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22.05.2013 03:31
some distance you can see a antworten

> "Here, keep Nancy, as well as sweet and Biao Ding Mian them, I believe that there should be no big thing, those people were not so quick to find here, so are you after finishing things, we must remember Before the 8:00 back to protect them. wWw, quanbeN, cOM "" know! "" Well departure! "decided to fight back in Aspen, when there's special forces unit of the hairs there is another five special team then divided into two groups, each so she took guy looking for a convenient place to go out, "trouble" to go. And that Uncle Jiang Zhou Xiaoquan They have also found a place just ready to go to so-called "trouble." Yang Hua, left to force and there is A big and strong, then follow the Chinese brother walked toward another place, early in the morning Bangkok City is still in a quiet more, but the road is still various hurdles are basically Gerakan each army guard! But also search Gerakan army still kept in that search! Nalan sweet rest down there Nancy and injured several others lying quietly inside this building ghost house,Crossbodys Coach Sale, waiting for them. - Time is of the living. It also is in the early morning when the state of deep sleep, when they heard in the streets where suddenly a violent explosion. Tuk Tuk but also mixed with the sound of gunfire. In that violent explosion sounded, it will appear at the street saw the fire, and then they saw the army do not know whom Gerakan war in together. Early in the morning had suddenly become quiet street fire radiance, deafening gunfire. Said in Bangkok City, gunfire and explosions rang here after being rushed to the Gerakan large army, and then sucker punched in the back of the place to hear the same coming out of a huge explosion, a look back, that place behind also exploded, and gunfire rang into a moment too! With the explosion sounded, then over there,oakley sunglasses store, over there, all will be an explosion. All of a sudden the whole key several streets of Bangkok city appeared all the shots, as well as the sound of an explosion. For those about to attack a large number of troops over the Gerakan, this sudden disarray. How these other people from all over the attack over? How so many people? This Gerakan not quite know who a moment toward the side of the attack to the staff. A European-style building huge mansion. Yang Hua, who does not is the day of the attacks mansion for himself what? I saw the mansion for himself at the moment, the outside has been replaced by four heavily armed soldier Gerakan. One look cool standing in the doorway. I saw a place on the opposite side says, suddenly saw a shadow quickly toward the side of the body ran over a cat. Light footsteps like a gust of wind, simply let the other party can not see, and in his body to move quickly to the side, I suddenly flashed back two figure. One of the relatively sturdy body, followed by the shadow of the front body bent toward the side quickly ran over. This is in front of a huge mansion opposite a garden. And now that three figure was in this garden inside. Garden, trees are not many, but added with a lot of flowers. But as long as the specter of a general three-body curved, they also make the whole body cover in front of the park inside. Carefully watching the trio, not that there are A force that Aspen, as well as their three fierce big strong man? How they came here? Do we really want to go broke! Good! The Aspen is a gang bent on killing poison to kill a tribe's power and prestige. In three of them bent over her and blinked while looking at the front, I saw in front of the mansion door stood four army armed Gerakan members. When you see that the door has changed after four guys bodyguards, Aspen is not only frowned slightly. "But they fell quite cautious." Whispered listen Yang Hua said. "The same is true for the people slaughtered!" Tummy behind a large body strong fist Tao said. Yang Hua, a slight smile, watching the movement around. "Chinese brother and now want to go in it? Want, I tried to get rid of the door a few guys." Just listen to the mighty big strong Tao said. Just listen to Yang Hua is slowly shook his head. Then come up with Nalan sweet bird from there to take over a military watch, looked at the time. I saw shown above is 7:12 minutes. Then look up Road, said: "Do not worry, not to the time." With Yang Hua said so after that side Dazhuang did not continue to speak, but lying there motionless, continue to wait. Yang Hua said when lying on here, but I saw inside the lobby of the building mansions sounded furious sounds. Sounds like bells in general, where anger. I saw the whole mansion inside indeed can be said guard guarded. Almost at some distance you can see a bodyguard. Even the parking places bodyguards stood and looked indifferent, cold standing there. It seems after the last attack, after which they really can not effect the blind, the gang China had really no one gave heart to them, this time they put in front of Yang Hua them as the number one enemy! They must come before the poison Huang, solve all the troubles here, or else that time they certainly have no way to master account. As said earlier issued a roar, he suddenly heard out loud as the guy there, except no one else other than Angry Men. At the moment I saw the hall, stood a burly slugger. Is Angry. This person face crimson, wearing a fancy dress, clothes buttons deliberately did not place the chest buckle up, and bared with bear-like hairy chest Niubi Donghonghong, plus he already goes Some daunting a face, it looks terrible to the extreme. In the hall a total of 6 people. In addition to anger angry man stood outside, we see the side of the blind man tilted his legs, arms slightly amused that even venomous snakes in there eyes blinked slowly, as if thinking about something on his mind. While the other side, then stood three bowed wearing a pale yellow uniformed officers Gerakan. The original sound of explosions fried just after the three men hurried back to the front of the blind inform them. Originally because yesterday when a war have been somewhat discouraged blind them early in the morning to hear, even attacks from all sides came the voice of the other party,Air Jordan UK, which of course is the next angry. "Son of a bitch, you did not see in the end? Them there might suddenly sprang to so many people?" Listen Angry roar roar out from the mouth channel said. Strange to say, from what they get accurate information is concerned, that they Yang Hua Cheng Si no twenty people, but now it? Only just come from the three officers reported Gerakan mouth, they say, this attack from all sides over the number of majority, is definitely not a dozen people can do to get. <

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