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The virtual system prompt antworten

> Chek perishestomorrow hearts of the main door of a loose, spoke to the personnel manager shouted: "Get out the jīng God civilized people and bring it to me!" Personnel manager should order quickly, after a while children, so she took a 1.8 meters in the ancient world, are physically smaller man, came red perishestomorrow Peak. www. quANBen. com if leaf morning, they recognize that this man is the president of Vietnam! After so long, the Vietnamese president now reached the peak of the spirits throughout, just the physical remains stuck in about thirty thousand, progress is slow. Red door of the Lich Lord saw the Vietnamese president, eyes light up, quickly ready to offer them to the gods spacecraft, at this moment, the way the personnel manager to lead the Vietnamese president, is a handsome man, the face of an angel, branching off eyes from heaven civilization, he grabbed the Vietnamese president on the the sky gods spacecraft loudly: "Your honor, the people you want to bring me, please spare my life!" Red perish the main door startled a little, and soon his face ashen, thundered: "What are you talking about!!" This handsome man turned around and looked at Chek perishestomorrow door main flashing eyes, whispered: "adults of the main door, I'm sorry, I want to die, this thing has always been your fault, when that is called leaf morning will leave the door were, but also because you want it to benefit from him, was forced to leave each other, otherwise we would not have these things "Chek perishestomorrow door main forehead veins bulge, clenched fists, Road Senhan:" How dare you teach me! "" not. "handsome man bow Road. Altitude, the higher gods spacecraft above Radiation shè of a Hongmang, body enveloped the Vietnamese president, in his dazed look, red recover, the door opens. "Come." The indifferent voice sounded from the spacecraft. The handsome men God sè surprises, quickly figure of a storm passing to go unto the door of the spacecraft. Crimson eyes of the main Chek perishestomorrow door hissed: "Give me death!" His rage, palm shoot, around the world seemed to be frozen, majestic turbulent energy pouring from his palm, detonation out. Bang! Handsome man body stiff in the air, crashing to burst open, turned into a formidable fighters, minced splash. Chek imminent demise main gate xiōng the the dramatic ups and downs of the bore, the eyes glowing Jie aim too no less favorable Senhan the light, body Huo Ran flash, the storm skirted to the Vietnamese president, and you want to Qin Zhu him as a hostage. At this point, the whole world suddenly quiet down, ...... the rapid gallop red door of the Lich main, the body suddenly solidified in the air, motionless, as if the stone carving, even the eyelids can not blink, but the eye through lù deeply shocked. "Come on!" Mysterious force, wrapped Vietnamese president systemic, he pulled into the ship higher gods inside the spacecraft, and then the doors are closed. An elementary gods, dared to attack in front of me! "That deep voice with a sort of contempt," you have not! "Bang! Red door of the Lich main body crashing burst open by an invisible force squeeze crush, smash away with the concept of God consciousness, jīng God completely disappear from this world, did not leave the slightest things, whole body jīng blood are twisted into space rift, chaotic space storm tore into the slag. Off! "That deep voice ordered. The entire red perish door completely panicked. Everyone looked at the sky dark barrel, as if the last rì in the world, the backlog of intense fear in their hearts, all crazy shouting, but the voice in that towering in front of the ship, but it is so small and humble. In the the red main perish door, the conversation, everyone will know that starting today, Chek perishestomorrow door from the world disappeared. Some powerful people,UK Nike Air Jordan, unwilling hearts, hearts completely crazy, blood-red eyes toward the fairway area, directly open by spacecraft ready to leave. These spacecraft when you leave the Chek perishestomorrow mountain range, now is one I do not know from where shè to light bombers kill crushed. The rest of the people know not escape, crazy cry, with a bit sad unwilling, filled with resentment, and favorite people, hugged, watched in horror as the sky, let the surrounding noise chaos panic, in this little world, but only themselves and their favorite people. So quiet. H - Dazzling barrel light from the one hundred gods spacecraft, crashing burst shè out, come together, as if an atomic bomb explosion, light comparable fierce rì all, glaring rosy. Everyone not see the face of things. Boom! ! ! Dazzling white sè light, surrounded by entire red perish mountain, everything in the this red perishestomorrow Yamauchi, white light to flood engulfed the surrounding ground as if 12 earthquake, crashing violently shaking the streets split a road gap collapse of street light, high-rise building came tumbling down. Red perish in this mountain region, as if shrouded a white sè mask, countless dust along the outside of the mask surround the ground to shake violently. Far from the clear water Santo the God sè shock, stared at the screen rì the end of that world, and his heart can not say sad, or bitter, or anything else. He knew that Chek perishestomorrow door, really finished ... a tradition hundreds of years of the sect, could be so easy was genocide, the destruction of all foundation. Dazzling pure white, life is so humble ............ bang! Flickering firelight, the crashing burst open, the the impact the bō swept helmet above. Ye Chen shook his head, my heart sighs loudly, did not expect repair and jīng divine virtue of his state of mind, portrayed to the first order of 238, it is so difficult, just like an ordinary person to lift 100 pounds stone, many frail people, resorted to eat nǎi effort, I'm afraid are not possible. Continuous portrait of a few days, leaves morning feeling some blockage mind, he shook his head, stood up, palm grip, that contains 237 Arcanum Yan God the hammer handle converging into the palm, disappear. Meridians in the body, Ye Chen faint can feel an anger of the vastness of the guard next to the heart. Ye Chen stood up, and activities about the body, and then they wear a virtual helmet, ready to go inside the Ares Tower little bit of exercise, activity bones. The continuous portrayed like a continuous work, a long time, thinking to plug must be open line of sight place, a change in the environment, this will be more jīng God. Entered the virtual world, log on to the genius parish, Ye Chen had a chance to Ares Tower ear "bit" he heard the sound of non-stop, glanced, found more than 130 messages, help was shocked. "What is it?" Ye Chen some ignorant. Only a few days did not come in, they received so much, this is a bit too exaggerated, he readily open interface, and immediately found inside, most of these messages is a challenge letter. "I Leuca, challenge you, dare to fight!" "Boy, I challenge you dare to Bibi? Dare not beg for mercy ......" the little guy,Coach Kristin Online, I want to challenge you, dare to fight? " Ye Chen frowned and closed the letter of these challenges, and then they saw a few alert e-mail notification message. He point to open the notification message. "Notice! Notice!" Hello, Since you have reached a product genius Tong requirements, in the next month, it will automatically become a product of genius Church members, be prepared to time someone will contact you, to give you exchange Medal, as well as a product genius Church virtual chips. "to see the e-notification messages, Ye Chen could not help startled by startled, immediately mouth bent hint of a smile," to enter a product of genius together every year can get a free opportunity to watch Heaven monument still 200 times amplitude, otherwise, they can enter the the best talent Church! "Unfortunately, I JiuGongTu Tips able to break through to the fifth realm, they can reach 10 million times the amplitude of leaves morning made me sorry. He points to the opening session information found that is called "Fire Fire" Nick and contacted him, and could not help frowned, just click ignore, then the remaining challenges letter aside, the figure of a move to the God of War Tower. On the 20th floor! The virtual system prompt Road: "choose your opponent!" The Civilization: Devil civilization! "Race, magic Sen family!" Ye Chen quickly choose, they start fighting. After 78 battles in a row, I feel the whole person and revitalized, Ye Chen out of the God of War tower, exit the virtual world, back to the house, continue to portray Arcanum. "Yan Mysticism is indeed detached peak Tips, Heaven alone, will be impossible and wonder even white teeth master said Yan Empire of God, no one learns the third! One can imagine, this set of secrets practice how difficult! Ye Chen not discouraged, still slowly cultivation. At the same time, in the the ancient mainland, Yan God Empire dìdū, Imperial, a jīng carved fine cut palace, spacious soft chuáng, filled with dolls, lying on top of a girl, red hair supple toenails crystal clear, skin white as snow, leaning on the inside of a book of the ancient continent wonders about. Not long after, a bit Communicator voice sounded. This girl staring at readily do not care to pick up, said: "Who?" Her Royal Highness Princess. "Which came a deep voice. This girl's eyes light up, to interest, put the book down, stood up and sat up, "the man captured not?" Communication there silent for a moment, it said: "Princess, according to the survey, the man simply does not there, has long been transferred to the other place, so we did not catch. "" What? "this girl watery eyes Dengqi, immediately set his teeth, eyes shining black light," dare to deceive the princess, bastard, the big bad guy, super villain! "Communicator there a silence ... the girl face sè a positive,Nike Jordan New School, told:" You go to reincarnation Shrine query, to know the specific location, immediately grasping came to see me. " "Yes!" Communicator over there quickly agreed. Close communication, this the girl clenched fist, clenched teeth, bitterly said: "Let me catch you, be sure to you neither live nor Qiusibuneng dare mind playing in front of me, you nèn with "@. <

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