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22.05.2013 03:24
two people who engage in communication antworten

> "Tapping into something big with no?" Yang Hua said not only asked. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm ** it (. Ph8.) "Have not yet! But be sure that this time they went to so many people, there must be big!" Just listen to the members of the special forces unit channel said. As he said, Aspen's face wrinkled up in wondering thinking mind. "Chinese brother, how do?" "Why do not we go to Shasha their spirit?" Listen back Zhouxiao Quan Tao said. "Anyway, listen to you, you say how to do, how to do it." Side of Ding Mian said. Just listen to thought and then said Yang Hua said: "Since you detect, and there are those who poison poison clan two imperial bodyguard were there, then I think the Home when the party was the army should also not be missed!" "Good!" "This is our time to fight back." Just listen to his face suddenly determined Tao Yang Hua said. "I know that the residential address?" Said Yang Hua Tao asked. "I know, has been checked out, on the street near Bangkok's business." "Well!" "Tonight started to move!" Listen Yang Hua said at last. Brother in China after the finish, the brothers who are not only cheered long backlog of ruthless enemies finally broke out. This time, he must let the other blood for blood! - Time off very fast. Soon to 5-6 o'clock in the afternoon. Special Bangkok night falls early, under normal circumstances to 7 o'clock, when basically all black down. According to the information displayed on intercepted that poison the two imperial bodyguard, an angry man a blind man, should be 20:00 and more time to get there. So this time they have started to prepare Yang Hua. "There are weapons that you like to use anything, just what means." Just listen Ding Mian pointing to the back of a large wooden box Tao said. I saw in the box, like a small arsenal of moves. Sure enough, everything inside, slightly red, pistols, sniper rifles, and even, there are two German-made grenades too. "Wow! So much guys!" Listen Zhang Dabiao jealous of Tao said. Yang Hua also surprised a moment, looking at so many weapons, really is there to play! I saw the brothers walked past, a man picked up a weapon. Zhang Dabiao like the big guys, took a submachine gun,Air Jordan Store, Niubi Donghonghong, and do not forget that in the waist inside inserted two pistols. Zhou Xiaoquan slightly subtle point, took two pistols. When the ovary to the ginger, ginger ovary took a spy! Large spy sniper is Q78. The sniper, shooting distance is relatively small, but the power is very fast hardware. Jiang ovary in his hand, suddenly blinked looked like hairs with a sniper Road, said: "There is no other big spy? I like long distance! Preferably Barrett 95!" In such a fierce ginger ovary After one said that hairs surprised a moment, the rest of the special forces unit of the members are also surprised a moment. "Can you play spy?" Listen hairs surprised Tao said. Jiang ovary slight smile, and not too much talking. "You know Uncle Ginger is doing before? Play sniper estimated that he still did not enter the army, when you already kill on the battlefield." Side of Zhang Dabiao Liezhedazui smiles said. Side of the hairs are already knew that Zhang Taibiao character, did not pay him any heed, just winked one pair of eyes looking at the immediate surprise ginger ovary. An admiration of color. They really did not know, in front of the Chinese brother Shoudexia in the end how much crouching figure. In addition to the immediate Zhang Dabiao, there is that Zhou Xiaoquan and Jiang tert away. There where there are two meters tall giant that has been rarely speak, in the innermost place, there is a pale, has been silent man. He is Ali! Anyone see him one more time, will feel emanating from him Senleng breath, murderous pressing. This Chinese brother in the end how much ability, can give such different characters together? They certainly do not know. In one of his brothers took a guy, after all, Nalan sweet also came with guns. Yang Hua has a pull saw her little hand: "sweet, this is not going to you and Nancy." As he finished, Nalan sweet a moment. "Why should I go?" "Yes ah! I want to go." Behind Nancy pouted Road said. Yang Hua slightly frowned Road, said: "Today is going to attack them, not with them poor ruthless! So you will not go!" "But I ......" Nalan sweet want to say anything. I saw Yang Hua slowly hand to stop it. "You just stay here, good, we'll be right back." As he finished in see them after they are no longer two. Turned his head facing the front of the special forces members, as well as brothers Road, said: "Go!" As to say after a pedestrian walked toward the outside. This time out the manpower, in addition to left to Nancy, and she was both Nalan sweet, there are two people who engage in communication, all the people are out in force. Everyone who are also wearing those special brigade brought walkie-talkie. Yang Hua and his brothers is also a staff, worn on the ear. Outside the sky is dark. The members of the special forces unit that came to rent the two commercial vehicles, parked outside. Yang Hua and his brothers all got into a car. Side of the special forces members, with Ding Mian got into another car inside. In this way, two cars inside toward the glittering city of Bangkok travels past. On the road, that Ding Mian their car. A member of a special forces unit against Ding Mian Tao said: "Captain, we really all obey Chinese brother commanded it?" "Do not call me captain, called my name." Just listen Ding Mian cold face Tao said. That team quickly nodded, said: "Yes." "Actually, I do not know, but this is the commander of the command, you and I are soldiers, just obey you can." Ding Mian thought Tao said. For Yang Hua ability, in fact, he really did not know. "I think that China should be good brother! Last time I saw him in sight shot, there's a bunch of his brothers, also particularly ruthless!" Listen hairs with a smile said. "Is it? I really see you try." Just listen Ding Mian mouth sneered said. Hairs to see the captain's tone is not very good, and quickly closed no longer speak. "But I think he looks so young, ah, and, after all,Air Jordan After Game UK, never had real training, if on command, or the ability, I believe he can not compare with the captain you." Behind the other members of a special forces unit of channel said. "But,Oakley Juliet Outlet, evidently, it seems particularly concerned about his eldest.", "Hey, we really do not know the Army Military Division of the wild flowers, how will love him? Sorry ah!" Listen soldier behind a smile said. <

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