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22.05.2013 05:13
and a long term in the construction company antworten

Wei Bachi did not call eight feet, the name is Dr ì after oneself. He always said: "please call me words: near south". Look slightly overweight, and a long term in the construction company as a construction worker line, became a strong black man. Wei Bachi is engaged in management consulting industry, he is the master of economics, knowledge management, city planning, architectural design,Air Jordan 11, especially good at business model design, but his ambition is very strange. In an organization is the one into the inaugural intention to do the survey, was eight feet in Wei Secretary of labor camp administration, and very eager to offer myself to the frontline. Also wrote a lyric style:"...... Under the Empire of the infinite brilliance, hidden in darkness, against the empire into the moment in the growth, constantly stirring y ù dynamic. The judicial system in the suppression of their empire, cost the empire a lot of resources. Labor reform camp administration, is to and from them the greatest degree to extract value, make them pay for their own behavior,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, and support the development of imperial administration, jurisdiction throughout the world, from Siberia to the wilderness, rubber plantations in Southeast Asia, from Africa to America's mines, farms, management administration, support the Empire expanded, is the daring vanguard Empire building. I w eight feet to die for the cause he......" In the course of Wei eight feet secret not shown in the R ì Ji Li, he painted a more ambitious blueprint. Of course, his imagination and not beyond the Soviet interior into the committee. In his R ì Ji He ideal administration itself is an Empire: their own armed forces, legal, factories, farms, social organization. He Wei eight feet, imperial patriarch, is the general designer of the builders, administration, management, maintenance, administration of the guardian in order. Cold and ruthless decision machine, strict management...... Because the organization did not intend to set up a prominent position, with the full power of Y ù readme. So Wei eight feet continue in Lingao Construction Corporation as the. However, in the use of "compulsory x ì ng labor",Cheap Oakley Hijinx, more appointed Wei Bachi to act as organizers. Engine operation beginning, the dual role of Wei eight feet skills plus labor contractor experience, was appointed mayor of Kaohsiung, organization development in Kaohsiung area. Appointing such a to go when the mayor of Kaohsiung, the main positioning command of Kaohsiung. At present, the primary objective of Kaohsiung base is the entrance of purification and transport. From a large number of refugees in Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang shipped will focus on cleaning and quarantine here, then most of the refugees transport them to Hainan to fill the Senate schools, farms, factories and construction sites...... Wei Bachi's first task in addition to manage difficult to private, but also fully mining the refugees in the camps in the labor - Planning Institute didn't like a white dinner. So in the refugees wait for quarantine and transport in R ì, Wei eight feet should arrange them to labor, the development of Tainan plain -- the Senate have great hopes for the region's agriculture. This task is very difficult, first of all the refugees the mortality is >

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