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22.05.2013 03:26
Yang Hua dark inner lining antworten

> Let us now turn hip leaping Angry Men, did not think in front of the big man could be so dare to take his strike hit? Angry moment, leaning severely suppressed. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm only heard a bang. That big strong arms and Sarkozy, a foot back brace, then abruptly stop the angry man flying kick. Deng Dengdeng! Stay back three strides just to squeeze a big strong physique. Look big strong arms, even could not help trembling. And that anger this time that Han's body fell down from the sky, ask standing on the ground. Really worthy of the imperial side of the first drug war! Angry! A blow straight to the big strong kick back a few steps. Lie just to squeeze stature. Yang Hua, such a scene not only robust, dark heart lining, it seems as poison around imperial bodyguard really is not covered too, big strong to suffer. And there's also not blind and Angry slightly taken aback. This savage even able to catch this kick? Not fall! ! This Bangkok when such a high skill of many fierce people? Just listen to the roar, the first move would defeat the big and strong, Nuxiao aloud. His stubborn character, even knowing that he is not low, also war. Meng's body pounced before, but two thick arms punch, one grasping the same time that anger toward Han himself arrested. Angry is not the effect. Body to escape, two arms raised, parry. Arm and arm violent collisions. This is the hard effort of the duel, I saw big strong physique Rulangsihu, belonging to pounce state, and this is also not about to put the Angry suppressed. This is what I saw Angry suppressed touches nor the opportunity to counterattack, the body can only escape, all of a sudden the whole physique into a passive situation. But as the first drug war and how Wong would be so easy to be suppressed? This is not a joke it? Tuting soon Bao. That Angry fierce punch thunder strike out toward the big strong hit to the chest. Elbow, knee lift while fiercely blow out. Big strong hands shoved under pressure, to avoid open that fierce man's knee hit,Jordan UK sale, while the body even jump back. But did not think that anger Han Zhe Yiquan, just feint a little fist. Fake? Good! In his arms suddenly hit the same time, another a hand has picked up a fist toward the big strong hit to the face. Big strong body can not react so quickly, just try to retreat, but still a little bit late. Just listen to bang, big-bodied side of his face was punched sweep, although not directly hit, but the whole face is instantly red. That Angry succeed in punch under his fists as if the Tigers down the mountain toward that big strong. The big strong this time because a state of defeat, the body again and again forced back. Seeing the big strong body has been lost. After all, not that Angry opponent, standing outside Aspen sudden attack, the more into the fray himself at the head. "Big and strong, back down!" As soon as the calendar roar Yang Hua, Yang Hua Meng's body into the battle circle bullying. Meanwhile, another fierce people also joined the fray. Blind! Another drug war imperial side! The blind man suddenly shot, Yang Hua body straight in the middle of the body glance, batted his hands shoved so a blind attack to turn the TV drama. I saw the blind mouth sneer. A hand like eagle claws in general, Meng Yang Hua grasping unto shoulder, another one wearing a snake ring hand on his chest is flat lift motionless, looks do not seem ready to hand the same, but Yang Hua STARE stare eyes is staring at his hands wearing a snake ring. They each an intersection. I saw the bird blind originally flat lift in the chest wearing a snake ring arm suddenly strange speed toward Yang Hua chest hit. Yang Hua already seen this strange blind left hand. Body shoved flash, quickly raised his feet, flying kick feet. The blind man had strange outstretched hands, legs kicking in the hit Yang Hua, the last resort, the arm backwards removed. A bout apart. I saw the blind man stood there, his face ashen death, that he was born ugly on the pole, now coupled with the color of his face became pale, suddenly becomes increasingly ugly. The Aspen is standing there at the moment, his hands into each Bo trend, coldly looking at the front of the blind. Simple skill! Simple character! Absolutely blind fight than any previous one character even more horrible! Especially his dog wearing a snake ring left hand! Yang Hua did not know that he hidden hand in the end what kind of scary? And will not know what it means that hideous serpent? But Yang Hua definitely can feel it,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, this hand is definitely the most fatal one hand! Not already, one killed! Yang Hua dark inner lining and said: this hand if coupled with Angry? He probably did not think of going really ...... Yang Hua, for the moment at the moment he does not think much of the time. Now becomes a 2 on 2 situation. One side is Angry Men, as well as blind, mighty two! And here is where there is a large Yang Hua Zhuang! Four said they are preparing a big fight, when suddenly in front of the place Barrel suddenly rang, but also accompanied by a rumbling explosion. They surprised a moment in time! Suddenly there came a cry just listen! "Yang Hua, quick out of the way!" Ding Mian sound. Suddenly heard the sound of Ding Mian after Yang Hua turned to look, does not know when driving a commercial vehicle that bike came Ding Mian, holding a gun against the side swept up. Angry that there are blind hand is how fast. Not wait until the bullets sweep to suddenly jump went towards the side of the body wall to hide go! Tuk Tuk gunfire suddenly hit the wall. "You idiot!" There is only open to avoid the wrath of angry man shouted loudly said. The blind man is also close to the wall face ashen. Miller says in that drove Ding Mian, facing side swept while, I saw the back do not know when it has a lot of Gerakan rushing the soldier. Gun in his hand toward the side almost at the same time they sweep to the Aspen. "Run!" Listen loud shout Yang Hua, the first to rush past a pulling wounded Ding Mian Zhang Dabiao went towards the car ran. Gunfire sounded behind the sweep to die. Suddenly the whole scene into a gunfight. A member of the special forces unit over there do not know when the moment has been driving a commercial vehicle that bike taupe Bentley rush over. Guns frontier from the window out, rushing toward those members of Gerakan is a burst swept. Yang Hua said they ran over time,Air Jordan 8 Sale, Ding Mian Adams gave the car, brake in front of them. "On the train! Fast!" Roar opened the door, Aspen will let brothers one by one rate on the train. <

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