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package of about 38 million antworten

> Rune spacecraft immediately transformed into a fighting robot,Jordan Superfly Shoes, shoot a few palm roaring, that several pseudo God figure to Zhensi the black the whisk insects fleeing their bodies, Kenshi memory, replaced, around the rest of 9000 more than half the soldiers of God consternation in sight, a few figure stood up, walked familiar space next to the jump point, select the map, open. Www QunabEN com "into the" Rune spacecraft traveling into the income comes in black dragonfly insect Legion, Before leaving, the the green symbol old man not forget cāo controlled spacecraft, extending from the bottom of a metal arm, ground magic guns, stars turmoil, weapons income come. Just then "Stop!" Bao a sound, shook the whole sky clouds are trembling slightly, from the distant piercing from a figure, surrounded by clouds blown open, like a meteor fall over. This figure wearing a white the sè month gowns, romantic chic, Jian Mei Star eyes, nose is high tǐng extremely handsome, about nine feet tall, between the eyebrows have a purple ax marks, but Yu Wenming tribe! Be! "This man raising his hand to point out. This word came to the whole sky like freezing, the Storm froze does not move, stop changing, all the space-time block freeze, even to the jump point to soar past Rune spacecraft, but also an abrupt end. Control of time and space! This man is no doubt that the absolute gods strong! The Rune spacecraft, black terror insects stood, feel diffuse in the surrounding atmosphere between heaven and earth, from the bottom of my heart feel palpitations, body shivering, such as the humble ant, in the face of heaven and earth Ju-wei! Ye Chen frowned, green character of the old man said: "break time and space, regardless of how much was false gods stone, have to leave!" Fortunately, Rune spacecraft has become gods warships, the internal time and space and the outside world, although the purple ax man freeze time and space, but can not freeze Rune spacecraft internal. False gods-class spacecraft, which will directly completely solidified, even inside the machinery and electronics are not circulation. The green symbol old man Hey smile, said: "smart!" Permission, his mind no scruples, open the strongest power system. Boom! Entire Rune spacecraft surface, numerous Arcanum every now and then, under the circulation time and space minced, one a hot Kuangmeng flame come out of nowhere, this piece of heaven and earth have become hot, flames since the mid-air, no fuel , but incineration is extremely strong, with false gods-level weapons can instantly melt into water. "What!" Monthly robe men the surface sè slightly changed, "the gods warships? When the White Lotus China more than one of the gods warships, does the red door of the Lich? Their lives mountain?" His mind too late to think , seeing Rune spacecraft is about to drill into the space jump point, quickly raising his hand, the eyebrows purple ax a dazzling glow, extending a purple sè of Arcanum, covered his whole body, blessing some mysterious force, the palm of his hand a grip edged huge Bloodaxe come out of nowhere, about twenty feet, with a raging evil spirits. "Broken!" This man wrist a move, the blood the ax crashing split a carnage contains faint Purple, to Rune spacecraft impact over. "Oh!" Green symbol old man screamed: "This darn the medium gods!" Ye Chen startled mind, the power of the gods strong unfathomable, even if it is his turn days beast Superman mode, it is difficult to face, once the temporal and spatial control of each other, will be to detect it, and if time and space to freeze, will hinder behavior. After all, he is now days beast Superman mode or the second, not senior. "I blew open!" Of Ye Chensen Cold Road. Green symbol old man God sè of dignified, quickly cāo control the runes spacecraft, into the emergency system, the body in the black ancient ship, Huo Ran between fire shè, the whole boat spacecraft above the fire department law are up and running, four weeks Freezing time and space tear, and quickly rushed MIT jump point. Each gods-level weapons or spacecraft, will be in front of a complete set of rules. Boom! The entire Rune spacecraft violent shaking, stern rear face blood ax blow, numerous rules are scattered hull gently swaying with a white sè traces, if gowns men this month in the hands of love, Tingting dark civilization Bloodaxe body split fall, I'm afraid the entire spacecraft will be tearing them apart. Leaf morning made me shocked, I did not expect there will be a near such a terrible person. "Yapping ......" green symbol old man heartache just like a knife, driving a the Rune spacecraft burst into space jump point, hissed: "bastard kid, Grandpa Green'll be back!" Then, a flash of light, Fu Man spacecraft disappear. Gowns men that month came the jump point in front, looking at the paint deep black hole, brow Wei Zhou, if this chase up, perhaps you can also catch up with the ship Rune spacecraft, but to do so, a bit not worth it. Originally, he will be shot, is to see in this spaceship harboring criminals, should be severely punished some to show the city law! By the way, can also get rewards and a false gods number of peaks spacecraft enough he shot the first consideration. Now go to catch up, will need major setbacks, fight over the pages to be able to get that ship gods spacecraft. Not much good thing, too lazy to do, not to mention also left the custody of the city, it is not convenient to leave. 9000 demigods peak soldiers saw the robe men this month in this space next to the jump point, quickly stood at attention to salute, loudly: "See Santo!" May gowns man waved his hand, gazing Tao deep black hole, hearts frown not language. At the same time, the space implicitly Road, Rune spaceship ride over. Jump map: to to ancient continent, to the kingdom of heaven is Divine, to East Asia, China, to the Douro Divine ...... "" Go to the ancient mainland, a total of 98 space station! "Six hours, then to the first inter-Yu stations The countdown begins ...... "an abundance of information through space jump point intelligent system, the incoming Rune spacecraft, the entire space inside the tunnel are safe spatial streams, the huge vast. "Finally left the White Lotus Divine." Ye Chen heart slightly relieved to see the latter months robe man did not pursue up through Rune spacecraft monitor, heart slightly relaxed. "Nǎinǎi the ......" uneven green symbol old man Cha Cha "This man is too shameless, a spirit strong, actually to bully us, darn! Wounded also my spaceship, woo, next time I safety kill him! "black comfort:" The next boss to come back here, beating him trounced! "What was routed?" ...... is the meaning of splinters. "" Oh, it splinters, and I speak the popular point, do not pull the text chewing word, we are not a civilized people. "......" Ye Chen through the the deceleration glass gods spacecraft, as well as location video, watch to space steep Road outside the vast sky, the hearts of his thoughts every now and then, the wriggle Road: "I'm coming ..." carve heart figure, picturesque, come into their minds, he quietly clenched fist. "From here, the ancient continent, but also how long it takes? "Ye Chen asked the old man of the green character. The green symbol old man without hesitation, said:" To transfer a total of 98 space station, takes about two weeks or so. Leaf morning startled, immediately brow Wei Zhou, Wei Tan hearts are so long, with space to jump, fly past their own from the outside, even to open Rune spacecraft speed of light flight mode, I'm afraid also very long years to be able to reach the ancient continent flight in the vast expanse of the sky, maybe it will encounter gravity storm, galaxy touch Course fragmentation meteor meteorite with Star disaster area. these dangerous areas, inadvertently enter, even if is gods warships will be split slag none left, but in this sky adventure, maybe will get some rare metals and other things, such as the meteorite rock god, celery Tiantie, metal, are produced weapons of the gods great love, Tingting dark civilization of good material, the daughter of hard to find. know there are half a month, Ye Chen anxious useless, mind a move, fire civilization call from space,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, into the inside, and soon saw a large items are collated on the plaza above. "master. Prynne walked over Ye Chen nodded slightly, her hand a list. "The demigods Stone 160 million, 11 million of false gods stone, 1248 True jinseki! "Demigods elementary set of about 50 million units! The remaining separate Bingjia 1,528,349! "" Semi-divine medium package of about 38 million units called ...... "a large goods are marked, this predatory Bingjia immortality, are the last of about 1.5 times, which also found four false gods medium warships, eight the false gods elementary warships. Apart from these things, there are many jīng product immortality, thousands of physical fitness can enhance or increase the life span of thousands of years of drugs to enhance the life of the drug, Ye Chen did seem useless, but display their blood god mode, when a large number of "Bai-jun family heritage, these immortality must be no shortage, but she still said invalid, mostly infected with the virus, these drugs are ineffective, even swallow down, can not growth in life. "She is only 10 years Shou ..." thought of this, leaf morning feeling heart was stung At this point, all of a sudden one wonderful energy bō automatically thrown, and since piles of debris, unable to distinguish , every now and then a the black sè small iron plates, about the size of a finger nail, Luexiang leaf morning at the same time, automatically every now and then from Ye Chenhuai in a palm size sheet iron, fusion and the black sè iron plates together, a flash of light, combined with each other, making this palm-sized iron tablets greater leaf morning startled, lift Shouyi Zhao, into the hands of these black sheet iron grip, carefully watched the two fingers capacity , iron sheet remains intact, this iron tablets had from the little girl on the planet out of the zombie mind, did not expect the same piece of iron is actually there. "strange." leaf morning walkers in vivo half-divine impact into the iron plates still did not move, and nothing special. Ye Chen frowned, looked repeatedly several times, and still do not see the slightest especially beware, only reluctantly income arms, his heart to understand, and even their own can not be seen,Coach OP Art Bags, This iron plates mostly simple. At this point, the arms burst of peristalsis, little rabbit waking up from their sleep, nose, sniffed, and seems to smell something. @ <

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