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you turned to what antworten

> Tapping! With the voice sounded, they stayed quietly waiting outside. wWw, quaNBen, COm saw after a while, I saw the footsteps were heard inside the door. Then the glass door was pushed open. After being pushed in as I saw one wearing eye was about about 30 years old, middle-aged woman wearing a white coat came out from inside. "Hello!" He heard her say with a Thai Road. As she say such a thing, not only Aspen they are surprised a moment. "Hello!" Listen Shoko getting in the way Tao says. He knows Chinese brother and brothers do not understand Thai language, and all very clever ways to say. Then they hurried toward the Yang Hua, middle-aged woman with a smile. That middle-aged woman looking at them not only strange, eyes blinked a few people looked at them continued to say: "You are a doctor what?" "Yes, yes." Just listen Shoko said quickly nodded. The middle-aged woman suspiciously and carefully looked at them one, and this time found that Zhou Xiaoquan Zhang Taibiao there are some puffy face with not only a moment, thinking to myself, these people would not be bad, right! "I'm sorry, the doctor is not." Just listen to that middle-aged woman suddenly Tao said. With the finish in front of the door ready to take off. Shoko leaders that stretched past the barrier around her close, while the pace of a cross-body and went inside. "We can not see a doctor, just give us some medicine can!" Listen Shoko has himself come in a flash. Shoko body in the flash came in,Nike Jordan 14 Shoes, his face pale and scared that woman, suddenly could not help himself back. "You are you doing?" She said as she saw the back, it seems like whom to indecently assaulted her. Yang Hua, although they did not understand that what she said, but since Shoko woman's mouth and facial expressions also probably know how it is. "Shoko, telling her that we only buy drugs!" Listen Yang Hua Tao said. As has also been said that this time the body into the front of a small clinic. That woman an Aspen to speak, did not understand, but they are afraid, and the hearts not only dark lining, my God, what are the people of this help? "You in the end you doing?" Just listen to the back side of the face side of the middle-aged woman with a horror channel said, that Shoko helpless smile explained to her, said: "Sister, we are really only buy drugs, you give us little medicine, we immediately left! "But that woman but said:" No! There is no! you quickly go! do not go out, I'll call the police. "Just listen to the middle-aged woman said, while they really pull out hands of a small cell phone, he was ready alarm. This is what allows Shoko helpless. Shoko quick hand saw, in that middle-aged women do not react in the case, the phone has to Shoko's hands. That woman face suddenly taken aback and lay! "You -" "Sister, you want so, it seems that we can only do a bad man!" "I'm telling you, you'd better not tamper with, you have to dare to tamper with it, my brother and my gang Brotherhood will not say what kind of things to make. "Just listen to frighten her and said Shoko said. Said as he winked deliberately toward her plump breasts and then looked Bottom. The middle-aged woman,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, suddenly his face as white as chalk, hands guarding his aquiline chest, scared back again and again. "Do not! Do not!" "Sister, you do not call it, I have not put you how to do? Honestly as long as you stay, do not speak, our brothers get finished drugs, the left one." Listen Shoko Tao said. The middle-aged woman to be honest there is sort of pretty, plus she was wearing a tight little uniform, it is the body that mature women expose more signs, face in front of a few big men to be honest she also some really afraid. At the moment she heard after Shoko say, it really did not dare say a word, clenching footmarks Hongyan painted lips, but said nothing, two fine white hands clutched tight blinked look a group of people. I saw the other side of Aspen froze for a moment, he did not understand the conversation the two men, but from two facial expressions can be seen, it is certainly playing Shoko recruited. "Shoko? You intimidate her?" Listen frowned Yang Hua said. Shoko's sake because of injuries, some slightly pale little face signs, turned his head laughing, said: "Nothing, nothing, Chinese brother and I say a few words." "Well! Do not like too much." Yang Hua Tao said. Shoko nodded. "Give me what point hemostatic drugs, as well as anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as some anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs." Just listen Shoko road toward the middle-aged woman said. The woman was really obedient, really slowly went to the medicine cabinet where it Shoko drugs to be all to took out. "Give." Said as he pushed to the table, nor handed Shoko. Shoko not mind. "You turned away!" Listen Shoko said suddenly looked at the woman said. Woman surprised a moment. Winked Meimou panic Road, said: "What are you doing?" "Oh, I will let you turned away, you turned to what, do not be so many words." Shoko said impatiently explained with a woman. Submissive woman turned away, and she did not dare to move. I saw Shoko laugh and they took medicine to Chinese Colombian past. Yang Hua side are not only looking at the Shoko blinked, and my heart could not help myself, this Shoko in the end with the woman saying? Actually put that woman out of a lesson, really is a little tool. After they took the drug in Aspen, he gave the jacket to the solution of the open. I saw every one of them who are scarred with wounds at the moment has been largely condensed in one, some places and some swelling. In their unlock clothes after they each give their fast on the drug. And that Shoko also give solution out of his coat after the wound with a disinfectant wipe a bit tight teeth off, endured the pain. Saying that they are here to give yourself on the drug,Nike Jordan Take Flight Shoes, there's the middle-aged Mature certainly do not know, these guys are talking about. Submissive, she finally could not help but sneak a glance back. Then petrified. Ah! Call out of the mouth of a sudden, it seems like the same as seeing a ghost. The screaming her straight to Aspen to call them ignorant. "What's your name ah? They did not rape you!" Listen Shoko Tao said. The woman also pay any attention to him, his eyes deep-fried bar which looked at each of them with wounds, said: "You, how could you be so heavy injuries?" "Do not ask, and quickly turned round to go!" Only Listen Shoko said impatiently. Went on to his wounds applicator. A careless, syrup sprinkled on the wound, the sting of his ah's out loud, grinning, really hurt. I saw that the woman suddenly said: "You will do this layman sweat how this live!" <

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