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> Dynasty bar is Tanglin city downtown at night. wWw, QuANBEn, Com here filled with a very drunk fans breath ...... it is a fully-fledged color n places. Here, as long as you have the money right, then any kind of woman will become your slave ...... forever reign Bar circulating this sentence: You can not handsome, not cool, not a man, but it is not money, but also no right. Words to say at the moment dynasty bar is not false. I saw a constant stream of young men and women filed a charming and enchanting dress comes ...... These people are family ...... Tanglin City night is nothing more than they came here looking for excitement, and passion, and if we say that bar Tanglin City most able to meet the tastes of these people, of course, is the premier dynasty. And often the most lively dynasty bar is also surprisingly few unexpected trouble ...... because they know that this child is not only San Ye, and they also know that, with the San Ye look wherever he goes is mourning landmark. Because 20-year-old man who went to jail between no less than ten times the super-villain. Gambling, playing, playing, range of crimes involving prostitution ...... can be said to be comprehensive to the extreme. And this is precisely the funeral marked add more evil. At the moment it is being staged this dynasty bar funeral underlying ugly humanity ...... "Funeral mark brother ...... I beg you ...... do not!" Dynasty alley behind the bar, just listen to a street light shine place came a young woman with low sound pleading voice. I saw in that dark alley, a man was a hand holding a young girl's hair, the other hand is unbridled walk in the maiden's body. It has seemed that the girl cried ...... choking voice,air jordan sale, gently pass in the alley with,Crossbodys Coach, one hand trying to stop the beast before the infringement ...... but in return was a "pop" a crisp slap in the face. "Sao @ goods, you *** moving about, I kill you." Dark alley that came standard comparative animal funeral business. The girl is obviously extremely scared, could not help the tears Ying wins out. "Funeral mark brother ...... beg you ...... do ...... do ah." That woman begging in this dark night sound somewhat like a helpless ...... That statement marked as mourning for the woman's screams, but never had a feeling of excitement, that his claws more firmly in the young girl's body rushes intermixed with ...... Adams is heard. Chelan ...... that mourning clothes were marked like a rude beast, as has animal big moment for him in terms of just want to put in front of this little flower prettily to ravage some ...... but he did not find, The other end of the alley, do not know when there is a devil's shadow ...... although here the dark, but still see the hand in front of that shadow suddenly shining a bit. In the long trail mix of characters too, should think out what that stuff. Knives. Good! Is Chopper! When that light flashed, it was this young woman who wantonly vent their vices funeral marked, instinctive feeling Senleng intention to kill, from the soles of the feet straight Upward. Trail mix in mourning for so long was marked for the first time appeared, fear. That fear, like a pair of eyes were covered, and then is abandoned in a deserted places, loneliness, and terrible ...... he shoved turn, the arms of a woman, which he fiercely push. Oops. Soon, the girl fell to the ground, while the funeral marked the slowly turned his head looking at has less than three meters away from there own shadow ...... after the moment when he turned around, the people seem to have been an invisible pressure to oppression of breath, but to gas ...... silly standing there ...... he even forgot to run away ...... (in fact, it was too late to escape) "Yes ...... you ......" Funeral target word not yet finished. Light flash. Sprinkle the blood. Then he heard the sound of screams not had time to shout exports, bereavement underlying body shook, flapping bang ...... scarlet blood gushing from his neck out. His eyes bump forward ...... two hands tightly clutching his bleeding neck, Deng Dengdeng Annealing three steps ...... Ultimately, plop. Stumble on the cold ground. The two bodies on the ground sobbing, and finally, slowly cooling ...... mourning marked to death, his face still askew disbelief ...... But in fact, he really was dead. Fell to the ground until after that shadow was slowly put his hand sharp machete close up. "Brother, I gave you everything you recapture ......" dark shadow of a word in a word spit out a colder than ice sentence ...... Then, slowly turned toward the other end of the alley He walked the lonely shadow ...... the moment seem to stretch very, very long ...... from behind looked like a twilight Come over for the elderly, who laden with a heavy mountain ...... heavy. Such as his figure disappeared, which is just a little girl being bullied can not believe this is true ...... "ah ...... kill, kill ......" She froze in about ten seconds of time, as if she suddenly and consciousness. Fear sounds ...... soon sounded throughout the reign of the bar ...... when frightened cry sound, some people have to drive over, when you see, lying on the ground floor, with blood all over the floor in the bar man was watching dynasty wherever he goes mourning subject, they are stunned. Some dare kill funeral marked? Some dare with San Ye Ming Ming dynasty's life difficult? Want to live it? These people are out there wondering when I saw one carrying a flat head, looks stiff man silence slowly walked over toward the crash site. "Leopard brother ......" just ran out around wherever he goes to see the younger of the two, when saw this man called leopard time, even involuntary body to the back of a ...... man that is called Leopard did not speak, did not nod. Just looking at the ground already dead bodies. His face is like carving generally not a little face, when it saw that funeral marked a small and fatal neck wound, when his face was Furui no wave slowly wrinkled. Then did not say a word, turned, looking back, walked toward the dynasty bar. Throughout he did not speak. The face of his strange behavior, the people around no one dare to voice, but no one dare to loud noise. Because they all know, this does not speak of fierce people, is the leopard. San Ye men are most effective midfielder. Fierce people leopards. - Let us now turn when the leopard entered the bar after dynasty, only the body of the third floor of the box. Gently pushed vp compartment. 40, 50-year-old is sitting inside a man holding a glass of Italian D is produced by Sir manor fine wine sipped slowly. He is the San Ye! If people fear ghost trail San Ye Shen. "Funeral marked dead." Vp leopard inside the box came the cold like that not a little angry voice. This man like never wants to say a word, just the simple uttered these words. That is holding glasses of San Ye, his face suddenly wrinkled. Silent for a few seconds. "So soon to revenge!" San Ye faint voice sounded inside the box in the vp, his voice has to do with a trace of surprise, but also with Jisi appreciate, like San Ye already anticipated that mark would deathly funeral . "How skill kill him?" San Ye put that glass product of a slowly asked. "Very professional!" Sound crisp and cold. San Ye once again frowned, his face flashed a playful smile: "Yes, the city has emerged think Tanglin good seed." He spoke, and suddenly a drink that the remaining half cup of wine. "Phoned Wang, told him that someone wants to kill him." "And tell him to find some more people, I'd like to see that person any skill?" San Ye finished burst out laughing, and his piercing such as the fox cunning and vicious eyes exudes light. "San Ye thought ......" Leopard put words into the half. Because he was not sure, for sure thing, leopards never wants easy conclusions. San Ye laughed, his smile is like a fox wearing a rabbit about to laugh as dissolute and cunning. "Leopard from your mouth and say it nice person, it should be solid two, even if that role is Wang can not cope, but also keep him doing?" Leopard finally that old-fashioned face twitched slightly . "San Ye want to stay for its own purposes?" Leopard asked tentatively. Sanye no longer speak, it touches mouth float an interesting smile, slowly shaking hands freshly poured wine. "In addition to the waste retention, since ancient times is the wise move ah ...... ha ha." San Ye hearty laughter echoed throughout kept inside the box. While leopard no longer ask. Because he already knows he should want to know something. ps: recently looked at the assessment area, scolded me, praise me, it does. Here thorns statement about: people have thousands, but it took only a stab, I can not meet a thousand people, ten thousand individual tastes, so also please see friends mouth mercy. If it is not satisfied with the behavior of thorns, you can call me, but it is not included on my family ...... I believe that since you look to see, at least a little quality ...... So, vent Ye Hao, Ye Hao curse, or thorns badly written or, just call me, unethical or just wood, whatever you call, however, must not mention my family ...... ps: there is something else, really do not like to spend a thorn, that I wrote The flow is not as three novels, would you please pass ...... I do not force anyone who does not like to spend a thorn readers to see, to torture yourself,Oakley Oil Rig Online, on the contrary, thorns wrote, is to give all my love to me, support me written by brothers and sisters! I write for them! Starter. Zhh <

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