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> Chapter 69: Who meter? Ye Chen experience is not rich, but in the ancient world, the spirits throughout the Wicked many red python Wicked happens to be the leaf morning to see, is not strong, only spirits throughout the fifth-order, he is one of their fingers can crush! The problem is ... find trouble! "Red python Wicked brain, does not What effect?" Leaf morning made me think slightly, there is no more thought, stood up and leaps out the door. Www quanBEn com "This test of the task only one day a time limit will be considered fail! Once it fails, only to wait until next month to receive again." Ye Chen figure flash, they came to the square of the mountainside by light brain armband to the family for a Rental spacecraft Letters, a few minutes later, they received a reply: by! Ye Chen came to the passenger department, under the leadership of the staff, went to the spirits throughout the spacecraft area, selection of an elementary spirits throughout the spacecraft, up to hundreds of feet, only ten thousand defense, once the event of a powerful evil, they will be torn! If this ship was torn off, we will deduct the leaf morning feats. Every time a test of the task, will reward some of the exploits the level rì do martial art task will be rewarded. Once the feats too many negative, would be expelled from the sect, or ...... secret solution Tempered drugs! Ye morning only to find a means of transport, so there is no critical, such as when to earn 100 demigods stone, they can buy an elementary town pillar, to open Rune space, inside Rune spaceship. In previous times,Jordan After Game Sale, Ye Chen is not clear Rune powerful spacecraft Lately increased experience, but has been known to belong to the spirits Rune spacecraft pinnacle spacecraft, and due to the peculiar structure, the material is extremely high, as long as the control core the demigods system, the device is a mechanical Talisman, they broke out half the power of God! Into the spacecraft, inside the simplistic intelligent system to quickly identify iris leaf morning, to identify the main spacecraft some of the information, and major system functions are instilled into his mind. Ye Chen soon mō cable familiar to control the spacecraft along the path on the screen gallop past, directly enter a place, automatically ship navigation spacecraft speeding past their own. Target, -10086 Starshards! "Ye Chen readily enter a from red perishestomorrow Hill nearly Starshards, spaceship speeding past immediately. Outside the White Lotus nine major cities in China, edge wilderness outer miasma swamp, bushes, which is cataloging the Wicked latent Home, as well as infected with harmful gases out of hún. In these places there are evil, but not as good as the Starshards so much looking for Wicked, the quickest way is to go to Starshards. Ye Chen looked at the the spacecraft Star deceleration glass, starry, starry, some mixed feelings in the hearts of a time, "do not know the the thunderous square jīng God civilization these days? Degree of energy rich sister and a white dragon they should break through to the spirits environment, right? "to the ancient world, Atlantis headquarters established a signal station loses transit, only available with a communication control sensor to receive signals, only a limited distance, separated too far will not be able to make. Ye Chen left red perish Hill the passenger the demigods spacecraft area, a the Crimson sè spacecraft also will take off, trailing far to Ye Chen traveled on the rear of the spaceship, ship demigods spacecraft configuration detectors, can monitor the outside of the leaf morning spirits spacecraft vessels monitored. ...... After four hours, the leaf morning ride spaceship came to the Starshards group, due to the spaceship ride along the waterway, very rarely will encounter the air bird Wicked offensive, if off course, it is possible to encounter birds Wicked lay siege to. Not long after, the spacecraft came -10,086 Starshards over the continent, saw of this Starshards, is extremely broad, up to one hundred million kilometers inside the jungle mountains, the miasma filled the air, bursts beast roar sounded from the unknown cave, so that mind gall fear. Click! The spacecraft slowly open the door, Chen leaves it parked in the safety fairway, then figure flash made of this Starshards mainland dive. "God flame suit!" Ye Chen mind a move, put God flame suit on a Road Barrier God flame Jin Yi walk in the whole body, even if it met to avoid less attack, but also enough to resist flame of God by virtue of this body care! You know, God flame suit, but even higher demigods strong offensive immunity, and a 360-degree defense, the device sensing system with the package, once found a certain range of the whole body at risk, will immediately remind leaf morning. After awhile, Ye Chen into within the Starshards mainland in the bush quickly bolted along the way encounter many Wicked are directly hit in the past, with the flame of God the surface of the package body care flame of God, sufficient to these Wicked burned away. "No!" No! "" No! "Ye Chen rampage stars continent, looking for red python Wicked continuous scroll through more than a dozen hills, and have not seen, is actually easily kill a lot of Wicked and loss hún. Leaf morning made me slightly Yi Tan, no longer looking for his head and wait a bit starry sky, the estimated mō time almost turned toward the distant mountain peak, put away the flame of God Set, slowly looking red python Wicked. Before long, all of a sudden, the distant the two piercing sound of flying and to rapidly galloping along the way to the massacre of all the blocking of the Wicked, and occasionally met Wicked Boss, then accelerate to avoid open. Ye Chen seems to be aware of, turned around and looked. Whew! Two golden ride from the black horizon from off the wind leaves morning surrounded by grass blowing bent down to two figure in near leaf morning in front of twenty feet, Ceremonial Dress ceased, and even Akira are not shaking. Gold sè Guanghua dissipate off lù two figure, a negative back with one hand, is quiet and South two days, wearing a distinguished chic purple sè clothes, imposing appearance, such as wealthy Wan Ku children. Passing a strange light in the eyes of the leaf morning, calm sè God looked at the two of silence. Secluded condescending, overlooking Ye Chen, grinning: "I did not expect it, we will track you come you are not very arrogant it? Dare following guilty on the wrist, I would advise you to pay out that a secret, I leave you dead, otherwise, wait a minute let you swallow 'carrion viruses', let you feel alive flesh and blood of the body cells fester to death! "Ye morning staring at his two, said:" You kill me, not afraid of my messenger informed sect? southern sky sneer loudly, Road: "notification? which stars debris, if there is no special equipment, how informed sect? want to know, here separated by headquarters and Chek perishestomorrow mountain road from time to Moreover, the air was filled with harmful gases, serious interference signal, even if it is an excellent communicator, too far over the city, will not accept! "accept different ..." Ye Chen thoughtfully nodded, looking at the two quiet, the mouth suddenly bent a touch of cruelty in radians, "I'll wait for you for a long time!" You startled for a moment, watching the leaves morning a sudden change in temperament, maybe a hint of bad premonition, but said does not come out Where Are there weapons can harm the demigods environment not? Wrong! Even half an artifact, not hurt them. On Superman mode ... the two of them have superhuman mode, Superman or third-order! On the constitution, they are more powerful! Coupled with the environment of the demigods and spirits throughout the gap, even if it leaves the morning to cast an increase of 30 times the lethal power law, no matter how powerful Ghostly attack broke out, in front of the two of them, like a child's play. In front of semi-divine, everything Ghostly Atmosphere will shy away from their own crash! "Death to the imminent, dare furious!" Nan Tien cold smile, "Do not think we will not kill you, just waiting for you after death, we spend a price to pay, you head to the Thunder civilization, can you EEG bō extracted, which hosted memory copy, as you can get to your secrets! "Ye Chen looked indifferent that they have, eyes Murder looming, Senleng:" Dead! "With the word fall, he Ceremonial Dress open flame of God Set, and open the the lightning the superhuman mode and ants Superman mode, two Superman mode superposition, the body full of explosive xìng the force, such as a tsunami broke sky Savage Xiongshou's, to the quiet month People rushed. Whew! Action, such as electricity, Pentium like mine. Ye Chen just figure flash, they came to a quiet two around. The two men, after all, the demigods throughout the strong, experienced and slow response, a reduction of the eye pupil, immediately figure Putui the Superman mode,Nike Air Jordan, apart from anything else open. Days ants Superman! "Snow bee Superman!" Quiet growled forehead extending a pair of white tentacles, whole body bone crackling sound, and the skin like a layer of light metallic luster, completely close the pores of the film, the body like metal forging, a thin layer of crustaceans! Next to the southern sky on snow bee Superman,Oakley Sunglasses Monster Dog Cheap, forehead drilled two long curved antennae back emerge out the two weak onion skin transparent sè of wings, a Cross Road, black and yellow pattern on the skin. (Days ant Superman third order, increase strength 200 times!) (Snow bee Superman III order, an increase of the speed of 150 times!) Quiet month days in vivo and South divine elementary strong constitution is only 110,000 and 12 ten thousand, at the moment the increase in Superman mode, power surge, the the retinal capture speed easily lock the leaf morning figure. Ye Chen saw the two men to open the Superman mode, brow wrinkled in the ancient world of evil, and the gene is more powerful, but the ancient ancestor of the many animals on Earth, this quiet day and South Superman mode, only moderately an evil, is not rare in the ancient world, but the proportion of the increase is far more than the two leaf morning hard-earned Superman gene! Open state in Superman mode at the moment, and his strength is more a disadvantage, immediately is not recklessly constitution, but the direct collision up. "Dead!" Ye Chen eyes like a knife, rely flame of God Set, to quiet a collision. The quiet cold smile, nor straight from, but waved his palm, to hew out a light golden arc cutting over to Ye Chen. In his view, all of a sudden enough to leaf morning xìn <

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