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show stood before a pot antworten

> Said in Aspen after they got into the car, the car drove it toward the distant cry Nuxiao. WWw! QUAnBen! Com * .8. *!. It * inside the car, at the moment is sitting brothers. "Chinese brother, you just pull out that beauty is doing?" Side of Zhang Taibiao s face suddenly turned his head with a hint of bad smiles said. Yang Hua already did not mind at the moment is Zhang Dabiao so I asked, suddenly came back to remember, that the short hair, beauty, thought Road, said: "Nothing is estimated staff of army building it!" He Tao said. Road side of the Zhou Xiaoquan suddenly said: "Chinese brother, how could she go in your floor it?" In the Zhou Xiaoquan to say later, Yang Hua, head roar, rip off a bit. Yeah? But just do not want to own it ah! "It is estimated that walked casually play, to the 13th floor that it!" Yang Hua, give yourself an excuse. The girl can not be with that person are a group Gerakan. Yang Hua thought arbitrary conclusion under a side road, said Zhou Xiaoquan no longer speak. "Today, the gang have been thinking about tracking people found out that Gerakan poison Huang's whereabouts, it seems that is been in vain." Lost Tao Yang Hua said. While the brothers are also not opening. "Chinese brother, you say poison Huang has come to Bangkok Mody?" Side of the Zhou Xiaoquan not only asked, frowning said. Yang Hua Slowly his eyes looking out the window, and suddenly began brow wrinkled up. "My intuition told me that he very close to me, very close." Hear Chinese brother brothers say one did not speak. - Bangkok City mansion for himself. I saw the place was standing outside the hall is also blind Angry Men, the aisles are standing within the compound of the bodyguard. Said that the two standing outside beside imperial bodyguard poison,Oakley Hijinx, at the moment it is looking extremely ugly. "Master in the end how the? Back from after without saying a word, you say is not to blame us, did not protect her? Let her frightened?" There is only one who is angry man at the moment big voice had to put down his throat to is like a bitch in front of the side of his face with a wrinkly old woman like blind channel said. "I do not know ah! This is simply not consistent with the character of our young master." Just listen to the blind channel said. To be honest,oakley sunglasses outlet, in front of the little master perhaps people do not know, but for the two of them since childhood to large bodyguard speaking, but notoriously vicious, cunning, any one offend her, so she wronged people will be killed, even her own hands kill him. But today it? Although they did not see that look like little master Yang Hua captives, but from the mouth of his men, but know that the owner really is that Aspen they give captives lived. The only news is that the two of them did not hurt that little master Yang Hua, or else They even have ten lives, will go after being poison to kill the emperor. "You said the guy who in the end in What've? Why is caught but let her young master?" Listen Angry blinked whispered said. "Nonsense, you do still want to move that kid little masters look? If so, you better hurry I had shot himself." Just listen to the blind man said angrily. Angry eyes blinked thought, big face goes crimson Road, said: "What do you mean, we have to thank that guy?" "To tell you can not say." This guy is too lazy to Dali blind, turned on walk. "Do not go, ah, now this little master came back and said nothing, a person in the room inside, my heart is not practical side. Afraid, afraid she was angry." Just listen Angry helplessly said. This has always been fearless, murder, such as life macho think would be afraid of a girl in his early 20s. "Do you think I'm not afraid ah, but you dare ask what?" Listen blind man turned around and said said. Angry no longer speak. "You and I still quiet so it is best not to mention a word these days, one thing that is not wrong. Gang China as well as for people, be sure to give me check, even dig three feet, I also have to find out that they, like today, this kind of thing,Cheap Oakley Oil Rig, I swear after the firm can not have. "Just listen to the blind channel said. Angry nodded. "'You are right, today such a thing, really can not have." - An exquisite room, I saw inside planted many flowers. These flowers are so beautiful, is so brilliant. But it is the most deadly flowers. Poppies! Pink petals just been poured over the water, mouthwatering, there are red with white, are the most innocent kind. Who can believe that these beautiful flowers able to bear the fruit of the most vicious? I saw in the room, the location of these flowers are placed, stood a beautiful woman. Her hands holding beautiful chin, straight nose show stood before a pot of bright red poppy flower pot, a blink of eyes looking at the front of this basin soon blossoms. Such a strange beauty map if filmed with a camera, it is certainly an extremely strange picture of a pair of eyes inside the crystal clear water in general, such as women, but it is a place beside the most poisonous flower of the most brilliant ? This picture, how can he not make people feeling? Said she has been in a daze when, who knows what she was thinking. Suddenly I saw her could not help but sigh, that two little hands holding beautiful chin slowly put down, turned his face goes with the flowers usually face looking at the front of poppies. To reach out and touch the front of the petals, slowly slowly, a summary of a fall. In her mouth at the same time, saw a glimmer of strange smile, smiles that can make people heart chills, chills. She put one in front of a poppy flower to take off after all, she was flashing a smile. Then they shoved turned away without another look at that one poppy, strode forward walked outside. - The hall outside and saw that the blind have Angry pending there. Just listen to this time a cold voice suddenly behind them pass over. That poison emperor's daughter, Susu. "You come over." Just listen to the hall where she sat channel said. Shoved to the master discourse, they walked toward the side almost simultaneously and quickly ran over. In came after they respectfully stood there, motionless. "You who know, that China's bottom line?" He heard her suddenly blinked looking around two channel said. In the fierce little master heard to say, the two almost simultaneously in a moment. "Information has!" Listen blind channel said. "About gang China's bottom line, we generally know that they are all being sent over Nalan Meng Xiong." The blind man after the finish, in front of Susu, his face flashed suspiciously. "You say is that 20 years ago, my father Huaxia Guo driven out from that person?" Her voice suddenly more and more cold. In front of the blind and quickly nodded. Starting z. <

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