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22.05.2013 03:15
the feast peak forces antworten

> Breeze, the mountain warfare stage diffuse dust blown away little by little, gradually exposing the inside looks like, mid-air, a shadowy figure slowly emerged, leaning a bit tired. Www qUanbEN COM deeply, wheezing. Ye Chen stood high in the sky, looking down, covered in sweat, such as rain, the strong feeling sleepy very hot mind, the blow is almost the pinnacle of combat power when he did not open the Superman mode! In the virtual world, is unable to open the Superman mode. And the genius of the Church, to hone combat skills, main combat skills Competition! Smoke clears, the ground empty, only a deep gully days the split, like the huge sword, conspicuous in the a spacious war stage glaring stretch along, trying to shift the entire little knowledge is a mountain warfare units, splitting off! Into that pit, the Denon huge figure disappear, as if out of thin air evaporated completely disappear. Challenges to win! "Intelligent system alert tone, echoed in Ye Chen ear. Ye Chen heart relieved, awareness of a song, the people sent out to battle station directly back to their homes. The system prompts sound echoed throughout the deserted battle station, but also through the screen, and echoed throughout the recreation area. All become a silence. "Lose, lose?" 4000000 amplitude force Denon, actually lost? "How could!" Everyone looked at each other, some incredible, before the leaves morning erupted amplitude fighting through the virtual system ≠! Off, obviously only 300 million amplitude! Both were demigods peak! Denon eventually even lose? At the same time, in a recreation area of ​​the bar, a flash of light, a huge figure appeared out of nowhere, consternation, that the Denon, his face slack, my mind is still reverberating System mentioning spear sound. He ventured to challenge the failure! And failed, God on his account, charged directly to 9:00! Some of his whole Wu. How could this be? How could this be? 4,000,000 amplitude, eventually even defeated by a 3 (00000 amplitude in the hands of each other? Bloom of the last blood-red Daomang, he would feel cricket monstrous murderous covered are locked completely unable to struggle stiff to beat all Ministry if the lightning fast, he did not see the last leaf morning what to display their combat Cheats. entire the second genius Church combat zones, are some lively day standings yao dragon, even defeat at the hands of a new. " that new leaf called what seems to be nervous civilization? "Gee, it seems that the new is not a rookie, but fortunately not to be provoked,Sunglasses Coach UK, or have to lose a lot of God." "That dragon big loss , once lost 9:00. "" Ha ha ...... "everyone in the bar, entertainment comes to the matter, lamenting in mind, some schadenfreude. place to live, Ye Chen leans on the sofa, shook the hands of with a value of 1,000 false gods stone wine, this is a virtual world days Diao parish to the genius who sent for free, although the drink it benefits not body-dimensional reality, but that wonderful taste, but not everyone can tasted at least, with many false gods peak of the strong, are reluctant oh so expensive drinks. "Gee ..." Ye Chen ideas to connect the virtual system, immediately found his account above, more than nine points of God, a total of 19 point! "time to earn big hair!" would have if it is to prevent the event, directly on the bet 10 points, but also a win-win thing! day the strength of the dragon, really good, the amplitude of the Arcane has reached 400 million times, I all the way leap in cricket so many adventures, but now only about 300 million small amount of amplitude! "this ancient continent, is indeed the land of the Canglongwohu genius numerous, but here only two items genius parish!" Ye Chen heart some mixed feelings, the product of a wine, covered with pores seem to have diastolic off, the feeling of fluttering yù cents. genius Church, the strength of God throughout almost all of the peak of the demigods! more than half of the territory of God, it will from the genius parishes come to the fore, to enter the the empire culture military, a variety of tasks, the toxic nuclear 11,Jordan Flight 9 Shoes, he devoted a great deal of authority and reward! Therefore, the in genius parish, is the ratio of the amplitude of the battle Arcane! "single is a product genius parishes have 2802 genius, the day standings strong, powerful mystery! "leaf morning made me excited. genius, the second hall, there is a list of days, with only admitted the entire parishes 100 strong! ranked list of days is transcendence, is not unusual genius', to draw the object in the entire day standings genius are prepared side forces. "if it is the last minute, cast meteor esoteric, makes body strength increase doubled, from 300 million times, jumped to 600 times the amplitude, I'm afraid even lost the battle, but fortunately, the other not as esoteric secrets! "leaf morning made me feel lucky. esoteric secrets , the most mysterious and esoteric, usually only Tong Ling strong, to be able to have a chance to sentiment, the original mouth _ | morning is by chance, wandering thoughts before sentiment out. meteor esoteric force amplitude doubled! the rest classified secrets to cast, can be stacked 1J [Tips On value, even the gods strong, are extremely Head 6 greedy, it is difficult to get their hands on. "In my strength now, in these two product genius Church,Air Jordan 13 Sale, should be able to before 10 exist! "Ye Chen mind pondered, ping, the rest of the people maybe a hidden strength of the people, once the secrets amplitude of more than 600 million times, they can be promoted to the product genius Church! that, the lowest level genius are 6000000 f amplitude! "Ye Chen reluctantly shook his head, no more thought, looked more out of the point of God, the heart suddenly a move," God, Heaven can wait monument, do not know That Road monument, labor was actually how mysterious throughout the competitive area, Ares Tower, all eloquent, imperial peak, Heaven monument, this Heaven monument is the most price-tailed bird things. "thought of this, Ye Chen heart of a dynamic, immediately Heaven monument to the genius District throughout the virtual world, a total of two large regions, although to Ye Chen Today permissions, do not know this huge virtual world, throughout the ancient continent, who is the founder, but also know that, create a virtual world one, absolutely unspeakable strong competitive area in the virtual world! Heaven monument, occult nine Heaven monument, in the genius area, there are a spanwise directly by sending in the virtual world, omnipotent, directly intelligent systems teleport to Heaven monument in front of his head and looked .... Heaven quaint old monument, towering lofty, can not see the top, like Monkey and high, the whole body seems to many ancient Pu Jingwen, Liao weathered carving traces, corner of the inscription, some place suddenly dash Broken, but did not damage to the scriptures. "This is Heaven monument!" leaf morning made me shocked, I feel this statue ancient monument, it seems that throughout the eternal world collapses it does not collapse, the world was corrupt it immortal, standing, with a sense of the vicissitudes of the years flow Peng smart system prompts: "Do you consume 10 God into Heaven monument of the universe in front of the sermon." Ye Chen nodded: "Yes." brush his entire the body Huo Ran disappear, appear in a mysterious colorful world, at the front of the little knowledge, it seems that is the day the Road monument in this world, like another universe, full of the magic leaf morning eyes fell Heaven monument, will no longer shift opened in his line of sight, the day Road monument scripture seems to fly the flesh, although totally do not understand, but the mood but with a somewhat esoteric, surrounded him, his awareness of the whole person Portugal to free the body, as if with into the vast world of a never seen welcome .... wandering thoughts. overlooking the universe. leaves morning the whole person mind to indulge in such a wonderful sentiment, as if many cosmos running to arguments, instill the iij minds want to remember, but do not know what ii just hazy feeling like a Wu Fei Wu ...... Ye Chen sentiment Heaven monument eleven other the place entire TDC God Empire, 1008 princes Marina degrees, numerous forces staggered among these forces, the feast peak forces, personnel department shake up the empire to recruit budding genius of the past leaf morning, even beat the 98 day list Denon? "This sub-amplitude force, was able to more than 400 million times?" "No matter what, we must recruit to this child, if great efforts to train, will be able to become gods strong!" If This sub become gods strong, maybe you can master Wei pinnacle of power, or ...... beyond the gods! "to invite! matter what, to be invited!" all forces wriggle yù move leaves morning just now a demi-god throughout little guy, the company is in the view of these long-term vision of the forces, but it is a potential production shares, just like on Earth investors to buy stocks. encounter a potential stock Efforts must be made to buy! Yan God can be the Empire recruited to the genius Church personnel, which is not a surprise to Yan Yan evildoer? 'ordinary' people can have a chance to break into the realm of the gods, these people given to hone and resources, to break the gods Vision chance, far out of ordinary people a lot ...... in the history of the above practice Wizards, other forces recruitment in the past, all the way to practice, and ultimately break through to the gods, even beyond the gods example, there are many beyond the gods What is the concept - it is quite at the peak force of a vassal kingdom! such a genius, not to draw is a fool. "the strength of this sub is good, if to enter the the day disabled Shrine, Dark Iron camp genius could be included in the future is good, can be promoted to visit indefinite silver camp to go. "to invite" these forces with each other, all of these younger children is extremely Off Note, occasionally emitting a genius, she would be the six forces sought to make movement in the prepared side forces, Heaven before the monument, originally Ye Chen stood a little knowledge of the outside, wait a long time, his eyes lost in the dark eyes, like many Star Walk, shining light of wisdom, the original static body, but also slowly , step forward! (<

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