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but they can not help antworten

> I saw in front of sweet nodded. Www, quanBEn, cOM "I have seen the enemy." "Good!" "To see him like! Remember, he is hurt your sister's murderer, Huaxia Guo also invade my enemies!" "Who dares to commit my China who, although much will punish! "soon bursting his mouth sounds powerful and domineering since his mouth in front of Nalan Meng Xiong said it. Team members include wild side they heard Nalan Meng Yang Hua Xiong say such words, not only are passionate one, standing there. "Yang Hua is how you escaped? Know what? Tonight In fact, we almost put you to save them, and unfortunately unfortunately, but halfway up," Nalan Meng Xiong thought I had to throw away two comrades helpless Tao said. After hearing Nalan Meng Xiong Yang Hua said so thought Road, said: "nothing." Yang Hua, of course reluctant to mention that Susu thing. Nalan sweet look out the side of Aspen's mind, against his father, Tao said: "Dad, is late, you let us take a break, we were detained for two days, has been hanging in there, to be honest, all kind of bitter. "Just listen to the side of the road, said Nalan sweet. Nalan Meng Xiong nodded. "Well, well, you all rush to take a break here the house though bad, but it is with a lot of room, you find a place to take a break, is there something, we say tomorrow." With Nalan Meng They hung after the finish, everyone inside the room nodded. Yang Hua, which saw the eyes blinked'd looked at the clock on the side of a commoner Heaven. "You go to rest, I have something to say about the old with the bell." Yang Hua behind Nancy turned his head toward another brother who said said. Brothers thought, one nod. Have each walked toward the outside of the place. Nalan sweet side looked Yang Hua, a blinking eye, and then also back out. At the moment the room, except a bell on the left of the old Yang Hua and Nalan Meng Xiong three people. "You have something?" Side of Nalan Meng Xiong raised her eyes asked, looking at the two men said. I saw Yang Hua did not speak. It touches the side of the old bell squint slightly, then slowly went over and sat down on the side of a chair, slowly said: "There!" "And is a major event." Just listen to the old bell suddenly Road said. As he said, that Nalan Meng Xiongmeng of hesitated, blinked and looked in front of Yang Hua. Yang Hua, also saw a calm face, walked past. "In the end is the big deal? I do not know how?" Listen Nalan Meng Xiong anxious asked said. "On Youruo's." Just listen to Yang Hua said slowly exit channel said. In Meng Yang Hua said so after the hearing, while the Nalan Meng Xiong suddenly froze. "What do you mean? Youruo how the?" His sharp eyes wide open road said. For Nalan Youruo own daughter's love, we can say that no one can match, so it will be shoved to say after hearing Yang Hua was quite surprised. Slowly I saw Yang Hua Road, said: "Well, before I did not come to Bangkok before, I have been able to sense Youruo inside in my heart, but now? Ever since I arrived in Bangkok, I more and more from the heart inside can not feel her, as if she disappeared general - rarely happen again. "With him in after the finish, Nalan Meng Xiong shocked them. Everyone knows that the soul is Youruo body boarding in Aspen, of course, only Aspen can feel it. Yang Hua said that even if now not feel the presence of Youruo words, does it mean that the soul Youruo disappear? "Her soul is not gone, but the soul force itself less and less." Just listen to Heaven suddenly said Zhong said. "Soul force?" Nalan Meng Xiong Yang Hua together not only shocked up there. "Yes. Was soul force!" "The human body contains three souls and seven soul, if a person's three souls and seven soul forces of nature are not case, of course, is as a dead general." "The reason why people live on their own rely on the powerful soul force, as well as their physical condition. "" Now Youruo we all know,Nike Jordan Flight The Power UK, the body is naturally intact, perfectly healthy, except that the soul force can be continuously reduced, of course, the most factors or because your sake, her soul attached to your body only after we become less and less, so you have to see it all. "Just listen to the old bell slowly in front of Nalan Meng Xiong also with Yang Hua said there explained. Yang Hua was stunned. Fists tightly clenched, veins from the arm is exposed at the constant ups and downs. My heart is for their own hate, hate unparalleled. But for his sake, Youruo such a situation would be now what? His heart remorse, but they can not help it. "That's how to do? Clock Old? If I die, Youruo will live?" Listen excited Tao Yang Hua said. Although the male side of the Na Lanmeng war maniacs, but for such a soul, the soul of this illusory approach is not at all. Just listen to Bell Road, said: "You can not die!, You know, you are now a man is not your thing, your body saddled with another soul, if you die, then Youruo will die, so who died, You can not die, you die once, and that is two people. "listen in front of Bell Road said. "But -" Yang Hua to say something, but the words to the mouth but he just can not tell, with that sentence exactly the same as in the throat. "No, but, you know? Only thing you can do is speed up the time to find the black witch family, and then force them to lift the body of the blood curse, and only after the lifting of the blood curse, Youruo soul to be able to get relief, you know Mody? "listen-old looking at the front of Yang Hua Zhong Tao said. Yang Hua careful nodded, with a crimson face and said: "I have to find the black witch family." He clenched his fist with his eyes blood red channel said. Looking at the side of the Nalan Meng Xiong Yang Hua, big hands outstretched shot in his shoulder, encouraging him. Just listen to the bell Heaven continued: "Now there was not much time, and can not delay any longer." "Yang Hua, gather your soul bracelet it?" Just listen to the old bell in the finish, suddenly looking at the front of Yang Hua ask Tao said. As he says, Aspen quickly from the most personal pocket, remove poly soul bracelets,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, the bracelets have always kept in his body, has not left. Out after I saw the soul itself, shiny translucent poly bracelet this time do not know why, it has a black silk middle, I saw the inside like a black silk worm usually in poly soul bracelet inside. I saw Yang Hua slowly reached his hand in front of poly soul of that bell bracelet to Heaven handed the hands of time,Jordan UK sale, I saw an old clock face extremely ugly. <

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