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22.05.2013 03:34
Her body was sitting in the antworten

> Pure white private jet Hawker 800 aircraft as a flying eagle on the prairie, like the blue sky from Pitt began to slowly whereabouts. wWW, QUanbEN, cOM with a huge rumble, and the propeller rotation of the enormous wind to the blind man, and behind him there Angry Gerakan a dozen soldiers, all the clothes blowing cold sounds. One wrinkled face was blowing, but no one dared step, like with feet nailed with nails to the general like. With the Hawker 800 aircraft, slowly landed on airfields, this look that the entire body, a white, marked above the English font. Slowly at the moment that the aircraft landed, you can stand there straight from that blind and the angry man with eyes the color of one respectful toward the front of the cabin door. Pure white middle cabin, just listen to a bang, with a sound,Coach Outlet Sale, the door opened it. In the open to the moment, the blind man and Angry hurry greeted. The first one came out from inside the cabin is a man dressed in black clothes. He is a poison Huang? I do not know! Tanned skin, flat head,oakley sunglasses, outline fortitude clear. Body strong build, two years from the sleeve to reveal a thick strong opponents, where stood quiet, if you look carefully will see where his right wrist with a black pattern also meandering snake, watching grim bloody. In came out from the cabin with after cold knife pair of eyes staring in front of the blind as well Angry Men, and then he turned and nodded slightly, and then retreated to the side of the body slowly. He's not poison Huang? Good. This of course is not a poison Huang. He was just another one poison Huang warrior, nicknamed Black Snake. As for his original name, people have forgotten, Bangkok underworld only known here is that poison Huang's side has two tiger snakes. Two tigers are blind and angry man, poison imperial bodyguard. A snake,Air Jordan Superfly Sale, that is the people in front of the stone cold calm men in general. After the black snake out of the cabin, and gradually the second figure slowly flashed out. First greeted by a pair of legs, a pair of slender legs than the model as well. Slender ankles wearing a pair of white leather sandals, he looked up and saw a pair of beautiful spindly legs, water-Yi Yao, the upper body is a black female Gülen style windbreaker, black with a strange pattern, inside sleeve with a low underwear shoulder is black. To the bones of a glamorous black short hair, wearing the exquisite charming eyes face goes black sunglasses askew, the people slowly came out from inside the cabin, this woman only gives the impression Liangzi: stunning ! If the soft Waterlilies, such as peonies blooming brilliant, but also as poppy demon. She said out of the cabin at the moment, then stood outside the cabin below Angry Men also blind, and just go down the black snake, the trio suddenly his face revealing not only respectful of color, straight standing there, a motionless. Who is she? Implying that she is now poison Huang? Do not know. "Master." Tuting a voice slowly from the mouth to the blind that out. His unblinking eyes looking at this wearing a trench coat, wearing dark sunglasses weird woman with short hair, said that in his voice as export later, another side of the Black Snake and anger not only along the Han shouted: master. Poison Huang? My goodness! Think has been the most mysterious poison Huang? Cheng Si turned out to be the moment this looks weird but also 25-year-old woman? This is true? Yes, this is indeed true. That short hair glamorous woman in shock vulgar go down, consistently maintained a position, giving a feeling that arrogant sky, without a word. In the cabin slowly down after that, I saw people all around three tiger step back, leaning slightly bent, to show respect to the meaning, looking at what they called master. "First go back, I'm tired." It sounds to make people listen to a voice ** is Life goes slowly from her mouth feeling faint lipstick that out. Listen Angry Men at the blind man and the ears of the three of them, the trio quickly nodded, crashed. Then, that glamorous woman body in front, behind the three bodyguards in the post, well on its way with K-level bike black Big Ben walked past. Gerakan behind the row of heavily armed soldiers one by one tightly followed. Got into the car in front, the car began to slowly toward the distant sea. Is a military vehicle in front to clear the way, and the blind car they were sitting in the middle, followed by three cars behind the same, it is this group of sturdy fleet slowly toward the center of the city to go to Bangkok. - K-level black Big Ben car. Her body was sitting in the last half by half against the surface, and the blind and angry man two people sitting in the middle of one. Slowly took off the sunglasses, revealing a pair of sexy pair of black eyes sparkled. "You have not finished processing side of things, is not it?" Suddenly a voice from the woman's mouth to speak out, when to say these words, she do not see what pair of eyes mean suddenly an unblinking stare into the eyes of the two bodyguards, angry man and blind. They just felt a cold heart. "Well, does still not done." Just listen to two people bow Tao said. That past Niubi Donghonghong Angry face at the moment in front of the woman, also met with the mouse, like mice, with a feeling that one, panic. In the end in front of the "master" how can such as the capability to make such a fierce people are afraid of? Unknown. "Oh." Glamorous woman suddenly from the front of his mouth uttered a sneer. "Master, we -" there is only the blind and quickly prepared to explain. Just listen to the front of the "master" suddenly said: "Do not call me master, Susu in Bangkok can call me, I have not fully inherited my dad's career, it is best not barking." "But -" the blind man seems to want to say anything. I saw the eyes of a woman claiming to Susu suddenly shoved a waved, said: "poison Huang is the title of my father, I do not like that name, do not like you repeatedly call me Master, I mean you understand it?" After her say, in front of the blind as well Angry not only you looked at me, I looked at you, his face showing difficulty with color. "Well, I will not speak of this, tell me, here in the end is how is it? Shura how well that would be killed?" Listen sit in front of a woman asked suddenly said. With so ask after her in that blind man in front of his face while there Angry suddenly changed, the mind is tempted to thump at once. The original front of the little master actually already know Shura dead? How she knew? To the reader's words: three masterpiece "Immortal", we work together to support the link: sd.3s.n, official Q group: 122 906 864 <

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