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22.05.2013 05:14
even if it is to be eliminated antworten

> They say that those bodies were resurrected praise the family, but in the end is how? Things after so many years, and who can no longer know the truth. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm the only thing they know is that the day massacre of the night, a bloody eight-year-olds from more than a thousand places littered with corpses slowly got up, his hands covered with blood, his face with endless hatred, then walked toward a dense forest, he went away, facing all Road, said: "This report hate I'll be back!" Then his body wrapped in a blanket of darkness on the in, and even the whole body has become a dark, since then, it becomes all the previous praise family worship ritual, into a summon evil, but also from that praise the family genealogy from Thailand Slashing on the name, become a black witch family! Heard the story in yesterday's Aspen is like immersive same, that scene is like hundreds of years ago when the same immersive. At the moment you hear the bell in front of the old saying that the family's ancestral deeds praise, not only is the heart of the increasingly intense curiosity. Thought asked, said: "The old bell, can I ask why the family shrine find that praise it?" Listen in front of the old bell replied slowly, said: "In fact, you know why come to me this Thailand What? "Yang Hua surprised a moment, shook his head, and he certainly did not know why the bell to the old Bangkok. Just listen to Bell Road, said: "I'm here to tell you these stories, I have all the time in the country over the investigation, it was too dark deeds of the Wu family, only praise the old shrine where there are records, I think only to find the origins of the black witch family, you can understand the black witch family, this is the case, for you look for them, or find them are of great help, you say? "in front of the bell after the old saying, Yang Hua, shook his head, Old Bell said the exact point are good. Always heard that black witch family is Thailand's most evil race? But exactly how an evil law? He knows what? He does not know! Almost no one alive knows, the only thing they know is handed down from one family on black witch horror stories, and black witch family curse, but in the end what kind of curse? And a black witch family who in the end is what he looks like? This estimate did not know a person alive. That old bell at first came into contact with Yang Hua, I started all over the country to find that stories about black witch family, as well as ancient literature, since the above slowly get the message. Finally in one of the old, the bell old learned that the original one place in Bangkok, is the black witch family temple. That is praising the family shrine. Because the black witch family had not called black witch family but praise the family, because they were hundreds of years ago changed besides genealogy, and thus becomes a black witch family now. Therefore, only to find that hundreds of years ago praising the old family shrine, in order to truly find the origins of the black witch family to understand them. Let us now hear the bell in Aspen after the old saying, nodded his head. "Yes, the old bell praise you say let me go to the family's old ancestral find someone? In the end what people are looking for?" Listen in front of Yang Hua help but wonder asked. Old bell to let him go because of the family's old ancestral praise black witch family understand the matter said in the past, but if you want him to find someone, this would be justified, whom? Of course he did not know. Just listen to Bell Road, said: "This man you may have to look for." "Why?" Yang Hua Yi Leng. Bell Road,Oakley Hijinx Sale, said: "Because only he can tell you everything about black witch family." "Why?" Yang Hua asked a why. Just listen to the old bell patiently Road, said: "Because there is one in Thailand has been extended to this age-old requirement that within each family has a charge of genealogy, as long as life is to be recognized as a person in charge of genealogy, you life can not get married, but should always be loyal and even death they have to guard the deeds of each family, and the family of the big things that generally all are documented in these genealogies top, and then passed down from generation to generation, is now the social Thailand, there are people in every genealogy guardian, this habit continues today, so praise the family want to know the last thing there is that black witch family thing, ask such people is essential, Do you understand it? "Yang Hua stupid, of course, suddenly come to understand and nodded. "But the old bell, did not you say praise the family for centuries has been not eliminate the clan name? How there will be a guardian of the black witch family genealogy of the people?" Listen Yang Hua puzzled asked said. Bell said the old smiled and said: "You do not understand,Oakley Hijinx Sunglasses, because in Thailand each clan must be handed down, even if it is to be eliminated were those ethnic Serbs, or to be recorded,Air Jordan 11 Sale, so praise the family Even in those days was Manmenchaozhan but praise about the family before everything is still continues to this day all retained. "" Oh! original is so ah! "listen exclaimed Yang Hua said that the heart is not only dark lining in Thailand national identity really is very strange. "Yes, the old bell Having said that, now that the family shrine blessing in that?" Asked Yang Hua said. With such a question in front of Yang Hua, the old saw that the bell slowly said: "The praise that hundreds of years ago, when the family was destroyed, but the shrine has been retained, so many years, very few people I remember back then that family, but the old shrine still, it's a place in Bangkok. "" In that? "" In the city of Bangkok to go about ten miles west of the place where the original ancestors of the family is praise house, but now has been two hundred years of slowly changing, there had already become a ruin, have become what is not. "When you go to the time, just out of the city of Bangkok, and has been The go west, to the time you will see the patch of barren old house, which covers an area of ​​huge, all the time you will be able to see one, where you find the people who guard genealogy, to the time , you ask him about the black witch family previous deeds, so that you can be more thorough understanding of the black witch family. "'I do? Leaving tomorrow, is certainly no longer with you, or a person you want to be careful here. "Bell old said while patting smiling front shoulder and said Yang Hua said Yang Hua silently nodded." Well! I will follow the old saying do bell. "As he said so after the bell old smiled and slowly stood up." Hey, give you said, I've already told you all, and the rest depends on your own. "Bell old said while laughing, the pace has slowly walked toward the outside of the room. <

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