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like supporting the sky antworten

> Just move your arms, seemed exhausted all the strength of the leaf morning, violently tearing pain came from the body everywhere, unbearable throbbing flesh and blood as if the tendons are the slightest out 〖body〗 within. wWw, QuANBEn, Com leaf morning Canheng, cry, and his face reddened slightly twitching of facial muscles, although at the moment there is no mirror, but he knew his face sè must be very difficult to see. He set his teeth, intense bursts of pain hit, not long before the entire faint mí the past. Faint, I do not know how long, Ye Chen slowly opened his eyes pupil of the eye, greeted by branching off of the Blood Moon and stars in the sky, the soft starlight falling on the face, with a bit chilly. Ye Chen eyes glow a strong determination, clenched teeth, slowly move the arm, the palm of your hand trembling slightly, meridians convulsions, as if the hand on the flame burning, hundreds of millions of ants in Kenshi, his neck veins bulge clenched teeth, eyes closed tightly to bear. Before long, faint mí again in the past. Thus, in the next ten days, leaf morning every day to try to move the body, although only move a trace, but it was like tearing pain was unbearable, faint mí past. On this day, Ye Chen faint wake up suddenly feel some itching ears, there is a faint breath, his heart was surprised, you want to turned around and looked, the neck slight movement, as if broken, the same burst of very teeth are The pain came, the whole person brows knit together, teeth tremble slightly. At this time, the fluffy things slowly climb up along the leaf morning armor, his palms the before he xiōng, shiny black eyes blinked, and looked curiously at the leaf morning. Ye Chen saw a small rabbit, my heart could not help but smile soon, before fighting so jī strong, this little guy even wake up "is simply lazy reincarnation small white rabbit black gem-like eyes, the East Chou Chou West Chou Chou, Hushanhushan, Bu mouth was a "0"-shaped, face curious and míhuò "After a child, and seems to feel a bit sleepy" playing a yawn, then pull Da ears , curling the body, hidden in the of Ye Chenhuai armor soft inner layer "sleep in the past. Ye Chen could not help but turn his eyes, this beast ...... "...... the next month" Ye Chen slowly exercises, physical activity, from the beginning, you can move the slightest later arm slowly raised to the. This been achieved, Yechen Li is about a the space folding bag open, green light and transparent character old man floating body from the inside out, his face looked surprised leaf morning "" What do you do bad things, how so miserable? (Rune space filled with plunder false gods level the spacecraft "Rune spacecraft in space folding bag) Ye Chen could not help but cross at him and said:" Enough talk, quickly the demigods Stone out! "Green symbol old man reach Tuosai and looked up and down Ye Chen, Gee said:" The ability to make you hurt so serious, that the enemy strength must be very cruel, you say, if I jumped, took possession of what your body will ? Ye Chen glanced at him, and said: "You try! Green symbol old man Hey smile, said: "The old lady body bone is weak, you Fiends body, I can no Fu Xiaoshou! "Then, hurriedly turned and slipped into the Rune spacecraft The cāo control the inside spacecraft machine, God sent on ten thousand and a half stone. Leaves morning barely transported from the power of a demi-god stone caught in the palm, the surging power of swallowing these semi- energy rock god crazy swallowed. bang bang bang ... a Road demigods stone open, rich energy his body wrapped around the leaf morning crash, each skin, flesh, bones In an interview with the grown up of semi-divine, repair rapid healing day is over. Ye Chen opened his eyes again, striking face, eyes sharp, he slowly activities of the body, delighted to discover that the body severe pain disappear quickly sat up from the ground , stood up and shook themselves a bit body leaves morning feel to 〖〗 from the control of their body, is so comfortable feeling he stood on the top of the hill overlooking the distant, xiōng in the spirit of air swallowing Miles only think the whole world is so much better, and even that a gray méngméng the night sky, may also wish to become mixed soft and beautiful. "evil cough, boss, you recovered? "Green character old man rubbed his palms, floating out of the from Rune spacecraft slowly, dry chuckle. Ye Chen turned his head and glanced at him," you said yesterday? "Green the character people old man God sè, Gansu, face upright, said: "I said yesterday that the master of your body must hurry up, as long as you can heal, even if I die willing, I am the owner of the center, rì the lesson, conscience, I love you as the surging river, flood without a break, Another example ... "Ye Chen too lazy to care about, waved and said:" Come on, I'm going to a place. "green the symbol old man heart relieved, quickly determined to salute"! , "" Not serious. Ye Chen could not help but inclined at him, then figure flash into the Rune spacecraft, sat down on the the mercy sofa in the living room, the way in mirror, found not seen for so many days, looks like a bit like a wild friends, unshaven, * head distribution, bloodied body God flame suit, panic stricken. green character old man came in from the outside, hehe smile, immediately Huangyou to the central control room rushed to 〖〗 Ye Chen said: "Boss, where to go? Leaf morning without hesitation: "the last time you place coordinates fly", "get automatic navigation! Green character of the old man laughed. Waved his palm leaf morning, remove the from Rune space within Regulus Shenjian,Poppy Collection Coach, went to the toilet inside the ship, clean-up mirror beard,oakley sunglasses outlet, and then freshen up again the body, the whole people of God clear air cool, "I do not know how Kabbah? Ye Chen for the sets of a clean, soft 〖mobile services op〗, leans on the couch, hands holding a cup of animal blood mixed the remaining herbs, after specially formulated Xiangjiu, to linger, "in white lotus Divine,Nike Air Jordan, If not go the Chuan Songzhen, with Rune speed of the spacecraft, what month was able to travel to the ancient continent? If Go Chuansong Zhen, the brothels and family and the strength of the red door of the Lich inevitably guarded position, there will certainly be false gods territory medium strong, and even higher strong charge! "In my strength, medium strong case of a false gods, it would be difficult to deal with, once caught to the the Chuan Songzhen is surrounded absolutely die without life! "Must meet the stronger the job! "Ye Chen eyes glowing inexplicable light, looking at the night sky deceleration glass, stared spellbound. Did not take long," to! "Green character of the old man's voice sounded leaf morning look back, turned his head and looked, Rune ship moored in an air track, the door is open, the cold wind from the outside passage into the incoming Ye Chen figure flash grazing spacecraft, aerial suspension, overlooking below, I saw a Castle Peak Cuilin, shade trees, ancient, such as firewood, filled with the faint * gas leaf morning to eyes jīng flash of light, raising his hand caught Rune spacecraft income into space folding bag, then figure a move, rushed to the towering shade, came to a rock through the layers of shade, Ye Chen figure flash into ghost mode, emerged out of the outside of the body rolling short the gold sè divine body as a ghost, slowly seeped into the rocks below, the body can blur into the spirits mode. spirits throughout the! the demigods environment, the virtual into ghost mode! in false gods environment virtual into a pseudo-God mode! the ancient world Starshards, some rock, huā grass density of trees are far more than the plants on the planet, and which contains a special energy the spirits mode may not be able to penetrate into the only ghost mode because leaf morning in the sand, all the way down, about a little knowledge, they saw an empty oval-shaped cave inside wall is smooth and dark, rugged rock formations, which has a open field, overgrown with weeds , rubble everywhere, in a rock orientation, there is a magnificent Shimen Shimen towering stand, like supporting the sky into the sky, dragging the entire earth, with moss weeds, there are many traces of frost, like hundreds of millions of years. leaves morning slowly fell before the Shimen, looked up at the Shimen "I is unknown Dong Fu, retreat a hundred years to reach spirits throughout this familiar, was only the most basic exterior doors heritage, are not really even heritage, Today, with my power, it should be close enough that the [true〗 real heritage! "leaf morning migraine looked east, far away an empty, there are faint white , faint whistling sound of the wind, the inhalation come to the cave, before I, he is being hunted down, desperate, falling off a cliff, and then lucky enough to seize the vines on the wall, to fall into the Dong Fu. Now, naturally, not mine jumping again, can come directly. His heart miss, then immediately stepping walked, to Shimen front, I saw the〗 〖Shimen central, has a mysterious runes, seems an ancient seal characters, only vaguely, not real, it seems There is a mass of fog covered. Leaf the morning reached stickers go, this seemingly towering stand Shimen, but was pushed open, harsh bright light shining out from the inner door, his eyes narrowed slightly, etc. After a child, only to gradually adapt over. I saw this Shimen split a gap, enough leaf morning by an open space on the inside, white jade paving, guardrail flamboyant, a gurgling brook cycle back and forth, at the forefront, a Shimen, with a pale gold sè ; mysterious mark, quietly rotation. In the about this wide 〖〗 field, there are two small side hall, peculiar shape of the building, with the Greek and European and American style pale gold sè Rune blockade, it is difficult to open. Ye Chen is an excellent mood, slowly walked that road before the Shimen, has not yet stood still, a grand and profound breath, the body will be filled, as Mount Tai pressure, his whole body slightly startled. The first I, Ye Chen regressed on the spot three feet and emit a blood. @ <

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