a lost little girl, like a doll's grievance. crystal teardrop pearls like the falling down, and she was crying, she's crying, did not say anything, but the kind of modesty cry, such as water-like eye drop by drop tears slowly fell down. Zhao rain suddenly anxious,Coach Sunglasses Online, she did not know that this kind of silly little past but also by that person's bully, leaving wronged tears, watching Su Xiaoxiao cry, that Zhao rain apparently also anxious than their cry . "small, how? "" In the end what happened? Is not that the boys had bullied you? "" Little You tell me, you tell me, okay? I beg you, watching you cry, I cry. "Zhao rain flushed looked at the eyes of some of his best sister said. Pear rain Su Xiaoxiao Yang face slowly up, Qiao Lian hardly ever down hanging a crystal teardrop. "rain ......" That sound like a whisper in the past for a long time can no longer hold back hold back the tears, and took profit out. little cry and no one knows why she was crying but her cries could be heard out she wronged, she sad ...... Zhao rain suddenly stunned, she looked at the weeping Su Xiaoxiao, at the moment she was messy and she knew deep down that looks weak but stubborn little girl was in tears, unless encountered special things, she will silently with tears, but did not cry like today so wronged, so piercing. "Little, told her sister, how in the end? Okay? "Zhao drizzle some reddening eyes with soft little hands tightly pulled his sister's best small hand said she must know in the end is that bastard provoke his best and most distressed sister ...... Su Small crying tired, crying some youthful-like eye redness. This slowly looked up little face. "...... Why did he say ...... he says he is a rogue! "Su Xiaoxiao teardrop eyes wide open one pair of cheerful sobbed. Touches the side of the Chao rain suddenly froze. Tiny mouth Says who? She does not know! Heard her puzzled and asked:" Little You say who is the little rogue? "Su Xiaoxiao did not answer her, just slightly swollen eyes wide open pair continued sobbing, said:" Although he says he is rogue ...... say ...... ...... ...... is a bad guy but I know ...... I know he's not the bad guys ....... "" He saved me ...... "" But ... why is there so ...... ...... ...... wounding words. "Zhao drizzle a little vaguely hear the whispers, her head even Mongolia. Little in the end how ah?" Little, you say in the end is who? Who is the rogue? "" Little, you listen to me, if you meet the rogue, then we go now alarm ...... okay? "Zhao rain held her soft little hand to comfort her, but at the moment she appears to be some horse head right horse mouth. Su Xiaoxiao eyes of some confusion." Rain, no, he is not a rogue. "Su Xiaoxiao while wiping his face with a small hand dry the tears still unknown Italian side of said side Zhao drizzle totally confused." Small, are you okay? In the end how ah? What would he a rogue? I'm not the bad guys ...... you say in the end is who? "Side of Su Xiaoxiao slowly sat up, wiped his tears." Rain, I tell you, but you do not say me. "Su Xiaoxiao pair blinked just cry some reddening eyes looking at her, said Zhao rain surprised a moment, and said:" Well, you say. "" Rain, do you remember the last time I mentioned to you last time ...... that ...... that I captured the hearts of the bad guys in the hotel was the guy ...... what? "Su Xiaoxiao do not know why, whenever I think of him, think he is full of hesitation pair also took a deep eyes trace the man, she could not help but wonder, she knew the man was not like what he said, but will not But he is a rogue ...... why do you say that? Is it hate yourself? Su Xiaoxiao such a thought, you could not help wronged them, she felt like a nasty cockroaches, and then wrapped around the man ...... so she wronged. starter. Zhh <

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