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they are brothers and antworten

> That is like deep, deep wells, when David's body fell out, but sounded muffled! Because deep dry well,Purses Coach Outlet, dull sound for speaking out, very small indeed, if it is to listen carefully to hear how it will not. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM says that this Dawei in even the dead do not know how to die in the process, only to see a pair of cold eyes like ghosts, as well as a hand, he gave up the ghost. Whole body fell into a dry well inside. In the fall, after his body and saw that the inside was still dry hole exposing only one pair of claws of things, what was not any wind, into the dry well inside, there is no sound. Quiet! Four weeks deathly quiet! It is a ghost? Or what monster? How would jump out from inside a dry well? Who killed the David? You know David, but special forces unit inside Niubi fighting master, what kind of things he did little to fight back in case of a sudden ability to solve his life? No one knows! - Said the night was so dark, four weeks or so quiet! Entire old mansion Huhu cold wind started blowing. With Nalan sweet, and they sleep in a room Nancy Yang Hua was already asleep, but his perception, as well as the sensitivity of the ear level, since in Chiang Mai city, learning a ghost Taekwondo, you can say is improved a lot. In that David's body suddenly stumble on the dry well shoved the moment. , He suddenly opened his eyes, he himself Yi Gulu climb up. Sharp eyes looked around the dark night. Ear is listening carefully just audible place! But in that an extremely small muffled after the issue, there will be no sound. The sound seems to disappear the same. Yang Hua only slightly frowned, dark lining: "Is he got it wrong?" With the thought later, he listened carefully for a while, but still there is no sound came. After all, just the sound of extremely fine, so Yang Hua ultimately did not decide to go out to see how it is, he crept back to the ground, slowly lay down. But at the moment it is how could not sleep. Listening to the wind outside Huhu, Aspen just in there alone. - Says David fell into the well in about half an hour of the time quietly passed. Outside the night was kind of dark. And that haunted house with a house edge nearest hairs that they still sleep Hu Lulu. Body hairs suddenly suddenly awakened from their sleep. He had just made a terrible dream all special forces members are all dead in this strange haunted house inside. This Bucai shocked, covered with a cold sweat, climb up. In the climb up, he winked,OP Art Coach Outlet, raising his hand wiped the perspiration from his face, looked at his comrades, not only chuckle himself think about, how would do such a weird dream. Suddenly his nerves shoved hesitated, wrong! Eye toward the shop aim to go again, David saw that the shop is still empty. "He surprised a moment, this kid says to go pee, how not come back?" Hairs not only dark lining Tao said. In this way, after suddenly thought, and quickly raised his arm looked at the watch on. 1:51! "This kid why go back?" In the hands of the night watch after reading that hairs not only frowned up. "Fei Meng, a small four, and you wake up!" Listen hairs suddenly kicked about his next two members of the special forces unit of the channel said. Said that was kicked the wake of the two confused Road, said: "ye? '" David was gone! "Listen hairs quickly Tao said. "What?" Listen drowsily beside Fei Meng suddenly sat up, his hand rubbing his eyes Road said. This guy is the best feeling ever with that David is good, and is the same as a special forces unit of the fighting master, so they go closer. Suddenly heard to say in the hairs still lying there after a small four, this time also rubbed puffy eyes, sat up straight. "Ye? Most of the night!" While Rouyan side asked said. Just listen hairs Road, said: "David has just said to go pee, but this would not see the shadows of pee!" With the hairs to say, the two men are surprised a moment. "Will not the urine finished ah?" Just listen to the other side of the small four yawned Road said. "Fart! I have had a dream, you think he can pee a river ah?" Listen hairs Tao said. "What do you mean?" "Go, hurry up and go look! This kid does not what happened, right?" Listen hairs Yi Gulu climb up and said said. "Hairs, you think, which most of the night, he can out pishi, squatting on the outside certainly do!" Just listen to that little four said. That hairs honestly do not think anything about it, after all, they are brothers and there are so many of them Chinese brother here, who would start work in such an environment? "Anyway, we still go look for him? Case of what you want out of a small mistake, it is in trouble, do not you say?" "Okay, okay! Go find that guy!" "I'm sure that boy on the outside it is certainly diarrhea! "listen little four slowly climb up from the ground floor above the channel said. In the trio stood up after they walked toward the outside. Burst out at the moment still blowing cold wind blowing in the body when the three of them, not only have some cold feeling. So the three walked outside toward the dark. In going after they just feel so cold wind. When the three went to the room next to the army for their next saw for himself Zhou Xiaoquan dirt haunted house when the little four quickly flash to the side, his eyes wide open looking at the road between the house looks gloomy to say : "To be honest, I feel this house is very strange, always gives a feeling gloomy." Just listen to him and said said. White hairs next to him and said, said: "fart! Deficit you still HKUST students and graduates do? Such folk stuff you still believe?" "Can not believe ah! I always feel this house has a man staring at our three like. "Just listen to the whole body cold small four channel said," get out, Freeze speak. "cursed side Fei Meng said. In fact, he is also covered in cold, but now they are three guys If longer be an empty house to scare, then it would not be finished? What is also mixed mix? "David does that guy?" Listen hairs growing sense of things wrong. In the courtyard looked around, and did not find that David's stature. Fei Meng there beside the little four would have thought that David estimated pit here, but now seeing no one around,Oakley Polarized Sunglasses, and not only puzzled them. "Hastened to look for." Just listen to the hairs Tao said. Then they found it around toward the trio split up. <

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