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can become more powerful weapons antworten

> Wow ~ ~ With the words down, the influx of a large amount of information leaves Morning mind, is extremely complicated, tells the story of very many things, this information is directly imprinted in the memory cells, can not be forgotten. of WWW QuANBEn, com, "This is Heaven by" second tier "Ye Chen eyes the glowing jīng light, carefully review again and found inside the aforementioned things and the first re-more jīng fine esoteric, Wu difficult to understand. Practice this second weight requirements, he has reached, that is, the wise seven order! Bang! The crystal ball crashing broken, turned into a little bit of crystal light dissipated in the wind. Ye Chen pondered awhile, did not choose continue to break dàng the third layer of stone, alone, second heavy huā the fee for five months, the third tier I'm afraid to year, and from five years to approximately has been almost three years, only a little more than two years. He turned toward a building not far, this building with a mysterious runes in the the scanned leaf morning again, they slowly opened, there is a huge room. Ye Chen into the inside, the room is very spacious, days huā board lasts feet high, surrounded by empty,Coach Crossbodys USA, the stone platform on the east side, the accumulation of many things, I do not know how many years, a backlog of a thin layer of dust. Ye Chen went over the sweep again, hand-rolled move, the dust blown open, lù stuff inside, are some of the small box, and a suit. This set above engraved with runes carved jīng heart, and sketched out a wonderful map Min, contains the bursts vast divine bō move, with the ancient atmosphere. Ye Chen could not help but look carefully, we can find immediately, which turned out to be a false gods pinnacle Set! In this corner inscribed at the suit of armor, engraved with the words: magic Sen. "Magic forest suit?" Ye Chen slightly Ningmei to reach out and pick up this package, ask mō look, immediately felt the surge of the vast energy spread, could not help a slight nod "such as the evolution of their bright suit or to the first trilogy , I'm afraid even the power of the gods attack can resist, he had the feeling that the bright suit not only the trilogy. Ye Chen did not polite, this set of magic forest suit put on the body, open the camouflage pattern, the entire package immediately made of The ordinary clothes did not look conspicuous. Subsequently, leaves morning the rest of the box to open the front of where some of immortality, or food like hamburgers, are marked on the box functions. "Body Shendan, the demigods environment swallow a 1000 constitution! "," blood bone Dan, serious bodily injury "immediately repair concubine. "Super Wonder pill, each tablet contains 1000 double semi-divine, of a total of 10! "Ye Chen looked at these immortality, are difficult for outsiders to buy, are ancient handed down in Heaven Hill, the space-time around the outside subtle changes, so long years, but it does not rot. Ye Chen hand a copy, are linked to search into the the Rune spacecraft "clean up" the entire stage suddenly saw, in an obscure corner of the edge of the stage, a small tripod, and it lasts glass size "are not readily take at once noticed this small tripod engraved with many Figure Wen, carved extremely jīng the cause, called the Seven Wonders of the Ye Chen looked at, could not help but marvel hearts, I'm afraid carving these figures Wen, writ-ten on one meter 10,000 words that can be done. Ye Chen glances, suddenly found an ancient seal engraved font in the bottom of the tripod: Nine! "Nine? Ye Chen brow of a challenge, "Highlights? "For this thing, he heard in the many historical anecdotes on the planet, I did not expect Jiuding in the ancient world, really, just do not know, is not as legendary as a total of nine tripod? Try transported from the ray of EEG bō connected to the black Ding immediately if connected to a virtual world, come to mind a white sè space, vast, "Hello! "Sweet electronic sounds from" Welcome to jiuding the world, in view of your strength does not meet the requirements, does not have permission to enter jiuding world, can only use the first mode: melting! Ye Chen could not help startled, and said: "What jiuding world? "," Highlights World is the owner of the world created by countless treasures hidden inside get jiuding, tantamount to get a master's orthodoxy, and your strength is too weak, does not meet the conditions, can not enter the jiuding world, able to use only the most basic mode of jiuding : melting! "That's sweet voice smiled," the creation of the world? "Ye morning made me shocked, you know, only reach God Emperor level, to be able to create their own space, to build their own world. Achieve this world, can, by virtue of the power of the〗 〖body within,Sunglasses Coach Outlet, in this chaotic space zone, cut out turned into its own territory a while the Jiuding ...... seems is to connect the world's media, the equivalent of Ye Chen who Rune space connection point earrings just this black tripod itself seems to be the material is extremely hard, non-perishable, far from unusual objects can be compared. "What is melting? "Ye Chen asked that sweet voice smile: melting can all immortality, weapons, integration, so that the level of growth! "Ye Chen could not help consternation," What are melting? "! "Electronic sound nod Ye Chen looked at the hands of the black tripod not help, did not expect this small objects, even such a powerful ability, I'm afraid no ordinary object, as the the Jiuding world connected in such a treasure, only afraid more marvelous just how such objects here? Is Road that day do not care, just throw in here? Ye Chen thought, said: "To open the jiuding world, what are the requirements? "First, to achieve the level of the gods! Second, spiritual cultivation more than saint territory! Electronic channel. Ye Chen could not help dumbfounded, then smile soon, these two requirements are not short-lived fad can be done, what he suddenly thought, quickly reached to turn on the space folding bag, open Rune spacecraft door, I saw that inside the storage room, there is a two-edged whole body blood red, glowing branching off light swords! vector grain swords! weight of Zhebing swords, only reached spirits throughout, only barely take action. melting and was inside that Regulus world the killing of the heart! At the moment, this sword whole body glow with faint branching off red light, and seems to demons in grinning leaf morning a grasping hand clinging to the shank, and immediately felt the raging kill the idea of ​​the passage into the mind, contains bursts of murderous overwhelming influx of mind, seems to engulf all consciousness, "Well! "Ye Chen God sè cold, palm pull swords out Rune spacecraft, immediately hand mō jiuding, the command said:" melting! A light shining out from the tripod port received these Crystal swords, seems this little tripod, there is a big world. Leaves morning hand over the pages, remove Regulus Excalibur split, Zhebing Excalibur own evolution was extremely slow, with his strength now, have been less need to have to re-melting. In fact,Nike Jordan New School UK, he reached the pseudo-environment of God, we can barely pushed Regulus Shenjian body! knife sword Jiuding intake into, with the command down, breakdown and melting on the inside, the the mutual advantages melting one, not long before the melting end leaves the morning palm resort, a small black spot Jiuding flying out of the wind will rise, turned into a two-edged blood red swords arc length, glowing branching off bloodthirsty light, it is seen hearts Chill Ye Chen Hold the handle, will feel immediately the swords uploaded to the waves of bloodthirsty thoughts disturb his consciousness, seems a yò u sound in constant persuasion, kill it, kill it leaves the morning quickly cast the powers of the mind〗 〖town of pressure, feeling a bit soon pleasantly surprised to find, handle swords turned out to be a two-edged demigods pinnacle of weapons and by induction, Ye Chen noticed Zhebing swords special, due to melting the sake of killing the heart, it is the source of evil from〗 〖town of pressure Regulus world that dark creatures concise Millennium, although not strong at first, but contains a Esther xìng, that is growth! infuses nothing can restraint. so Zhebing swords extremely bloodthirsty, as long as it is kept massacre, swallowed enough blood, it will stop the evolution of non-stop become strong! killing the heart of the terrible! as long as Kill more, can become more powerful weapons, like this life practice! killing the heart of the first, but were sealed in Crystal swords, moment in the jiuding melting, immediately they combined! "so bloodthirsty. "Ye Chen Fu mō a Zhebing swords, muttered:" it shall make thy killing swords! "The entire shank swords burst of buzz seems cheering, more full-bodied the above branching off carnage, such as intractable dye leaves morning put away the swords, four looked at, they feel inside things are hang search is completed, which four body Shendan, with his physical taking, an increase of 100,000, Ye Chen did not engulfed so long time in the past, after rì see her sister and other people, but also the ear in order to they thought of this, his mind could not help burst missing, do not know Kabbah did not take good care of jīng spiritual civilization is still white lotus Divine, or have gone to the ancient continent? he did not hesitate figure flash, he left this day door , then straight down to the foot of metal survive, see Ye Chen down, scanning him again, and said: "You passed the second stone is essentially half of the master, here is Heaven Hill's letter character, after rì to come back only need to open the symbol of this letter, which contains a space tear channel, anywhere back along the space channel. "Then, in the hands of a flash of light, emerged out of a the pure gold sè charms, embroidered stab a word" day "to the ancient world of science and technology, language and text, is not a problem, with Yatelandi knowledge of the Andean civilization tower Such instruments can be a lot of knowledge imprinted into the inside of the brain, completely do not need to waste time learning above and Ye Chen portable communication device, auto-sensing each other EEG bō language translation Cheng Ye Chen know the language. leaves morning eyes light up, quickly took the hand, then waved the metal, they figure flash, leave this mysterious place, when he walked out, towering Shimen rumbling Close this world and dusty inside. @ <

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