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22.05.2013 03:39
bloody holes clear stay on antworten

> In the suddenly see these two strange men rushing straight toward Howe villa came when one of the tall, masculine strong build security, and it's roared, said: "Stop. WWW, QUANben, cOM * * it (. ph8.) "" This is private property, not loitering.: "With his roaring export. But in front of the face giving a leg stump overbearing men do not even look at him are not, but this time behind the silent man himself deliberately scamper two steps forward, and stood in front. The two security a look, come to feel that something was amiss, is clearly just want to break into the posture. Up the sidewalk, said: "You did not hear in the end? Then stop, we have hands." Just listen to that tall security channel said. Just export the sound of the moment, that lame leg wearing a black suit men's silence beside men suddenly eye lift. An icy coldness toward that straight shot to the security of the brow. Knife! A military dagger. In the fierce attacks on security, Wan did not think he would come on the other side of life, shocked under the body quickly retreat, is indeed from the army inside looking out of the players, so quickly exquisite rage terrible moments, but also time to back off. But let him retire again fast. Silence in front of men, but he is not seen like a general, step forward and shoved the body, the hands of the military dagger and shoved a turn of the wrist, a Jici brush is heard, in that security do not react in the case, straight bar in his bosom. Death did not think that the security, the other way is so fast. Splash, could not believe the pair with open eyes, fell to the ground, dead. Wasted step. Suddenly saw a security guard at another companion was stabbed to death up on the case, roar loudly, leaning head lunged back in the electric batons while also pulling out. Huhu toward the side of the body severely hit man to silence. Shenfa like desperately in general. Silent man in front of a language does not say anything, but just in a knife stabbed the guy when he seemed to drink a glass of cold water as do not care. In front of the security was putting electric batons to hit the moment, his body quickly dodge. In dodge past, suddenly knees, lift the elbow. This series of actions is absolutely no play a little fancy, but solid practical works. That attack was up security in this quiet man an elbow left cheek, body staggered back, saw an opportunity in front of the silent man, leaning stride, twisting is the foot, then in the hands of the dagger is heard from that security plans body, designated to. Puchi knife that security in the leg, pain Menheng soon. Raising his hand wants to play, but just lift the arm, the silent man suddenly a hand clamped around his neck, the other one has been hand dagger shoved into his neck. He only felt his neck with an icy feeling. Then Puchi, blood spatter, neck scarlet blood sprayed out. Let go, plop, the whole body stumble to the ground. Dead. Instant two bodyguards in front of the lame man by this figure to around Niubi seconds off instantly after that lame domineering middle-aged man even look in front of a dead two security are not, straight body walked toward the inside. Just behind the slain security fierce people slowly this time has been put away bloody dagger in his hand, continue to remain silent in the man behind the heel, step by step toward the inside door. Had left to go, I saw the huge courtyard inside they heard a dog howling mad. Brazil and Africa Le "? Good. It is called the world's most famous Spaniards dog fighting Brazil and Africa shekel. Tibetan mastiff body with some one of Brazil and Africa Le Although there is no Tibetan mastiff sharp teeth, but the ferocity that do not have Tibetan Mastiff aggressive. I heard it can be a grasping claws of the human heart to dig, attack speed faster than the cheetah can be rapid. If such a beast let out, it is estimated Niubi even then without a fight to become the characters they have these beasts delicious. Then turn back, say in front of the Brazil and Africa have been kept in cages Le yard side when looking at the lame domineering man came in, not only barking up the same time. Hissing sounds crazy, like put a man in front of leg stump to rip general. When these animals are shouting that lame leg domineering man, suddenly shoved suddenly turned his head, and a pair of sharp knives of those blood-red eyes tightly staring at his eyes seemed to be rushed to the beast. Those who have are in that fierce barking of Brazil and Africa Le, one by one as if suddenly encountered Fiends general, Aung bang, shoved the body are receding. Not rebid. Ha ha ha ha! Heard laughter from that broken leg man's mouth out laughing. His mighty body, leaning on crutches in front of leading a longer look at those animals, strode. Followed by silence man also quickly follow-up. - Howe villa interior, it is magnificent, it is a palace have something wrong. Anyway, how beautiful is to be more beautiful. All this time I saw the CCTV is black, in front of the man that CCTV was lying on the table, a closer look, this person's body covered in blood next, look at the middle of his forehead, a bloody holes clear stay on top. From the side, saw that it was from the front of the glass windows shone, and just hit him in the forehead, so he was lying here, dead. Because Howe villa is bulletproof installation of all devices, so even the glass is bullet-proof device. For barking dogs howling outside, inside people are simply unable to hear. At the moment I saw, in the living room inside, being comfortable sitting as a fat man with the pig. Plump body is completely not like humanoid,Air Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, a face is rich state with an bloated belly meat one of Britain a jolt. Bloated in his arms, was sitting a water Lingling sister. That sister wore a black silk on transparent tulle skirt,oakley sunglasses sale, two spindly legs sexy slender has revealed a divergence of the dark of the show draped over his head, that proud of being in front of big fat breasts chest ah rub rub. Not when issued by trained dental voice. The fat man is *** bold, unscrupulous hands on a juicy sister that's proud chest, straining pinching, rubbing. That glamorous woman like that is like playing? Waves of laughter from time to time. Four bodyguards standing beside the place, and all of a crossed head to did not look like an erotic figure. Just two people in that *** bare the most exciting performances of the lens. - Said, is being staged here an erotic figure, when they did not think the closed door suddenly at this time, just listen to bang exploding. Was a fierce kick to kick people off. Just listen to that house have also trained dental shocked woman cried aloud, his hands quickly covered his chest was so scared,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, clinging to the front of body fat? And that fat it? Also stayed. Stunned! Because he saw a dead eyes do not want to see people. Is he? How can he come back? <

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