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22.05.2013 05:07
Tuting bitter poison Huang antworten

> "Come on, I'll take you to see the commander of the bar!" Just listen to the six children said, while the steering wheel will turn toward the other way around. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm-- Howe house tonight completely immersed in a gloomy environment. Bodyguards inside courtyard suddenly shoved suffered two attacks, everyone is gray head and face defeat, extremely ugly. And all of a cock like a bucket defeated as there is no spirit, standing there. The huge living room, it is a dead silence,Classic Coach Outlet, because everyone knows is happening in the living room a big deal. Into the living room door, then go see a dead body. A fat bloated corpse, who was hit two shots at the moment that the injured blood coagulation has been completely purple blood stuck to his clothes above. Look at that chapter bloated face has changed the color of ashes, eyes tightly closed, dead. Yes, in front of the fat man dead, it is that the police Chan. With the transfer of the lens slowly they saw the Susu, standing there. I saw in front of Susu wood standing there, head bowed, a pale face, not a little bloodshot eyes, straight Leng Leng head down standing there. The man on the other side is aghast that hatred four, does not move like a bell. "You - you -" Tuting heard thundering Bao, came from his mouth. His face becomes a terror to the extreme, it looks like people generally eat, stay grim face endless phone, a trembling hand pointing to his daughter, Susu. It tightly in his hands leading crutches squeaky sound. "You come to me." Roar from poison Huang jump out of his mouth. With his roar spread, Susu head down slowly walked toward his father. It turned out that everything was poison Huang to know. Can Susu shot in front of the police rescued them that Yang Hua. This is undoubtedly the poison Huang is a fatal blow, there is nothing better than her own daughter betraying yourself more resentment things happen? Susu came at the time. Just listen to poison Huang suddenly exudes endless eyes of the beholder. His hand trembled, shoved raised his leading crutches. "You Chilipawai -" Poison Huang did not say a word, holding high the leading crutches he just did not drop down. This crutch if really smashing down, then also not directly in front of the Susu to death. But after all 虎毒不食子? Poison Huang really go hand under it? Snapped Cui Xiang. I saw another one poison Huang large palm slap in the Susu fiercely slapped in the face. Susu was a slap across Jiaoqu fell to the ground. But she slowly got up, goes on his face with blood-red five mark, look at her face mouth out faint traces of blood. Pale. "Dad, I was wrong, you hit me, my daughter is not saying." Listen Susu efforts biting his lip, then cherry lips are generally her teeth to bite out of fluid and blood. But she still efforts should fall upon my tears, lest she fall. She knew everything her own doing, intends to save from the moment that Yang Hua, she was doomed relationship with his father changed, but she did it really worth it? No one knows. Wong said in front of the poison severely beat his daughter a slap in the face, his arm is shaking. That raised high second slap literally fight for it, but they looked at their most distressed daughter is love and hate. "Do you - how can you make such a thing?" "You're obviously harm your father!" Just listen to the hands of the leading crutches poison Huang fiercely struck the ground channel said. Susu head low side of the lower. "You tell me? Why do you want to do? Ah? Why?" Like crazy against the imperial general poison in front of her own daughter Tao said. I saw Susu's slowly raised his head. "Dad, I know I'm sorry you do it, but I had to do." Susu eyeful tears Tao said. She said so after the export, that is poisonous Huang angry. "Why? Why?" Anger unsolvable a poison Huang Xuan put around the table to turn, a table was hurled to the ground Kacha broke a leg,Cheap Oakley Juliet, and that the cup is placed at the top of the smashed a thunderbolt to cross it. But did not dare to move one step behind even hatred four is motionless. "How dare you contact someone to fight me? Against your biological father?" Listen poison Huang pointing fiercely road in front of the Susu said. He now just want to kill. Kill all the people. Susu tears fell down drop by drop. "You also know that crying?" "You tell me, you are not like that guy up? Ah?" Tuting bitter poison Huang Tao said. Meng Wong say they hear poison after Susu, suddenly stunned, "Dad, I did not!" Listen Susu when to say that, she could not help heart thumped inside, like being blocked Like the pain of my heart far more than the pain of the body more pain. "You said no? You order an enemy dare defy me and you said no?" Listen sounds like poison Huang angry tiger growled, where the general said. "Dad, I point to let you kill people less and less guilty of wrong point!" Listen Susu said suddenly open road. Her trembling Jiaoqu said eyeball inside tears looking at his father. Poison Huang moment stunned. He winked his eyes, it is difficult to believe looking at his daughter? This is his daughter what? This is their hard training for over ten years it's biological daughter? "I made a mistake? Less kill me? Less if I kill,Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses, I do not know how many times this lifetime dead!" Listen resentment poison Huang Tao said. "My fault are used to cast someone else's blood, I do not need you for I repent!" Listen poison Huang Meng turned cry bloody eyeball Road said, "Dad -" Susu cried Tao said. "Do not call me dad." Poison Huang saw a sudden turned away, his body had majestic tall not only in this moment become somewhat old. That ever-powerful and majestic, in which it seems like it seems to collapse. "Come!" Listen poison Huang roar. With his voice roared out, that stood out two bodyguards quickly ran into the room. "Take her to bring me down, was not allowed to step out, if she had come out of step, I'll kill you." Just listen to poison Huang said fiercely ordered the road. After he say that in front of two bodyguards while the body a moment, and quickly nodded, said: "Yes!" Then they are ignoring is that the poison in front of Susu Emperor's daughter, a man clutching a Susu arm, toward the outside bet to go. <

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