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> With that Qiu four and Angry complexion Sudden, they said almost simultaneously open road. WwW, qUanbEN, cOm then they saw the immediate Shoujiyankuai fierce hatred four sinking, being kicked in the head ringing DDD above, with kicked out after sinking his head suddenly kicked and shoved it Just hold the box in front of the bodyguards came feet. That bodyguard extremely surprised with open one pair of eyes do not react in the case. Tuting bang bang. Accompanied by a scream. Sinking just roll down from the box, suddenly a bomb exploded throughout. With the huge explosion in the sound, the whole living room tables and chairs inside were all shattered. Smoke billowed from the Department, I saw that there is hatred four angry man, his face was gray, stature awkward fast toward the imperial body tummy local poison ran. "Master." "Master, are you okay?" As I heard the sound of shouting after I saw the whole front of the poison Huang still hum rumbling shook his head, stood up from the ground. His face became extremely ugly, even the whole arm began to tremble not help, it becomes extremely angry chapter because of a distorted face daunting at the moment. Turned his head and peered at the place where the smoke dissipated, I saw this time living outside of the bodyguard heard a huge explosion inside the sound coming from all ran in. "Master.:" Those two bodyguards came running holding a gun obviously do not know how it is, both blinked suspiciously looking at the immediate hunger situation. Look at the ground, that just from the skull of a recent bomb bodyguard, this time has been covered in the bombing of the pitch-black, with red-hot carbon is also covered in the same black smoke. Looking at the ground charred corpse, and that everyone is looking horrified. Are shocked when they said that poison Huang a distorted face changed instantly. Outside the car suddenly see a sudden bang generated by friction between the tires and the dramatic sounds from the door where pass out. Then we heard a scream wow, like hit by a car, like the miserable voice,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, came, then that is a roar, as if the car hit the door broke out above the sound of fierce heard outside the door came a huge sound, and shrill screams, ran into the living room which had all the bodyguards were all stunned. "Go out quickly see how it goes?" As soon as the calendar poison Huang roar, that anger and hatred four Han, she took flying toward the side of the bodyguards ran outside. - Outside the place I saw a man was killed mouthful vomiting at the gate where Made in, I saw a car hit a straight punch big iron gate, the whole of a large iron gate was forced open hole, that door's bodyguard is killed there. With the front of the living room has a bodyguard outside jump out. I saw the car, and suddenly all the windows open, exposing the icy submachine gun, black muzzle like a terrible straw, like a row of Tuk Tuk toward those who rushed over to the bodyguards were shot to go. Those bodyguards shocked by the sudden raid to live. Several bodyguards did not escape the bullets, suddenly heard Canhu, body thump was knocked to the ground, dead. Those bodyguards escape, this time and it was a huge firepower to stop living. Intense gunfire Tuk Tuk is fiercely against the inside burst swept. Those kinds of flowers inside the courtyard,Air Jordan 14, there are those extremely high decoration of the walls, this time by a bullet snapped Come play all rotten. "Kuaiche!" "Come!" Just listen to the other side of Qiu said the four shouted. Did not do against the other side of the fire is too fierce, but there is no point in their preparedness, the straight coming to kill, of course, so that they feel the hand no foot policy. That hatred four drove back side of the gun to the back side. I saw the car opened fire on the people, is it not that wild clan soldiers it? Which is holding a submachine gun most ferocious men, of course, is, Suoer Lun. Sturdy figure mixed with Nuxiao bullets, crazy side facing the fire. At his side a field team, was flying blind bullets to hit the throat. Wow bang fell to the ground dead. Saw his comrades dead Suoer Lun is anger, lift up that gun is swept. Yang Hua them? Did not see. Inside front courtyard would have been twenty or thirty bodyguards, after which a massacre after the sudden fall of a dozen. And all of the remaining one hiding there, afraid to come out. Angry that there are already four in front of the enemy back to the hall. "Master, Kuaiche it, Nalan Meng-hung man rushed up." Listen in front of angry man with a crimson face, neck hanging inside an airport stand in front of that poison Huang Tao said. I saw a poisonous Huang fend off in front of angry man. "Withdrawal?" Kill me! I want to kill Nalan Meng Xiong; "listen his hoarse Tao said." Master, can not! Has now been missing the boat! Do not withdraw too late. "Just listen to the hatred four body this time also stand in front of poison Huang Tao said." No! Not withdraw! "" Give me the phone, I told Gerakan's call, where you are now blocked off. "Just listen to poison Huang suddenly Tao said as he said, that there is anger hatred four two Han nodded silently, because both of them know that Gerakan army soldier stationed away from this 20 ten minutes less than the distance, if they can persist for 20 minutes, then the army will come Gerakan That poison Huang quickly pick up a phone. "Hey! What is Cailv Chang? "Just listen to poison Huang yelled says the other came a small voice." Who are you ah? Cai Lvzhang not here right now! "A voice from the phone inside Yingyingyanyan pass out Tao said." Bitch, give I get out, let that bastard Pei answer the phone. "Just listen to poison Huang said harshly scolded. Turned out that the background has always been in front Gerakan poison Huang background, but unfortunately, it is the other woman who answered the phone did not know what poison Huang? But at the moment there's Pei it just was not there, so such a curse by a poisonous Huang woman up on also Hau Road, said: "What kind of thing? Aging mother scolded you need it:? I tell you Cailv Zhang He is not, even in, it will not pay attention you,Nike Air Jordan 11 UK Sale, oh! What the hell. "In the fiercely these words, when all of a sudden that woman slammed the phone to hang." You - "Poison Huang a tightly clenched fist." I will kill you, I will kill you, Pei! "Bang clatter, I saw Nuxiao poison Huang suddenly thrown in the hands of the phone. One hand leaning on the hands of the leading crutches, the other a hand around his waist pulled out a gun and rushed toward it." Kill me! "" Blaze a new trail. "In the poisonous Huang gave the calendar roar, that would originally have been repeatedly firepower to push back the bodyguards, this time also the spirit of times one by one, facing the side shot. <

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